Best of Internet Marketing for October 2017

Here we are again!

October has closed off and we are officially in the last two months of the year. Crunch time! I'm not sure exactly where you are in the world, but it's snowing here and I LOVE it.

Our "Best of Internet Marketing" collection is one of my favourite pieces to put together each month. Many of us don't have time to go through the hundreds of online business articles coming out for the month so it's nice to be able to filter through them and present the most informative ones in a nice and easy way.

Here's what you should expect to pick up this month:

  • 7 places to find content ideas for a years worth of planning
  • SEO predictions for 2018
  • Common SEO mistakes affiliates are making
  • How to rank for "how to" keywords

The reason why we put this together is to make sure your next month is more productive and purposeful in attaining your affiliate goals. Keep that in mind when you browse these titles, only consume what's necessary for you in this moment.

Why We Chose This:

I wanted to start off with this post with something everyone could benefit from and because I find Chris' content easy to digest. This was my first choice. If you're looking for a bunch of resources to create your content plan, here it is. The ideas here could last you for a year or even two of content. So it's well worth the read after you've done all your SEO content.

Why We Chose This:

The whole time I was reading this, I kept nodding. Not only is Brian's writing style hilarious, but he knows what he's talking about too. Time on page and Click-through Rates have never been more important. I think this stuff is important for organic search and also social as well. 

Why We Chose This:

This is the first time we've featured Ross in our monthly roundup. When I arrived on his site, I was instantly impressed with his blogs layout. Not to get sidetracked, but the image of mountains at the bottom of the fold is an example of "bucket brigades" but in image form. The information in the video is super informative as well and provides a bunch of things to keep in mind from a holistic point of a view.

Why We Chose This:

When it comes to delivering great value, Matt never leaves anything on the table. For these roundups, I like to mix in a bit of general knowledge everyone should know plus in-depth tutorials. This falls under the latter. Diggity guides you through common errors he has seen from his clients and they range from keyword cannibalization to plain old title & meta description mistakes. One thing I like about this article is he shows you how to defeat the problem most of the way and depending on your skill level - you should be able to take it the rest of the way.

Why We Chose This:

I was hesitant to include this post because it's a sponsored post, but hey - if you haven't seen a sponsored post before, this is one. In any case, I thought the content was fairly interesting and it talks about a tool called RetargetLinks that uses link shortening to help you retarget your potential leads easier. The retargeting occurs through Google and a few other ad networks (not Facebook). It's a neat idea and worth sharing with you guys to end off. If your not at a level where you care about advertising, take note that you can implement sponsored posts onto your affiliate site too. It depends on your traffic of course, but just make sure to use no-follow links when you send traffic back to the sponsor's site.

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