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Introducing: An Over The Shoulder Case Study, From $0 To $10,000...


I will be growing my niche site portfolio beginning with sites made by HumanProofDesigns… and I’m going to share all the details. Will there be challenges and failures? - Yes. Will I stop? - No. I expect there to be learning opportunities, challenges, and success along the way, but that’s what the world of internet marketing is all about!


A couple reasons. First, I finally have some time. But this won’t be my full time job because I know many of you have limited time to grow your sites. I want this to be a learning experience for all of us and I will use strategies that anyone can recreate. Secondly, I want to demonstrate that not only do our sites work, but be able to walk you through the process.


$10,000 in affiliate commissions (and I won’t stop until I get there).


I have succeeded in Affiliate Marketing for years, but every single niche and site is different. Every site comes with unique challenges and lessons that you can apply to your own site. Whether you are a beginner searching for a niche, or own multiple sites already, there will be actionable steps that you can take to grow your own portfolio. I will share everything and hold nothing back. This will be an honest case study for the purpose of learning and growing together.


These weekly over-the-shoulder video updates will only be shared with HumanProofDesigns members. The main reason being that I can share a lot more details behind closed doors. Public case studies often get spammed, get exposed to negative SEO, get copied, or on the flip side - succeed faster because of the publicity. Either way, I want to maintain the integrity of this case study.


Here's the plan on how we will get to $10,000 and some of the things we will cover along the way:

  • HumanProofDesigns Aged Sites
  • HumanProofDesigns Ready-Made Sites
  • Content
  • SEO
  • Social Media
  • Email Marketing
  • Advertising
  • Outreach

I will pick up my Aged Site and Ready Made Site on May 1st. By the end of May, both sites will be on the road to success (it’s a long journey)! I will archive all my updates so you’ll be able to join us any step of the way.

But That's Not All You'll Get With The Membership!

Instant Access To HPD Training Archive

Hours worth of training videos covering basic to advanced strategies. 


Learn how to develop your site.​

Private Coaching

Have your own private forum thread with Dom and senior trainers.

Get over your issues without being embarrassed or shy.


We encourage members to start their own mastermind groups, keep each other accountable, and boost their success.

[NEW!] Updated Training

Every month new training will be uploaded.

This is to make sure the community stays up to date.

More Case Studies

Some things just need to be taught in private. See case studies of our latest experiments. The ones that failed and the ones that made money.


Cheatsheets, PDFs, Checklists, Templates, and other docs to help keep you organized and on track.

[Coming Soon] Webinars

Live and recorded webinars to cover training in a more interactive, Q&A environment.

A Community Of...

SHARERS: Our members love sharing what does and doesn't work for them, which is one of the most powerful learning tools out there.

DOERS: Our membership was started by members who already have niche sites, and are working on them daily, weekly, and monthly.

HELPERS: My team and I do our best to stay on top of all the questions, but many times active members beat us to it! #Community

About the HPD Team

We've been doing this for years. Human Proof Designs has been building niche sites and training our customers since 2013. We've been featured on Entrepreneur, Empire Flippers, FEInternational, Authority Hacker, Niche Hacks, Matthew Woodward, Authority Website Income, Cloud Living, Dumb Passive Income, Fat Stacks, Niche Site Project, and countless other blogs in the industry.

What makes us special is that we are constantly building out our own portfolio of sites, which means we are in the trenches with you, and can share everything we learn.

“We owe it to our customers to make sure we are constantly learning, trying new things, and sharing the results.”

Dom Wells - CEO & Founder

What Our Customers Say

Marc Stevens ( Web Design Media )

Gary Evans Finally Started Making Money With Niche Sites Thanks To Our Training.

“The HPD Community is a great source of knowledge. The majority of posts are by fellow niche site builders and the answers are a goldmine of valuable information. Everybody is in the same boat which really helps a lot when you are stuck”

Gary Evans (Made $1,050 in his first 4 months as an HPD Customer)
Marc Stevens ( Web Design Media )

Rob Kay Went From Absolute Beginner To 4 Figures A Month

“I had zero knowledge when I first started, and the HPD community helped me a lot in the beginning. The training videos helped a lot with what I should do next. The support has been pretty good overall. Technical support from HPD has been excellent – speed of response and ability to resolve issues quickly, full marks to the team.

I have to say I’ve been loving the experience. I work full time in a high paying job but it’s amazing the thrill I get from seeing a website grow its audience and actually earn money from reviews I’ve written myself. I actually enjoy learning about websites, the technical stuff and also the intricacies of my niches!"​

Rob Kay (Went from absolute beginner to 4-figure Amazon affiliate)
Marc Stevens ( Web Design Media )

Carmen Anderson Immediately Saw The Value

“When I first visited, I was pretty new to affiliate marketing, and I immediately saw the value in what they offer. I love how much there is to learn, new things every day, and I believe in HPD and their ability to help me achieve success."

Carmen Anderson (HPD Customer)

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  • People already taking action, or ready to get started
  • People who want to interact with others and join in a community
  • People ready to invest in themselves and believe in their skills


  • People who want to learn, but not ready to take action
  • People who are afraid that they'll fail
  • People looking to make millions overnight

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