AmaSuite 4.0 Review – Why It’s The Best


I’ve been building Amazon affiliate sites for a few years now. In fact, I’ve brought thousands of dollars worth of sales to Amazon. I’m by no means the best or largest affiliate, but I at least know a thing or two about what works and what doesn’t.

When I first started to write this AmaSuite review, I realized how easy it was going to be. Chris Guthrie has created a program that really is exactly what every Amazon affiliate needs.

Not only is the software an incredible timesaver, but the training teaches you the right things to do, and explains what the wrong things are as well.

AmaSuite 4.0 Review – Introduction

I first bought AmaSuite for the software that comes with it, after I saw a similar review showcasing it. After I’d made the purchase though (which was a no-brainer for me, as you’ll see below), I checked out the training section to see what Chris recommended. It’s always good to find new ways of succeeding with sites.

This is when I started to fall in love with the product, and realized why I’d made such a good purchase. Chris teaches Amazon sites exactly how I do, except he does it better, and with powerful software to go along with it.

I found myself nodding in agreement so much, which is rare when I check out online products. Chris doesn’t BS or hype things up, and he doesn’t make false claims either. He just talks about what works, and where multiple options work, he weighs up the pros and cons and lets you decide for yourself.

I’ve seen many people online saying “You need to go the Authority site route” and others saying “No no, you need to have a micro niche site”.

Chris spent a good ten minutes in one video talking about the benefits of both, which really validated my own decisions and made me aware of which route was better for me.

In short, you can learn to build authority sites AND niche sites, and AmaSuite will help you do the research for all of them.

A Closer Look At AmaSuite 4.0

Let’s have a look at what comes with the product then.

First off, you’ve got the suite of tools available:

  • Azon Top 100 Analyzer
  • Azon Keyword Tool
  • Azon Product Inspector
  • Azon Review Finder
Learn more about the AmaSuite Software

On top of that, you’ve got 9 different training modules on using the software, and succeeding with an Amazon site.

This is an example of one of the nine training vids inside

Here is a breakdown on the training modules:

  1. How to research an amazon niche
  2. How to set up an amazon website
  3. Should you build niche or authority websites?
  4. Why amazon review websites work the best
  5. How to write content for an amazon website
  6. How to use Amasync (bonus software) to cut down content creation times
  7. How to make money with amazon sites
  8. How to get traffic to an amazon site
  9. How to buy an amazon site

As I mentioned already, these 9 videos are all top quality and I found myself nodding in agreement so much during this review. Chris really does know what he is talking about, and presents this information clearly.

There’s also some great bonus content as well:

  • Hundreds of WordPress Training Videos
  • Several Webinars
  • Facebook Mastermind Group
  • Find others

Essentially, AmaSuite gives you everything you need…BUT…you do need to take action. This isn’t an autopilot program, you’ll need to work at this.

Is It Suitable For Beginners?

Yes, absolutely.

The reason it’s SO suitable for beginners is because of the following:

  1. Chris gives honest, accurate advice, and no BS. This is vitally important to beginners.
  2. The bonus content will help beginners learn everything they need to know about WordPress.
  3. The Facebook group will let you ask questions and get great answers.
  4. It’s hands-down the easiest way for beginners to get started.
  5. It comes with a money-back guarantee.

Chris feels strongly about products with money-back guarantees. Just yesterday I saw a quote from him saying that he’ll only ever be associated with something that has at least a 30-day guarantee, so you can try it and decide whether or not it’s for you. This extends to his own products too.

It's always great to see a product creator engaging with his audience
It’s always great to see a product creator engaging with his audience and considering their experiences.

Is It Suitable For More Advanced Amazon Affiliates?

Again, I’d say it absolutely is.

Advanced users might not need to benefit from the training videos like beginners would, but they’ll still benefit from the software itself. If you’re reading this and you know how to succeed with an Amazon site already, then you’ll know how much work is involved doing things manually.

Combing Amazon for niche ideas, finding the best products to review, identifying what the best sellers are, even researching keywords…it’s a bit of a pain and a massive time-sink.

The AmaSuite software can pretty much do all this for you in less than an hour, even 30 minutes. Not only that, but it will probably do a better job than you would do manually anyway.

Putting AmaSuite Into Action

If you’ve never made an Amazon affiliate site before, you’re probably wondering exactly what all of this is about.

Essentially, here is how it works:

1.) You use AmaSuite to find a niche, or further research one. (Chris has excellent training on doing this).

2.) You build a website around that niche (or hire my team to build it for you),

3.) You follow the AmaSuite training to create content, product reviews, and informational articles for your site.

4.) You follow more of the training to build links and get traffic to the site.

5.) You start earning commissions from Amazon for referring people to their products.

6.) You do it again with another site + niche, or you grow your existing site.

Check Out AmaSuite

Example Site –

Back in 2013 I built an Amazon site around shaving. Straight razors, safety razors, brushes, the works. I actually didn’t really know what I was doing initially, but over time I learned, and by following techniques similar to what Chris teaches, I was able to get that site ranking in Google and earning commissions.

As of May 2015, the site has the following stats:

Traffic: 6,172 visits (month of April).

Income: $370 (month of April).

April 2015 income from 1 of my Amazon sites
April 2015 income from 1 of my Amazon sites

What’s great is that I don’t add new content to the site often. In fact for most of 2014 I didn’t add ANY content to the site, and it still made me money. An extra $300-400 a month for virtually zero work? That’s what I’d call a successful Amazon site.

I now have several sites just like this one, but for the sake of privacy, I only chose to share one.

Want to get your own site like this? AmaSuite is definitely for you.

Extra Training – Amazon Sellers Course

Now, if AmaSuite wasn’t ALREADY kickass, it’s also got training on how to be an Amazon seller. Let’s say you don’t want to build a website and promote products, but you instead want to buy products and sell them on Amazon. This is a pretty popular business method these days, with lots of online blogs promoting it.

Well, AmaSuite also has training on how to do that:

Two business models for the price of one
Two business models for the price of one

The general concept behind this section of the training is as follows:

  • Find a product to sell on Amazon (follow the training to learn how)
  • Find a manufacturer in China to white-label the product for you
  • Ship the product to Amazon
  • Amazon sells it and ships it to the customer
  • You make profit

Sounds confusing? Well, check out the training and you’ll learn more about it. You get a money-back guarantee afterall.

Get Started

Frequently Asked Questions

Why Should I Start With Amazon Sites?

Even though some people argue the commissions are low for Amazon, there are dozens of reasons why you should start with promoting their products:

  • It’s easy to promote Amazon products
  • Amazon are experts at getting conversions
  • You get a universal cookie and earn commission on almost anything the customer buys
  • “Review” posts are popular and get a lot of traffic
  • It’s easy to build an Amazon review site

I Don’t Know How To Build A Website

There’s plenty of training inside the AmaSuite members area on this, and also plenty of training on the web. If you have a budget, you can also hire my team to build you a site.

Even if you prefer to learn by yourself, this isn’t a major stumbling block…you just have to follow all the instructions.

I Don’t Have A Clue About What To Promote

Then this is EXACTLY why you need to pick up AmaSuite! Chris gives a lot of examples on how to choose something to promote, what kind of things to look for, and how to determine if something is viable or not.

On top of that, you can always email me and ask me for help.

Closing Thoughts

I’ve seen a lot of products teaching people how to succeed with this or that, and AmaSuite is one of those rare ones that is not only legit, but over-delivers.

There’s no guarantee that you will succeed, because not everybody takes action, but I can gaurantee you now that if you DO take action and you follow the process, there’s nothing to stop you succeeding.

Amazon affiliate sites are a great way to get started making money online, and AmaSuite is the best way to get started with them.

Like I said, it should be a no-brainer for most of you.

Ok, Show Me AmaSuite


  1. I agree with you.
    I actually do not think that amasuite software is the bad one from all the others around the web for both affiliate and sellers.

    And now a person who purchases gets even bonuses related to succeeding while using the software itsself,I should say this product is handy if you can efford to TAKE ACTION.

    Thank you Dom.

  2. Hi Dom,
    I have been reading on your site and I find this product interesting.
    Would you recommend this product for a Newbie over Wealth Affiliate

    • It’s difficult to compare the two. Amasuite is perfect for researching Amazon sites and gives you some good instructions to get started as well, but WA is more general and gives better support.

  3. Dean Pascoe

    Hi Dom, I’d be interested in your comparative assessment of Amasuite 4, Longtail Pro and KeywordTapp Pro. I’m unsure at present which would be better to opt for, as they all appear to provide similar functionality. Any thoughts or recommendations?

    • Hey Dean,

      Amasuite and LTP are pretty different, so it’s hard to compare them precisely. I actually use them both in conjunction.

      Amasuite uses Amazon API info to tell you what products are the best sellers, what products do well, which ones have good ratings, etc etc. It also lets you find lots of different products to promote. The keyword tool within Amasuite tells you what people search for (within the Amazon search bar), but doesn’t give a volume. You can guess what is popular though because people search for it.

      LTP on the other hand, uses Google API info to tell you average monthly search volumes within Google. It then uses Moz and some other API info to analyze the strength of the websites currently on page 1 for those positions. This is why I find Amasuite and LTP are great to use together, as they both complete two halves of the info picture.

      I’ve not used KeywordTapp Pro so can’t really talk about that, but it looks like it would be similar to LTP.

      • Dean Pascoe

        Hey Dom, thanks for your quick response and comparison summary. I think I’ll have a closer look at LTP and Amasuite at this point as, although KeywordTapp Pro looks promising, it’s a bit pricey for me at present and more of an unknown.


  4. Tony Ridgeway

    Thanks for the in-depth review on this one Dom. I have heard some good things about AmaSuite before, but I think I will have to have a look at it as well now. It’s always good to get training from other viewpoints so long as it’s legit training.

    • Amasuite is a good combination of doing things the right way, and solid, clear training explaining it. There’s also no “noise” or distraction in the training, unlike some other communities.

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