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Why an Aged Site is So Great...


These sites are already built, and have been for some time. Their content is already indexed, and we've been watching the rankings climb through the SERPs as time has passed. This is without doing a single thing to the sites other than waiting.


Since they're already built, you don't need to wait a month for us to complete the sites. They're live, and ready to be transferred to your possession.


Since a new site needs to have things done to it, such as link building, social signal creating, content adding, and all of that, you're essentially saving anywhere from 3 to 4 months worth of costs. Sure, you'll still need to build links and social signals, but you will see much faster results, and therefore invest less.


Many people ask us to see a site before buying it, which isn't possible with our lower-priced products. With the five sites below, you get to no surprises.

In short, what is great about these sites is that they are out of the sandbox. You can start building links, adding content, and promoting the site, and see results almost immediately. This is huge, especially compared with when a site is new.

Here Are All The Features Of Our Aged Sites

These are more than just aged versions of our Premium Sites
16,000 Words Content

Just like a premium site, we've loaded these ones with content.

This is the standard mixture of informational articles, review articles, and top 10 posts.

All The Usual Plugins

Everything our other sites include, such as Thrive Content Builder, EasyAzon, Wordfence, Prettylink, and more.

[NEW] eBook LeadMagnet

Exclusively to Aged Sites, we also have a custom eBook written for the site.

This is a unique guide that you can give away as a lead magnet to grow your email list.

We even set it up for your and add optin forms to the site.

Premium Theme

It's important to have your site looking good for both your users and your own pride.

We use a mixture of themes from Thrive, Elegant Themes, and several other theme foundries.

Social Media Accounts

We set up and give you the login details for social media accounts belonging to the sites.

We even throw in a nice logo to go with them.

[NEW] Existing Rankings

As well as giving you all the keyword research we normally include, we'll also give you a ranking report showing exactly where the site is now, and which keywords you can target first.

EARLY BIRD GETS THE WORM... or the Best Niche

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About the Sandbox

While Google has never formally admitted it, the Sandbox is well known and documented by large and small SEOs alike. 

The sandbox itself is more of an effect than a specific period, but essentially what it does is limit the ranking power of a website during its first few months. It's like putting a handbrake on your website until it has aged a certain amount of time.

Why? Because Google doesn't want everybody to be able to set up a website in a day, fill it with spam, and have it ranking within a week. The sandbox is Google's way of saying: you need to work at this and earn your rankings.

The period the Sandbox lasts differs from niche to niche, and site to site, but the general rule of thumb is that after six months, a site will start to rank better, and link building will be much more effective.

What Comes With The Site?

Each site includes all of the six features listed above. In addition we will:

  • ​Transfer the site to you for free
  • Transfer the domain name to you
  • Hand you all the passwords and logins
  • Full ownership of the site is yours.

Documents! Don't forget the documents!

In addition to the site, you get the following:

  • Keyword Research Report
  • Competitor Report
  • Existing Rank Report

Gain The Following Training and Support:

  • Website tech support
  • Email support
  • Access to HPD Training Videos
  • Access to Private FB Group

What People are Saying...

Marc Stevens ( Web Design Media )

"Having an expert help you get start on your journey can turbo-charge the learning process AND get you closer to profit than starting from scratch yourself."

Justin Cooke (Empire Flippers)

Marc Stevens ( Web Design Media )

"What kills most people's enthusiasm right from the start, is not being able to see results quickly enough. If you can start in a situation where your site is ready to skyrocket, you'll be able to build and maintain momentum so much more effectively."

Ian Pribyl (

Marc Stevens ( Web Design Media )

"I was happy with my site, but more impressed with the training that's included with the site. Being a newbie at the time, that information is very valuable!"

Joshua George (HPD Customer)

#1 in the Industry with the Numbers to Prove It

1100 + Affiliate Sites Created
26000 + Articles Written
45000 + Keywords Researched
600 + Backlinks Built

Is An Aged Site Right for You?

As our most expensive and premium product,

Aged Sites are naturally not going to be for everyone.


  • Someone who has the budget and wants a massive head start.
  • Someone who wants to outsource as much as possible.
  • Someone who is ready to start right away.
  • Someone who is committed to success and ready to work for it.


  • Someone who wants to learn it all themselves.
  • Someone on a tight budget.
  • Someone impatient for success. These sites will reach success faster, but it still takes some time.
  • Someone who is just curious about affiliate marketing.

What Else Do You Get?

Access to a private Facebook Group

We have a private Facebook Group for all site buyers, and you get immediate access when buying an Aged Site.


Custom Plan

Since an Aged Site is already indexed and quite well ranked, we can create a custom strategy for it based on the situation it is in when you pick it up.

This might include some variations on the standard training where necessary.

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Colored Pencils

View Details

  • Domain Created: 2017
  • Highest KW Ranking: 10
  • Keywords In Ahrefs: 147
  • DA: 5

View Site

HVLP Paint Sprayers

View Details

  • Domain Created: 2017
  • Highest KW Ranking: 8
  • Keywords In Ahrefs: 203
  • DA: 7

View Site

Sunless Tanners

View Details

  • Domain Created: 2017
  • Highest KW Ranking: 1
  • Keywords In Ahrefs: 527
  • DA: 3

View Site

Steam Mops

View Details

  • Domain Created: 2017
  • Highest KW Ranking: 22
  • Keywords In Ahrefs: 171
  • DA: 9

View Site

Home Treadmills

View Details

  • Domain Created: 2017
  • Highest KW Ranking: 6
  • Keywords In Ahrefs: 138
  • DA: 2

View Site


View Details

  • Domain Created: 2017
  • Highest KW Ranking: 6
  • Keywords In Ahrefs: 76

View Site

Beach Gear

View Details

  • Domain Created: 2017
  • Highest KW Ranking: 9
  • Keywords In Ahrefs: 186
  • DA: 10

View Site

Milk Frothers

View Details

  • Domain Created: 2017
  • Highest KW Ranking: 14
  • Keywords In Ahrefs: 239
  • DA: 7

View Site

Water Filter Pitchers

View Details

  • Domain Created: 2016
  • Highest KW Ranking: 11
  • Keywords In Ahrefs: 169
  • DA: 9

View Site

Face Moisturizers

View Details

  • Domain Created: 2017
  • Highest KW Ranking: 13
  • Keywords In Ahrefs: 75
  • DA: 9

View Site

Trail Cameras

View Details

  • Domain Created: 2015
  • Highest KW Ranking: 10
  • Keywords In Ahrefs: 125
  • DA: 11
  • Number of Referring Domains: 6

View Site

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I get the site instantly?

Not quite instantly, but we will start the process instantly. The first thing you'll need to do is arrange some hosting if you don't already have it. Our team will walk you through this. Before handing you everything, we wait one week to make sure there is no fraud related to your purchase. 

What happens next?

Once the site is yours, we recommend you add in your affiliate ID to the site (we have training for this and/or can do it for you). You might be able to see money coming in instantly, depending on the traffic to the site. 

Next up, you need to connect the site to Clicky or Google Analytics, and start building more links and adding articles.

Traffic and income should come quite quickly once you're set up and rolling.

Are the sites already earning money?

We don't monetize them until handing them over, so it's not possible to know for sure. Some of them probably are generating a few sales though. Each site is different. 

In most cases, while the sites aren't monetized yet, they will already be receiving traffic.

Where do you get the sites from?

We build them ourselves, and let them set in the Google soup, cooking away until they are "aged to perfection".

Think of them like a nice whisky.

What help can I get?

All the help and support is outlined midway down this page. To summarize, you get email, tech support, training, and a community.

Will I really save 6 months' work?

Think of it like this, the sites are already 6 months or more in age, which means you'll get a lot more boost when you start adding links and promoting the site.

Since we don't know how long it will take you, or how long it would've taken you if starting from scratch, we can't say for sure exactly how long you'll save.

What's definite is that you are getting a mega head start.