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Niche sites and authority sites are completely different things. Or are they? So many different definitions get thrown around that it’s easy to get confused. You’ve got niche sites, authority sites, micro niche sites, affiliate sites, amazon sites, amazon review sites, adsense sites, blogs and of course, mini-micro-meta-sites-about-micro-machines. I made

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Understanding Bounce Rate – Is It Bad For SEO?

In fact, is bounce rate even an SEO metric at all? What Exactly A Bounce Is – And Why Affiliates Probably WANT A Bounce Google defines a bounce as a single-page session on your website. This means someone visits your site, then leaves, without viewing another page on your website.

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How Long Does It Take For An Affiliate Site To Succeed?

About once a week, we get asked: “How long does it take for an affiliate site to succeed?” Today, we’re going to attempt to answer this from every situation, angle, and path we can think of.  All in hopes to really prepare you for what’s to come. Not only can

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