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Our Mission As A Niche Site Builder

I never intended to get involved with creating pre made niche websites for people, I was more concerned about learning to make the best affiliate sites possible for my own uses. I wanted to create niche sites that would be easy to set up, look professional, and just need content adding to them, so that I could start my own portfolio.
I soon realized a few things that changed my mind.

I realized that I was pretty good at building sites, and I enjoyed doing it. The problem now was, I had no need for more than a couple of sites.

The most important realization, was that a lot of newcomers couldn’t ever produce sites as good as I could. A lot of them would hit mental blocks, or lose motivation when struggling with the finer points of site building.

I knew that most of them would succeed with their sites, if only they could finish building them out.

I also knew that sites like Flippa, a marketplace for buying sites, were overrun with junk and scams. All too often a newbie would buy a site there, hoping it would be the head start they needed, only to realize they’d wasted their money.

Either they had bought plain junk, or they’d bought something that came with no instructions or training.

I realized I actually had the ability to offer something that would get them sorted exactly how they needed it.

The way I see it, people need three things to get started:

  1. A Website
  2. Training
  3. Support

I decided to create a package that would include all three of those things, so that getting started could never be easier for newcomers, and wasted money would soon be a thing of the past.

HumanProofDesigns Niche Websites – A 3-In-1 Package

I’m proud to say that I can provide all those three things, and more! Why would I only offer one or the other, when I can really over-deliver?
Here’s the first piece of feedback we got about it:
My team and I have really worked hard to get you everything you need, and keep it an incredibly competitive price. After all, our mission is to eliminate the scammers and junk-sellers completely. To do that, we need to offer ten times what they offer, for the same price.
And we do.

1.) Done-For-You WordPress Niche Websites

Whether you want to buy one of our ready-made sites, or have us build you one custom, we’ve got you covered. We build sites in a variety of niches and make them look professional and appealing. Right from the start you can have your own business site. Blow other beginners away!

Our websites are:

  • Easy To Use
  • Equipped With The Latest Training
  • Set Up And Designed For You
  • Stylish And Professional
  • Powerful

2.) Training & Support

There’s no point giving you a tool without teaching you how to use it. We’ve created a whole library of training:
For anybody who buys a HumanProofDesigns niche affiliate website, whether a pre-made or custom built one, you’ve got a wealth of training and resources in store for you. 
HPD Training Videos - Human Proof Designs 2015-10-29 21-39-25
The Backend Training
Hours of training videos covering everything from ranking a site, to adding new content, to boosting conversions.
Private Facebook Group (Only for site buyers)
The most valuable part of our training of all. Nobody achieves success on their own! You’ll also get access to our private Facebook mastermind. This will let you get immediate feedback, support, and suggestions for your site.

Our Niche Site Building Process

We don’t just pick a niche at random and cobble a site together, there’s a unique 5-step process that each site goes through.

The Process:

  1. Research – Any promising or interesting niches get explored. If there’s an upward trend, room for competition, and products to offer, we’ll add it to the list.
  2. Design & Construction – Each site gets a unique design. We build them all off base templates, then add unique images, coloring, and titles to the site. No two sites end up alike. We add the best tools to your site (even the ones that aren’t free), and invest in the best images themes, and over 8,000 words of UNIQUE content.
  3. Training – Some niches require different methods, and some site designs work differently from others. We customize the training we give you, and your path will match your site and niche. This is highly specified training.
  4. Sale – See a site you like? Hit the “buy now” button, complete the payment, and get immediate access to the site files and membership area.
  5. Installation – Want to install it yourself? Follow our instructions. Want us to do it for you? Give us your details and it’s done.

For you, only steps 4 and 5 are a concern, and as you see when you make a purchase, it could not be easier. This is because of the ground work we’ve put into producing each and every site before you even see it.
If you buy one of our custom sites, we’ll still follow the same research process to make sure you get quality.

Amazon Affiliate Website Builder

One thing we focus on very well is Amazon affiliate websites. Want to find a niche site that could bring in thousands per month once you’ve succeeded with it? This is our speciality. View any of our Amazon sites here.
Amazon affiliate website builder

What Do Others Say?

When we first launched, we did a lot of our site selling for Flippa. We prefer to do everything ourselves now, but when we were there we had 100% positive feedback. See below:


How Much Does All This Cost?

Time and again we are criticized for how low our prices are. Having a website built for you, even a basic one, usually costs around $1000.

However, today YOU can get one of our pre-made sites or a custom-built site for just $479, with the option to upgrade to a premium site (more content) for $799.




The basics 

  • 2,500 Word Homepage
  • 8,000 Words Total
  •  Premium Theme
  •  Premium Plugins
  •  On-Page SEO
  •  Domain Name
  • Keyword Research
  • Private FB Group
  • Free Tech Support
  • Email Support
  • Video Training Library



The basics + more

  • 2,500 Word Homepage
  • 16,000 Words Total
  • Premium Theme
  • Premium Plugins
  • On-Page SEO
  • Domain Name
  • Keyword Research
  • Logo
  • FB, Twitter, G+ Accounts
  • Private FB Group
  • Free Tech Support
  • Email Support
  • Video Training Library


We are fine with the professionals charging high prices and delivering high quality sites. Now let us charge lower prices and still deliver high quality.

Choose Your Site And Place Your Order

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Our Personal Guarantee To You

We know that this is a large investment for you, and you might want some kind of reassurance that you are not buying junk. We’re confident enough in our products to back up what we say with a 30-day 100% money back guarantee.

The only thing we ask is that you give it a genuine attempt and do not just ignore your site for 60 days. If you make this work, it will indeed work!

Don’t Wait Any Longer!

The only thing that causes people to fail with our sites is impatience. If you can promise me that you’ll do your best, then I look forward to working with you. The sooner you get started, the sooner you get earning!

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A Closer Look At Savings

If you're still unsure how good of a deal you're getting, let this section provide some more information.

In that chart below, you'll see a list of premium plugins and how much they would normally cost you.

This is a total of $298 normally.

You'll be getting all of these included for free with your site.

When you factor in the price of a theme (around $75) and premium images ($10-20) keyword tools ($97) and the time you're saving writing articles and building a site, you're basically getting the site for free.‚Äč



Retail Price

EasyAzon Pro

Amazon Links and Images


Thrive Content Builder

Drag and Drop Editor


Thrive Leads

Opt-in Forms


Gravity Forms

Contact Forms


Backup Buddy

Backup Your Site


  • Summer Bohemian

    I am based in mainland EU and would prefer to have the local affiliates set onto the niche sites, could you also provide that option?

    • Sure we can but most of your traffic will likely come from the US anyway

      • Summer Bohemian

        Why, would that be? I have my own network on social networking platforms that I want to promote to.

        • Ok in that case what you said makes sense, I was thinking more of search traffic.

  • I am looking for a couple a pre-made niche sites Dom. Where can i find your listings of Amazon aff sites? WorldWidecred.com@gmail.com

  • Arimor

    Are you still creating turn-key Amazon affiliate sites and do you have any examples I could view? Thanks.

    • Yes we are. Here are some examples:

      1.) Electricscoots.com
      2.) Watchingelegance.com