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Our Mission As A Niche Site Builder

Our founder & CEO, Dom Wells, never intended to get involved with creating pre-made niche websites for people. He was busy grinding and killing it with his own affiliate site profile. 

He had a strategy that worked really well for him. He was able to quickly create niche sites that were easy to set up, looked professional, and just needed some TLC to become money makers. He then had a few realizations:

1.  He was pretty awesome at building sites.

2.  It was something he enjoyed doing.

3.  He had built out his own portfolio, but wanted to continue making sites.

4.  Affiliate Marketing newcomers struggled the most with this very crucial part.

Now this isn't to say they couldn't learn, but many newcomers hit mental blocks or lose motivation when struggling with the finer points of site building.

The thing is that most newcomers would succeed with their sites, if only they could finish building them out.

If you take a look at many of the marketplaces for buying sites you'll find that they are overrun with junk and scams. All too often newbies buy a site from one of these marketplaces, hoping it is  the head start they need, only to realize they've wasted their money.

Either they had bought plain junk, or they had bought something that came with no instructions or training.

This why HumanProofDesigns came to be. Dom realized he had the ability to offer something that would get newcomers started down the RIGHT path.

The HumanProofDesigns mission is to help as many beginners as possible get started with affiliate marketing, and help our experienced audience make even more money from their websites.

You need three things to get started:

Quality Website



HumanProofDesigns offers a package that includes all three elements, so that getting started has never been easier for newcomers, and wasted money is a thing of the past.

HumanProofDesigns Niche Websites: 3-in-1 Package

Quality Websites

Whether you want to buy one of our ready-made sites, or have us build you one custom, we've got you covered. We build sites in a variety of niches and make them look professional and appealing. Right from the start you can have your own business site and blow other beginners away!

  • Done-for-you WordPress Niche Websites
  • Easy to use
  • Equipped with the latest training
  • Set up and designed for you
  • Stylish and Professional
  • Keyword Pack for your niche included


There's no point giving you a tool without teaching you how to use it. We've created a whole library with hours of training for anyone who buys a HumanProofDesigns niche affiliate website. Whether you buy a Basic, Aged, Premium, or Custom site, you've got a wealth of training resources in store for you.

New Site Training:

  • Hosting
  • Keyword Research
  • WordPress
  • Setting Affiliate Links
  • Social Media
  • Outsourcing
  • Plug-ins
  • Getting Your First Sale
  • Link Building
  • PBN Training
  • Content
  • ... and MORE!

1 Month Free Access to the HPD Membership:

  • Case Studies
  • Group Challenges
  • More Training
  • Community of "Doers"
  • Discussions/ Forums
  • Private Coaching with Dom
  • Webinars


​We're not just going to sell you something and hang you out to dry. Unlike many website marketplaces that offer you 30 days after sales support, we are here to stay. If you have any questions, concerns, comments, or need help... we have a full customer support team ready.