HPD Black Friday 2016 Announcement

Black Friday is upon us!

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In previous years we have let the Black Friday season pass us by, as we didn't want to run a promotion for the sake of it. When you're getting bombarded with emails from marketers sending you their lists of 100 amazing discounts, we wanted to say “Hey, that's cool and everything, but we're going to just chill here on the sidelines”.

Don't get me wrong, those lists are awesome and can save you a lot of dollars, so I totally recommend you keep your eyes peeled for other Black Friday emails, we just felt we didn't have anything significant to offer in previous years.

This year though, things are different.

The HPD Membership Black Friday Offer

Why are we joining in the fun this year? Simple.

We have something great in the works and BF is the perfect time to introduce it to the world and give some early movers a great reward for their enthusiasm.

In plain English? We're launching a membership in December or January, and anyone who buys a site from us between Black Friday and Cyber Monday (Nov 25-28 inclusive), will get LIFETIME access to our membership for free.

Right now, the membership is being put together behind the scenes, so I don't have anything tangible to show you, but what I can do is tell you what we're going to be offering, how much it is usually going to cost, and you can decide for yourself if this is a must – not – miss – it offer.

Introducing the HPD Membership

This is been something that's been in the works for a while, and the time has come to do a pre-launch!


As our customer base has grown, it's become pretty clear that the Facebook membership group we have for our customers is not good enough. Facebook might get better engagement than other membership solutions, but when you have multiple threads and conversations started per day, mixed in with all your other daily conversations and friends posting cat videos, you really do struggle to get the value out of it that you need.

On top of that, after three years of feedback, we have a much better idea of the kind of training that we need to be adding, and that we need to be doing this on an ongoing basis.

We need regular case studies, updates, video training, over-the-shoulder tutorials, and several other ideas in the works as well.

Additionally, we need to have a team of trainers, rather than just relying on me to get everything done. We want to create an environment where:

  • New training is added regularly
  • Multiple qualified people are available to answer questions and join in discussions
  • Training, conversations, and discussions can be organized into categories
  • You can study and interact in a much more focused and distraction-free environment.

Therefore, our membership is going to have the following features:

  1. All pre-existing training videos.
  2. New ongoing training, created weekly.
  3. Case studies that are exclusive to the members area. This allows us to go into more depth.
  4. Challenges and sprints, so everyone can push forward together.
  5. Guest trainers.
  6. A Forum. < – Don't underestimate this. It will skyrocket your learning and success.
  7. Live Chat.

Save Yourself Months Of Effort And Learning Time

We've already helped hundreds of people save time and money by building their sites for them, but the final piece of the puzzle for everyone is learning how to use them.

There are dozens of Facebook Groups out there, free and paid, which offer great training and mastermind environments. The problem is, they could be so much better.

I am a member of several groups and while they are great for getting answers to small questions or keeping up to date with trends and tactics, you're never going to get the focused learning you need to actually succeed just by participating in Facebook groups. There's no structure, the same questions come every day, and you're distracted all the time.

FB groups have their benefits, but we want to create the best affiliate marketing membership on the internet, and this is the first big step.

What this means for all of you, is that you get to take that step with us, and start learning affiliate marketing properly, with over-the-shoulder training, from multiple experts, in a focused structure.

Be Among The First To Join Our Limited Launch

I don't want to overpromise and under-deliver, but I am confident we can roll out these features with relative ease and good speed once the membership launches.

Not all of the features will be there initially, so we can launch with minimal complications and can get ducks in rows before adding more detail.

This is another reason why we are going to do a limited launch.

We are aiming to launch the membership in December, or at the very least early January. Everybody who buys a site from us during the Black Friday weekend will be given lifetime access for free, as stated.

We will also be giving existing customers a lengthy free period as well, most likely six months. After that, new site buyers will get 1 month free access only.

The existing training that we currently deliver with our sites will still be available forever for new and old customers alike, but all the new features will need an active subscription, and in order to do it right, give it the focus it needs, and invest in it properly, we will need to charge for this membership.

The cost for members after Black Friday's promotion will be $49 monthly or $399 yearly, so lifetime access is a HUGE saving for you.

How Many People Can Join?

We will be launching 25 new done-for-you sites on Friday, and we have about 10 available now, so there will be around 30-35 slots for the pre-researched sites.

On top of that, we will be opening the cart again for custom sites (it is currently on a “wait list” access), so if you want a site but miss out on a ready-made, or have your own niche in mind, you will be able to qualify for the Black Friday via a custom site too.

However, once Monday rolls around, you'll have to get a site ordered asap, or miss out on the promo.

And yes, you can place your order in advance and tell us your niche idea later if you wish. We know that you might not quite be ready to get your site built, but we want you to be able to take us up on this offer if you know you are going to get to it soon enough.

Stay tuned for the email on Friday announcing the promotion. We will be operating on U.S Eastern Time.

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      1. Thanks Bryon. Do you have a sample/demo site I can look at so I can see kinda what I’m getting? I’d like to learn more. Can we talk tomorrow offline?

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