Keyword Research Pack

Need help getting started with your niche?  Our custom keyword packs will give you everything you need to start your profitable niche website. 

All the Data You Need to Get Started in any Niche!

Keyword Research

The most important aspect of a successful affiliate site is targeting the right content and keywords. Get keyword research right - and you will get rankings. Get it wrong - and you are just wasting your time. A keyword pack is essential to your success.

Product Selection

Choosing the right products will dramatically increase your conversion rate and commission revenues.

Competitor Research

Understanding what your competitors are ranking for, how long their articles are and what keywords they are targeting will help you focus your efforts to outrank your competitors.

What's Included

  • Ahrefs Keyword List

    This is usually 200-1,000 keywords, depending on the size of the niche. Ahrefs would normally cost you at minimum $99 per month.

  • Top 100 Best Selling Amazon Products

    We include the top 100 best selling Amazon products in the keyword pack niche. This data would usually cost you $197 with Amasuite (or hours of manual research).

  • Hand-Picked Keywords

    We hand-pick the keywords we think are best for starting a site with. These are a mix of buyer-intent keywords and information keywords.

  • Competitor Research

    We also use Ahrefs to research the keyword reports for 3-5 competitor sites in the niche.

Keyword Pack In Action

Watch the video below to see inside a keyword pack (real data hidden), or click the link below the video to download a sample.



Custom Keyword Pack

$ 99
  • Ahrefs Keyword List of 1,000 Keywords
  • 8 Recommended Keywords for Niche Site
  • Top 100 Best Selling Amazon Products in Niche
  • Competitor Research - up to 3,000 keywords with KD values from competitor sites.

Frequently Asked Questions

The Custom Keyword Packs will take 3-4 business days from the time of purchase.

If you haven't already done so, watch the video above. It goes into how to use the data provided, but the main think you need to understand is a basic grasp of how keywords are used to form a niche.

Yes. That's our bread and butter.  Check out Custom Niche Sites for more info.

If you are new to affiliate marketing and need more direction on how to grow a site, this article will help you.

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