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The Bachbio authority site focuses on the airsoft gear niche, and currently has over 3,600 keyword rankings in Google, with some good snippets, and many rankings on the lower part of page 1! This site has only recently been monetized and is generating revenue from three sources with many opportunities for growth.  A great site built on an auction domain with existing earnings and growth options for the buyer.


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This listing is for an Amazon affiliate site created in 2019 on an auction domain. The site is monetized with Amazon US, Airsoft Station and Ezoic.

Most of the traffic is generated from organic search with 60% from the USA, 14% from the UK, and 5% from Canada.

The top four posts attract about 40% of the traffic (evenly split between them). The Seller hasn't produced any content in recent months, which presents a growth opportunity for the Buyer to target new keywords by creating more articles.

The Seller's link-building strategy was focussed on benefitting from a strong link profile of an auction domain.

Assets Included
By The Numbers
  •  Approx. Word Count: 48,000
  • Highest Keyword Ranking: 1
  • # Keywords Ranking: 3,681
  • Monetization: Amazon
  • Traffic in Ahrefs: 1,495
  • Backlinks 1,614
  • Site Created: 2019
  • Initial Domain 2003


Bachbio earns from Amazon US, Ezoic and Airsoft Station.

After Sales Support & Bonuses 

  • Tech support from our full-time staff
  • Lifetime access to our Site Buyers Training
  • Lifetime access to our Facebook Group (1,000+ clients & website investors)

I’m a Newbie, Will I Be Able to Run This Site?
Yes, this site and our trainings are designed for beginners to medium level clients. If you’ve already built and sold sites then you’ll know the value we bring in a turnkey solution, but if this is your first time diving into online business, we will help you the best we can with our experienced team.

What Work Is Required After I Buy The Site?

  • Follow the Site Buyers training to learn about how to operate the website
  • Create more traffic using SEO, social media and advertising
  • Keep the site’s ongoing cashflow and reinvest the profits to grow the website 

What Happens After I Purchase the Site? 

  1. You will receive an email confirmation of your purchase and log-in information to the WordPress site immediately!
  2. You will receive an email to log into the Site Buyers Video Training
  3. You will receive an email to join our Private Client Facebook group & Public Facebook Group
  4. We cover your hosting for FREE the first year. After the first year of hosting you’ll be asked to pay $99/yr to have the website online. You also have the option of moving the website to your own hosting provider instead of using our in-house hosting.

Purchase from us and enjoy these final benefits:

  • Quality support from an experienced team
  • A dependable community
  • Professional training for your website

Other Notes

HPD conducts due diligence to ensure quality of all sites, but site is sold as-is. We share the URL so you can review the site prior to making a purchase. It is the buyer's responsibility to swap affiliate tags across the site after purchase, but we are happy to assist. The site uses some paid plugins.  Any renewals of these are the buyer's responsibility.

We Look Forward To Serving You!

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