Our SEO Article Writing Service – Premium Articles At Fair Prices

Want Top Quality SEO-Friendly Articles Written By Our In-House Writers, Without The Hassle Of Finding Them And Without The High Costs Usually Involved?

Now you can use our SEO article writing service to have excellent search engine AND user friendly articles written in bulk. We charge reasonable prices and deliver promptly.

Trying to find good content writers to outsource to is a pain. We’ve hired some excellent ones in the past, and some downright terrible ones as well.

That’s the whole problem with trying to do it on a budget. You CAN find some good writers at iWriter, INeedArticles, Fiverr, and other locations, but the problem is, it takes a long time. If you pick a writer at random, you could end up with garbage content that doesn’t do your site any favors.

These “budget” writers also generally try to churn out as much content as possible so tend to rush things. You always have to edit their work before you publish it.

Difficulty Finding Good Writers

On the other hand, if you spend time looking for good writers and building up a repertoire of reliable contacts, you’re either going to spend so much time that you might as well just have written the content yourself, OR, you’re going to find writers who have so many other clients it takes an age to get anything written by them.

So that leaves the option of finding more professional writers, with better quality and a faster turn around. These writers also tend to understand SEO and have heard of the word “research” before. They are great to work with and can make your site look amazing.


The problem with this type of writer? The price.

We’ve paid $75 per article to these types of writers before, and others will charge even more. They know they’re rare and in-demand and they deserve higher pay.

For someone with a low budget or a new site, how are you going to be able to afford to pay $75 per article? Even $50 would be a stretch.

Content Is Everything In 2016

What’s worse is, now more than ever, quality, unique, original content is everything. Google is fed up with seeing average, rehashed content. It knows that people are sick of it as well. It’s just not interested in displaying search results with bad content.

Thanks to Google’s algorithm updates, and products like Google Drive and Analytics, they know how to spot bad content as well.

If people aren’t reading your content, aren’t sharing it around, aren’t leaving comments, and aren’t coming back to your site, Google will take note, and it won’t be a very good note.

Content is king.

Where Does That Leave You?

So you know that paying $5 an article will take up a lot of your time, and will leave you with mediocre content. On the other hand, you know that really great content will cost you more than you can afford.

You NEED great content, but it’s so hard to find.

What’s left?

Introducing Our SEO Writing Service.

We use professional content writers who produce PREMIUM content, for a not-so-premium price. Because the minimum order is 10 articles, they’ll do it for $199.99.

That’s less than $20 per article.

You won’t find that anywhere else. That’s the power of using bulk orders. Quality writers love having a lot of article requests, so they compromise on the price, and give you a great deal.

Each article is 1,000 words long, which is great for users and great for seo.

What Is SEO Writing?

A lot of people refer to SEO articles as articles which are intended purely for spam use. In other words, the content is there to send links to another website in order to rank that page. This content isn’t intended for humans to read.

That’s NOT the case with our article writing service. Our use of the word SEO article refers to an article which is intended for humans to read (seems fitting with our name don’t you think?) yet is keyword and search engine optimized. We prefer the term search friendly, because that’s what the best kind of content is.

We use keywords where necessary, and then we write the article as it should be written…naturally.

What About The Quality?

One thing I want to bring to your attention. While our articles are decent, will rank, and have a history of getting conversions, they are not going to be the best articles you find online.

We make sure they are not plagiarized, we have editors proofread them all, and we release any writers who consistently underperform. That said, our writers are not $100 per article freelancers who can produce exquisite content.

If you want to build your site up to be an authority and you want readers to fall in love with the content, then our articles might not be for you.

We don’t want to waste anyone’s time here.

On the other hand, if you have a niche site, and you want more content for the following purposes, we are the right service for you:

  • Informational content to build internal links and rank for long-tail keywords.
  • Product reviews or “best of” posts to get rankings and conversions.
  • Seed content to help a site grow.

Ideal For Niche/Affiliate Sites

Content by our writers used on things like Amazon affiliate sites do work. They get conversions, and earn money. While a lot of customers expect that in order for their articles to work, they need to be the best articles on the planet, written by amazing writers, we’ve found this is typically not the case.

As long as writers can summarize the benefits of a product, structure an article well, and do not write drivel, then articles will rank and convert.

We’ve tested it over and over again. The structure of the article is just as important as the quality, which is why we always train our writers to follow our templates.

Premium Quality

Like you, we know that "low cost" writers can be hit and miss. There may be grammar mistakes, boring content, and a lot of fluff.

The writers we use all deliver excellent quality that is enjoyable to read. See a sample below.

Search Friendly

Our writers understand both search engines and readers. They know how to find the balance between SEO content, and content that people want to see.

Content bought from our service will help your site rank.

Well Priced

It used to be the case that you paid $5 for mediocre content, or $60-100 for excellent content. Now you can pay $19.99 for premium quality articles.

By buying in bulk, you get massive discounts and great value.

Hands Off, Fast Delivery

It typically takes 7-10 days for your order to be completed. Submit your keywords or article titles, and payment, then you're done.

You can then publish your articles immediately, or spread them out over a longer period.

Ten Articles

$19.9 per article

1,000 words each

Unique, high quality

  • Native English Speaker
  • SEO and User Friendly


Twenty Articles

$17.45 per article

1,000 words each

Unique, high quality

  • Native English Speaker
  • SEO and User Friendly


I've paid for a lot of articles from all kinds of sources, some were good others down right horrible.

But I have to give you props your articles are fantastic. And for the price well that's an even better bonus.

Anyone reading this, if you're on the fence if you should get a batch of articles from Dom - do it - you will not be disappointed.

Speaking of which I just ordered 10 more - can't wait to get them.


Here's an example of one of the articles: http://www.netwiseprofits.com/online-success-plan-scam/​

Leo Emery

I've ordered HPD services and I have to say I'm very satisfied with the quality of writing they provide. Also I was pleasantly surprised with the fast turnaround; I got my articles in just a few days. Will order again soon.



Can you help research keywords?

How long does it take?

Do you do bigger discounts on bigger orders?

Can you do different word counts?

Ten Articles

$19.9 per article

1,000 words each

Unique, high quality

  • Native English Speaker
  • SEO and User Friendly


Twenty Articles

$17.45 per article

1,000 words each

Unique, high quality

  • Native English Speaker
  • SEO and User Friendly


  • Rick Mueller

    If I buy the 10 article pack, can I get single articles written at a time instead of submitting all 10? If so, is it still a 2 week lead time? Thanks.

    • You can do that if you want, but we can’t say how long it will take because we don’t know how long it will take for you to submit articles and what a writer’s availability will be like at the time. However, for just 1 article it definitely doesn’t take 2 weeks.

  • Motaher Hossan

    I need an article which length will be about 4000 words.It’s a buying guide and product review type article. Do you accept custom order?

    • We can do articles that long but our minimum order is 10,000 words

  • Jake Gfesser

    If we buy the articles they can copy different voices (so to speak) and we can suggest what we want them to write about right?

  • I am considering purchase 10 articles on informational keywords, but the writers need to follow my requested keywords and format, is it okay?

    • If your format is ok, then that is fine yeah.

  • Jeff Frayn

    Hi Dom and Team,
    This is a great site with a lot of options. A couple questions before I proceed:
    1) Keyword packs, if I give you a certain niche to analyze your team can write content around that as well? Your team can take current offered packs and develop sites from those if requested?
    2) Aged sites, how often do you release those? They sell fast
    3) Can you link and monetize the site afterward?

    • Hey,

      1.) Yes
      2.) Once a month
      3.) We can monetize the site for you but link building is done by third parties.

  • I just purchased 10 Articles today! I don’t have keywords. Can you do keyword research for me?

    • There’s additional cost involved with us researching kw’s for you, so it’s best to discuss this via email.

  • You can do the 10 article pack for that yeah. If you contact us via the form on our contact page, we can talk more about custom orders.

  • Jeff Frayn

    Hi Dom,
    I am thinking of purchasing a 20 article pack here soon in a particular niche. How do I submit to your writers/staff, some of the keywords/topics I have in mind? Your team can also keyword research and write some from that as well? Thanks!

    • Hey, after purchasing, you will be directed to a form to fill out and you can put all the info in there. We can do keyword research for $20 extra.

      • Jeff Frayn

        Ok great. Are the content packs and built websites paid for in Canadian $

  • Abdul Ghani

    Hey Dom! So If I Want You To Write 10 Articles With 6K Words. How Much You Are Going To Cost ?? Research Will Be Done By Me

    • For 60,000 words it would be $990

  • Tammer

    I want to order the 10 pack as just opened a new niche. Do you do the keyword research too? How long does it take to get the 10 articles?

    • It should take about 2 weeks, although most of our team aren’t back at work until Jan 2nd. We can do keyword research too for an additional $10 sure 🙂

  • Kevin Balcker

    Hi Dom, I sent you an email with some details about your writing services. Can you let me know if you received it?


  • Lambros

    Hi Dom, with the articles do you offer also optimized relevant images?

    • Hey, not for this package no, but we could probably do it for you if you paid a bit extra

  • Lubowa Muhammad

    Hi Dom, if I want a “best of 7 products” Amazon review of 4000 words then plus 6 more informational articles each of 1000 words. Can I chose the first pack of $199.9?.Can you do that?. I have been using some other service for that and of late they send reviews with some strange words and sentence structures which I think are inserted for uniqueness in copyscape.

    • Yep we can do that for you, no problem

  • Imran Yousaf

    Do you also write product review? If yes, what would be the pakcage for say 10 articles?

    • Yes that’s exactly the type of article we do best, so the package for 10 articles is the price listed above.

      • Imran Yousaf

        Thank you for your response. One more thing. Do you have Paypal alternate to accept payment or any other mode for acceptance of payment as we don;t have PayPal here in our country.

  • Jimmy S. Wojtko Jr.

    So you guys will research the topics for content too? I would literally just give you the article topics/keywords?

    • If you tell us titles or keywords we will research and write the articles yes. If we struggle with the topic, we’ll let you know in advance.

      • Jimmy S. Wojtko Jr.

        Ok, can each article be different topics or do they need to correspond ? I have 2 totally different sites, can I have you write say 5 for one and 5 for the other? Thanks again

        • Yep that’s fine, we do that for a few customers actually so it’s not uncommon.

  • Darrell

    Hi, you will see examples of their excellent writing skills here http://whichsofaonline.com/ on my amazon site. I like the content and will be using more in the future.

  • Delores

    I have an Amazon Affiliate Website. I just started the site. If you want to have a look at it my website is http://www.smartonlineshoppingtips.com. How can your writer’s help me with content? Sounds like a good deal $20 an article. If it will work out, I would be interested in giving it a try.