The Team Vinh Scam – Be Warned

Team Vinh International, is it a scam? This observer thinks so, and it shouldn't take me long to convince you why. Whenever you read reviews of a product and the negative arguments point to evidence, while the positive arguments just point you to their referral link, alarm bells will go off that this isn't a legitimate product.

When you then go and visit the product in question's homepage and only find hype, smoke, and mirrors, with little details on the actual service, even more alarm bells go off.

I'm now going to walk you through exactly why this product is a scam; if it even qualifies to be called a product at all.

What Is Team Vinh?

Good question! It took me quite a while to dig deeper into their website to figure this one out. They've got a “how it works” video and pdf, that gives some “information” about how it makes money for you on autopilot, but doesn't really go much more into that. Even the FAQ section which has a question asking for more info refuses to do so on the grounds of “information overload”.

This makes no sense.
This makes no sense.

“We don't want to tell you that yet” is a strange response to in my books.

What I did manage to find out was this:

Team Vinh claims to be a push-button/turn-key/autopilot (choose whichever one appeals the most to you) business in a box. While it says it's not an MLM, it claims to be the answer to the 99% failure rate of “old fashioned” MLMs. They say that most people fail in a network marketing (MLM) busienss because they can't sell, don't want to sell, or don't want to promote to friends and family. This is largely true.

Therefore, Team Vinh says it will handle all your leads for you, doing the selling, referring, and recruiting. You don't even have to refer them leads apparently!

So basically they do all the work and give you a share? That sounds ridiculously too good to be true.

There is also a “3rd party” MLM which it recruits people to and sells them products on your behalf. Wait, what?

Again, the FAQ doesn't mention what this MLM is, it just says that it will let you know once you've signed up (This will cost you a lot of money by the way, more onthat later).

Once you are signed up, by buying one of their starter packs, tehy will guarantee you one more signed up member under you for free. Basically, someone else signs up and gets put in your downline. They then get someone signed up under them, which also goes into both of your downline.

Strange, I thought this wasn't an MLM?

If you want, you can refer people to get added to your downline as well, but this is only optional. Allegedly, Team Vinh will just keep recruiting people and sharing them out. This just doesn't make sense for a sound business.

By the way, there is no specified period for how long it takes until someone is signed up under you, it could take forever theoretically, which means you don't make your money back.

Any attempts to find more details or explanations of this system lead to more “sign up first” or “we use special methods” or “we have our own awesome system” type lines. Basically, smoke and mirrors.

How Much Is All This Going To Cost You?

So let's say you're not put off by the lack of information provided, and you decide to sign up. Let's look at the cost breakdown: International - Dynamic Advertising & Marketing Medium

As you can see, there are a whole bunch of different costs associated with this product. Remember, you have no idea what this product is, except that it makes money for you on autopilot. Apparently.

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How The Team Vinh Scam Really Works

So here's what happens. Team Vinh sign up you for $X and guarantee you one sign up of your own. When (if) this happens, they give you $X and you've made your money back. Of course, you still have the monthly fee you are paying. Next, they will keep signing people up under you apparently, and you can also sign people up yourself. There's no product other than signing up to Team Vinh itself.

This is called a Pyramid Scheme.

When you get paid purely for recruiting people, with no other product except the business itself, it's a scam, it's illegal, and you're not going to get rich off it.

I Read Some Positive Reviews Elsewhere

The thing about the Internet is, anybody can write a positive review. I found quite a few while doing my own research. Even places like ScamXposer, which claim to review scams (but always seem to be promoting them instead), gave positive reviews of this product. The thing is though, the comments on those reviews always say “Thanks, I liked your review” instead of actual insight about the product.

I left a negative comment, and it didn't get published:

I also found some real published comments on other sites:


Take testimonials and promotional posts with a pinch of salt online, and always do your own research. If it smells suspicious and doesn't give you an insight into how it REALLY works, then walk away.

What About The 90 Day Guarantee?

Edit: I originally wrote in this section how the support team didn't respond, but I've seen been contacted by people from Team Vinh (At least they say they are from Team Vinh. They use gmail email addresses, so I can't be 100% sure.) saying that this isn't true and the support team responds within 24 hours.

This is great, and should mean that you can get your money back if you want to, although I can't say if these people emailing me really are who they say they are. 

Want to find out how to make money online, by getting started for free, learning about a REAL business, and getting my help along the way?

9 thoughts on “The Team Vinh Scam – Be Warned”

  1. I was asked to do graphics for in 2013. I sensed something was wrong— and refused. One of those moments where I thought “why am I doing this?” He hired a really great team and agency but something was wrong. Really, really could have used the money. Curious, today, I check and yes it looks like he was a scammer.

  2. Wanna know something else that’s messed up about ScamXPoser? David Harris, the owner of the site, is a top-ranking member of TeamVinh who signed up early on in its conception, and is now a high-level employee of the “company”! That explains the glowing reviews about TeamVinh on their site…

    Also, a family member referred me to TeamVinh 5 years ago, helped me invest in it based on a recommendation from ScamXPoser, and even though I personally lost nothing, both me and my family member were ripped off. 5 years later, and we have no downline, no nothing. I NEVER get involved in MLM/Network Marketing/whatever, so I was very skeptical (and should have stayed that way) from the beginning, and the problems just kept getting bigger, stranger and happening more often.

    Please, if anyone out there thinks TeamVinh’s business model has a nice ring to it, let me tell you one final thing: their latest business re-incarnation, Solarium.Network, requires you to PAY for your own customer service! That’s right, if you try to sign up with their new app, get your code set up and get signed up as a member, if ANYTHING goes wrong with the app (which it does, because it’s purposefully broken, and you’ll see why in a second), you have to contact tech support which costs $100 (or probably more now) EACH TIME. They say it’s because they can’t afford to hire them on full-time (which is a red flag), so they expect the ‘members’ to help with their own money. After not being paid a dime on my investment 5 years ago, and luckily not spending any extra money in the mean time, I just quit and left a “nice, friendly message”, to quote Rage Against The Machine. There were a lot of ‘!’s in that notice, lol!

    Stay away from these idiots, if you value your time and patience, and money.

  3. Informed & Concerned Citizen

    I joined in Dec 2012, lost almost $2000 paying $150 a month to their MLM and then another $1000 for profit shares which never made any money. I lost over $3000 total and have never made a dime to show for it. What’s most frustrating is that they get something going and just as it’s about to take form they change everything promise everything and the entire process starts over. I finally got tired of this cylic game and just decided to sit it out and wait. I could sure use that $3000 right now. You live and you learn.David Harris who is on their board has made a ton of money getting signups under him from his ScamXposer website. He sure got me to join.

  4. I have also been duped by Vinh H. Le via his TeamVinhinternational company. I wasted 3 years hoping to generate profit via his company believing that it is a legitimate and honest company, but all that time I was duped by his carefully crafted email updates, convincing investors that he was establishing something amazing. The worst part is not so much about losing my investment, but it was my hope which was destroyed as well as finding out the whole thing was just a scam. It is truly a bad feeling.

    I seriously can not understand such people like Vinh Le would use all their efforts, energy and talent into scamming people rather than directing the same efforts towards achieving something great in this world. Vinh H. Le is talented individual, but such a waste. It is just as hard to scam people through devious means as it is to being honest and establish a great company. In the end i believe what goes around comes around. Every action has consequences. This is the universal law of cause and effect.

    Stay away from anything relating to Vinh Le or the programs he sponsors, including

    I consider myself lucky to have lost only hundreds of dollars. There are others who have lost ten times more, via his various scams over the years.

    1. Informed & Concerned Citizen

      Is there any way a lawsuit could force Vinh Le to pay damages to those of us who were screwed by him? I can’t believe he gambled $2 million dollars of our money in Vegas. That jerk!

      1. I also joined TeamVinh back in December 2012 via David Harris’ ScamXposer website. I regret for trusting David Harris with his fake positive reviews on TeamVinh international. He is not a person to be trusted.

        After discovering Vinh Le’s fraudulent activities, i confronted Vinh Le with regards to SEC charges against him. To my surprise he replied and stated the matter with SEC had been settled. His claim was a total lie. After my communication with Vinh Le, I contacted SEC and was informed the case against him had not been settled.

        Also, with regards to Vinh Le’s pass forgery activities of passing bad checks and serving a two year prison sentence back in 1995, Vihn’s response was “….I am legally not at liberty to admit or deny any allegations. I can only state facts and what was published historically.”

        I was informed by SEC if the court orders monetary damages to investor of and Mr. Le, an “investor claim fund” will be established for distributions to investors.

        My advice is to visit regularly the following website from the link below for any updates . You can also contact SEC directly for further assistance via the following email address: [email protected]

        Additional SEC contact details below.

        Office of Investor Education and Advocacy
        U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission
        (800) 732-0330

        1. Informed & Concerned Citizen

          Thank you so much for the information. Yeah, when David Harris got me signed up it was like $39.95 + $99.95 per Vpak so it cost me about $240 for them but what was worse is that month after month I had to pay $150 with their MLM Savings Highway and never received my valid downline and lost eventually almost $2000 with them. Then I made the mistake of giving TV $1000 for GPS units (profit sharing) expecting within a year monthly profit sharing checks. I hope that the SEC finally gets this to trial and that his members like us who got duped by him will be entitled to some financial compensation hopefully most or all or more.

  5. I’ve been duped and I don’t like the feeling. Should have known it was too good to be true. Been getting smoke and mirrors for 3 years now. They have know teamed with a third party (which by the way they made such a big effort to sever ties with the previous one). Vin Le said in one of his emails he would give refunds to anyone not satisfied (if you have proof of all transactions; which I do). Never made good on that either. I am currently seeking legal advice.

    1. Informed & Concerned Citizen

      I usually don’t fall for scams but his idea was so unique and so promising and i was out of work at the time and desperate for some income. But his company never came through on their end of the deal, what we were paying them for and that’s why I believe a lawsuit is right . There needs to be a class action lawsuit for millions of dollars to nail this joker.

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