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Difficulty Finding Good Writers

Trying to find good content writers is a pain. We know - we've been there. We have vetted countless writers to meet our high quality standards and only a small percentage make the cut.

It's possible to find some good writers on Article Writing Service platforms, but it usually takes a long time because of the process. Sorting through the writers, reading reviews, finally picking one, giving them specific instructions, etc. Rinse and repeat.

Even then it's common to get back content that is unusable or requires a lot of editing.

These "budget" writers try to churn out as much content as possible and it's apparent in the final article.

On the other hand, if you spend time looking for good writers and building up a repertoire of reliable contacts, you’re either going to spend so much time that you might as well just have written the content yourself, OR, you’re going to find writers who have so many other clients it takes ages to get anything written by them.

So that leaves the option of finding more professional writers, with better quality and a faster turn around. These writers also tend to understand SEO and have heard of the word “research” before. They are great to work with and can make your site look amazing.

The problem with this type of writer? The price.

We’ve paid $75 per article to these types of writers before, and others will charge even more. They know they’re rare, in-demand, and deserve higher pay.

Content is Everything in 2018

Now more than ever, quality, unique, original content is everything. Google is fed up with seeing average, rehashed content. It knows that people are sick of it as well. It’s just not interested in displaying search results with bad content.

Thanks to Google’s algorithm updates, and products like Google Drive and Analytics, they know how to spot bad content as well.

If people aren’t reading your content, aren’t sharing it around, aren’t leaving comments, and aren’t coming back to your site, Google will take note, and it won’t be a very good note.

The good news? We've solved this problem for you.

Human Proof Designs Articles by the Numbers

26000 + Articles Written
45000 + Keywords Researched

Introducing Article Packs from Human Proof Designs

SEO and Reader Friendly

Our writers understand both search engines and readers. They know how to find the balance between SEO content, and content that people want to see.

Our use of the word SEO article refers to an article which is intended for humans to read (seems fitting with our name don’t you think?), yet is keyword and search engine optimized. We prefer the term search friendly, because that’s what the best kind of content is.

We use keywords where necessary, and then we write the article as it should be written…naturally.

Original & Quality Content

Our articles are written by professionals who have been vetted and trained by us. The articles they produce get conversions and earn money.

We’ve tested it over and over again. The structure of the article is just as important as the quality, which is why we always train our writers to follow our templates.​

The writers we use all deliver excellent quality that is enjoyable to read.

Hands Off, Quick Delivery

It typically takes 2-4 weeks for your Standard Article Pack order to be completed.

Our Premium Article Packs are delivered in 10 days guaranteed.

Just submit your payment, keywords, and article titles - then you're done!

You can then publish your articles immediately, or spread them out over a longer period.

​Reasonably Priced

We use professional content writers who produce PREMIUM content, for a not-so-premium price. We're able to do this through bulk orders.

​Quality writers love having a consistent stream of work, so we get good quality and great value.

It used to be the case that you paid $5 for mediocre content, or $60-100 for excellent content.

Now you can pay as low as $22.50 for good quality articles.

And as low as $43.75 for our Premium articles written by Native English speakers with a great deal of writing experience.

What Customers Are Saying

I've paid for a lot of articles from all kinds of sources, some were good [and] others [were] down right horrible.

But I have to give you props [because] your articles are fantastic. And for the prices - well that's an even better bonus.

Anyone reading this, if you're on the fence if you should get a batch of articles from Dom - do it - you will not be disappointed.

Speaking of which, I just ordered 10 more - can't wait to get them.

Here's an example of one of the articles:


Leo Emery

I've ordered HPD services and I have to say I'm very satisfied with the quality of writing they provide. Also I was pleasantly surprised with the fast turnaround; I got my articles in a few days. Will order again soon.


I'm really impressed with this article and how it turned out. It was easy and fun to read and very informative, which is what I was hoping for. I look forward to the other articles I've ordered for [my niche].


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Human Proof Designs Article Packs:

Standard Content 

  • check
    ESL Writers
  • check
    Native English Editor
  • check
    Delivered in Word Doc Format
  • check
    2-4 Week Turn Around Time

NEW! Premium Content

  • check
    More Experienced, Native English Writers
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    Native English Editor
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    Download as XML Option Available - upload directly to your site without tweaking or formatting
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    10 Business Day Turn Around Time Guaranteed (From time of final research submission - we can't start writing 'til you send that! :) )

8,000 Words

  • ​Proofread
  • SEO Friendly
  • Unique
  • High Quality



$37.38 per 1K words



$74.75 per 1K words

16,000 Words

  • ​Proofread
  • SEO Friendly
  • Unique
  • High Quality



$34.31 per 1K words



$68.63 per 1K words

20,000 Words

  • ​Proofread
  • SEO Friendly
  • Unique
  • High Quality



$32.45 per 1K words



$64.90 per 1K words

  • Please note the above prices do not include uploading to your site; if you'd like us to upload the content to your site, you could consider our Monthly Articles service here or contact us here to get a price on uploading the articles to your site
  • Bulk Discounts: $32.45 per 1000 words  is our lowest price point for articles. This price is applicable to any purchase for 20,000 words or greater.  If you'd like to order a custom word count greater than 20,000 words, please contact us here to arrange the custom payment amount.

Automated Monthly Articles: If you're looking for an automated article service, check out our Monthly Articles Service HERE.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you help research keywords?

Yes, we can! If you would like us to provide keywords, you can purchase a Keyword Pack for your niche here.

One keyword pack will provide you with keywords for many article orders. We can refer back to it for future orders.

If you plan to provide keywords, we can find relevant, best-selling Amazon items for you - free of charge.

Can I get a discount on larger orders?

Our lowest price is offered with the 20,000 words package. This price is applicable to any purchase greater than 20,000 words.  If you'd like to order a custom word count greater than 20,000 words, please contact us here to arrange the custom payment amount.

Can the articles be about different topics?

Yes. Many customers buy one article pack and use it for 2 sites. You can have as many topics as you would like within the scope of the word count.

Are there any topics not allowed?

We don't write about "adult" or "grey" topics. Part of the reason is that many of these niches are viewed as spam. If you need more clarification or have any questions about a niche, reach out to us.

Also consider how much technical knowledge of a subject is required to write a proper article. Our writers are professional writers who do a great job summarizing their research; they are not doctors, lawyers, IT professionals, etc so technical topics that require years of experience in a certain field will be out of reach for us.

Who is this for?

Our article writing service is ideal for niche/affiliate sites. If you have a niche site, and you want more content for the following purposes, we are the right service for you:

  • Informational content to build internal links and rank for long-tail keywords
  • Product reviews or "best of" posts to get rankings and conversions
  • Seed content to help a site grow

Our articles get conversions and earn money. While a lot of customers expect that in order for their articles to work, they need to be the best articles on the planet, written by amazing writers, we've found this is typically not the case.

As long as writers can summarize the benefits of a product, structure an article well, and do not write drivel, then articles will rank and convert.

How long does it take?

Usually it takes us about 14 days to finish 8,000 words and 21-28 days to finish 16,000 words or more (depending on the topic).

If you purchase any of our Premium Article Packs then there is a 10 day turn around time guarantee for any order size.

This, of course, begins once the research is finalized. If it takes a couple days and some emails back and forth to nail down the exact requirements, that would be added to the 10 days, or 14 days, as the case may be.

Can I break up the Article Pack into different word counts?

Yes. As long as the total word counts for the package matches the order. For example, for the 8,000 word Article Pack you could break it up like 8 articles X 1,000 words, 4 articles X 2,000 words, 2 articles X 4,000 words etc.

Do these articles include images?

No. However, we do include images with our Monthly Articles.

Who is this not for?

One thing I want to bring to your attention. While our articles are well written, will rank, and have a history of getting conversions - they are not going to be the best articles you find online.

We make sure they are not plagiarized, we have editors proofread them all, and we release any writer who consistently under-performs. That said, our writers are not $100 per article freelancers who can produce exquisite content. 

Bear this in mind when assessing the quality. If you were expecting the best article on the internet for this price, we can't give you a refund or re-write it simply because your expectations didn't match our quality.

We do not issue refunds for articles. You have one week after receiving your articles to bring to light any issues.

If you want to build your site up to be an authority and you want readers to fall in love with the content, the our articles might not be for you.

We don't want to waste anyone's time here.

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