Rank Guardian Review – I’ve Used It Extensively

Since the release of Rank Guardian on Friday, I've had a few people asking me questions about it. It's not my service, but my face is there on the sales page giving a testimonial, so it's natural people would ask me my thoughts.

I'll go out there and say it now, I have used it extensively, and the reason my face is there giving it a glowing testimonial is because I had great results with it.

Will you have great results too? That's the most important question, and one I am looking forward to answering here.​

First Off - What Is Rank Guardian

In a nutshell, the guys over at NicheSiteAzon have rolled out a new ranking service, called Rank Guardian. You can find the info page there.

They reached out to me, since we've been in touch a lot of the past couple of years, to ask if I was interested in testing the service out. Since I am always looking out for something to help my audience and customers, and I wanted to give a few of my own sites a boost, I agreed.​

This service is similar in some ways to services such as The Hoth, Lightning Rank, or other "done-for-you link building" services. At the same time, it is also different, because of their approach.

What's Different?​

Many link building services out there will just build you links. That sounds like it's not a bad thing, but what I've noticed over my time helping literally hundreds of beginners get started, is that most people don't know what links they want built, or worse, they don't know if their sites are ready for those links.

​Shout out to Josh Hoffman at Monocle Internet Marketing, because his service also does this, but what I love about Rank Guardian is that whenever I asked them to look over my sites before building links to them, they always came back with a few suggestions.

Those suggestions were along the lines of:

  • ​Which URL(s) would be best to target first
  • Whether or not I should add anything to the URL(s) in question
  • What meta description tweaks I could make in order to get better results
  • Anything else I'd missed.

Now I've been doing this affiliate site building thing for some time now, and most of the time the RG guys told me what I already knew. What I loved though was the extent they went to check out my sites, and they even picked up on a few things I'd missed.

I just know that for beginners and the more advanced alike, they'll be able to do the same for you.

Here are the questions most people have:

  1. ​Which URL should I target first?
  2. Should I target multiple URLs?
  3. How many links should I build?
  4. Is my on-page set up well enough?
  5. Will these links work?

These are the kind of questions you COULD get answers to from other services, but I've just found to be a bit more in-depth from the RG guys. 

I guess that's where the "Guardian" part of the name comes from, they walk you through the process.

Enough Fawning Over Their Skills, What Kind Of Results Did You Get?

Ok, onto the good stuff, did Rank Guardian actually give my sites a ranking boost, and how much did I have to invest?

​First of all, if you read my two posts about using Semrush + Forums to find low-competition keywords, you'll remember that I saw excellent results when I did link building to just ONE url on my site. Well those were Rank Guardian links, and my rankings increased across the board, even though I only link built to one of the twenty pages that had an increase.

And here's what some of those rankings look like now:

​This was for a site that I had already done a fair bit of linking to already though. For my next test, I wanted to build links to a site that had zero links built previously.

In fact, this was a site I created as a sample site for potential HPD customers. We built the default 8 pages, then left the site for sometime. When I added Rank Guardian links to it, the site was not in the sandbox anymore, but it had been left alone since its creation. 

Here is what I saw:​

​In order to get to this point, I had to build two rounds of links from the 'Basic' package and one from 'Results'. For the site above it, I did three rounds of the 'Results' package. I saw results from each package, which is why I ordered more. I guess they named that package appropriately.

​Please note, I've tested Rank Guardian on three different sites and moved up to very good rank positions on two of them, with the third a work in progress. This is a very high percentage and I remember being amazed at how fast it happened on my first site, especially compared to using PBN's.

However, your mileage may vary, and I'm not promising you'll get results. Neither will the guys at Rank Guardian either though.

You can get in touch with the Rank Guardian guys here.

What Kind Of Links Are They?

They don't use PBN links unless they really have to, which I found to be pretty refreshing. Not only does this limit the risk of getting a penalty, it also means you're building links that others aren't.

I'm not going to publically announce what type of links they build, but I can say this:

  • They use network links very sparingly
  • They don't post on the common web 2.0 sites (but they do post on a few to maintain diversity)
  • They post on high authority sites that allow content to be created, that other SEO's either aren't utilizing, or don't know about.

I can honestly say that when I first saw the links coming in to my site, I thought "Really? You build these links?".

They weren't spammy, they weren't blackhat, but I just didn't see them being that effective. We're told again and again how PBN's are the magic powerful links, and to some degree they are, but other links work well too.

Since I trusted Mike and Tim, I wasn't worried, and sure enough, the rankings shown above came quite quickly.

What About The Pricing?

I only really care about how well links work. I'm not going to pay $1,000 for some powerful DA link on HuffPost, but I'm also not going to try to scrimp and save either. I'm not interested in some $5 package that promises thousands of links.

Not the cheapest links, but reasonably priced.

The Rank Guardian links cost me about $650-700 in total for one site, and that site went from earning close to nothing, to close to $300 per month, so it's a fantastic ROI.

The second site went up from about $50 per month to $100 per month, so it's not as good an ROI, but I spent less on links for this site, and I'm still well on track for profit.

As for you, again, it depends. If you can spend a few hundred dollars and end up ranking on page one, how much is that worth to you?​

What's important about the RG service is that they will help you pick out the URLs that have the highest chance of ranking first, so you can start getting a positive ROI asap. After that, you can scale up and rank other URLs.​

A Note On Risk And Penalties

As always, when you are link building, you run the risk of getting a penalty to your site. This is true for PBNs, it's true for Rank Guardian, it's even true for guest posting.

However, what I Iike about RG is that because they have a hand-holding approach, they look at the bigger picture and adapt where necessary. If you've ordered several packs and want to go more aggressive, they might tell you to hold off for a bit, or build some other links to diversify. They won't just take your money, build the links, and not care if you get penalized.

I know this is the case, because for my first site, I got excited, wanted to scale up and build links to four more URLs, and was told it would be better to hold off for a bit, let those URLs slowly rank naturally, and do some things like adding more content and diversifying my profile in the mean time.

I liked that, even if it wasn't necessarily what I wanted to hear.​

At the end of the day, there's a risk, but it's minimal, and the ROI is worth it for me.​

​Final Thoughts - Well Worth A Shot

I'm not going to go out there and say that you absolutely have to use Rank Guardian, and that you will definitely get results, but it is hands down the best service I've used, when you look at the bigger picture of everything it does.

Previous services I've recommend still work, and they still rock, but for people who don't really know what they're doing link building wise, RG comes top for me. There was a reason I was pushing these guys to roll their service out to the public sooner!

Also note, not one of the links I've put in this post is an affiliate link. 

If you do have any questions about Rank Guardian, feel free to comment below, or throw the guys themselves a question directly.

  • Hey Dom
    Do you still recommend Rank Guardian 9 months later?

    • Yes, but I don’t think they are open for new customers right now.

  • Diogo Castro

    Dom, what do you say about the Hoth to start with and then move to rank guardian as the site proves to be giving a return? Thanks for the review 🙂

    • That’s exactly the strategy I use with new sites, so yep, sounds good.

  • Will have to look into these guys, thanks Dom, great review.

  • Dom.

    I’ve been hearing a ton about Rank Guardian, and its all been positive. They’re clearly doing something right.

    Going to give that middle package a go, on one of my bigger sites and see how it tracks.

    Cheers for some first-hand insight!

  • I guess many professionals might find it interesting 🙂