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We're HumanProofDesigns and we're on a mission to help you start AND grow an online affiliate marketing business.



Hey, my name’s Dom Wells, owner of Human Proof Designs. This site exists to make starting a niche website that much easier. With the training on the blog, the ready-made sites we’ll sell, and the custom projects we’ll do, you will find that getting started doesn’t have to be as confusing as you first thought.

All you have to do is follow the guidelines.

To learn more about our ready-made sites, click here. To learn how you can get started by yourself for free, click here.

Why Do Things This Way?

We were familiar with how buying and selling cheap sites worked previously, and we weren’t happy with what we saw. There were many “cookie cutter” sites that were just clones of each other. The developers would just put the same sites up for sale again and again, and for low prices. Unsuspecting newcomers were more often than not buying them, expecting to have bought themselves either a.) Something that would make money on auto-pilot or b.) Something unique.

In most cases, A and B were not true.

But we noticed something, newcomers were interesting in buying sites and having the hard work done for them. They were just being lied to a lot. “We can do a much better job than these developers, and be honest about it too” we thought. So, we put our money where our mouths were and created Human Proof Designs.

We like to think we have done a decent job so far.

We Know You Are New, We Were Too

We realized that there are several things web developers take for granted, such as terms like SEO, CPC, Keywords, and Rankings. Most newcomers don’t know what they all mean. We sure didn’t when we first started out.

We also realized that as well as creating sites to sell, we should include manuals. Imagine if you were buying a new product in a store, in a box. That box would come with instruction manuals right?

Finally, we noticed the feedback from many newcomers was that they didn’t even know how to get their sites online once they had bought them!

Our manuals are designed to get you started, get you growing your site, and get you earning money from your site. What more can you need?

We also show you all the best places to get various other services, such as e-mail list auto-responders, keyword research, hosting, video services, and so on. We even explain to you what those things are.

Take a look around and view our sites. If you have any further questions, head over to the Contact page and get in touch.


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