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Build awesome links to your site; and get the word out about your online business!  We write and distribute to over 250 publications.

Get Your Site Featured with Over 250+ Publications

An effective method of link building and high quality white hat SEO

What Do I Get?

  • Researched, Written, Edited, and Distributed For You

    Our writers specialize in press releases and we have large distribution network. Press releases are approx. 200 words and distributed to 250+ publications, websites, and social media.

  • Link Safety

    Press Releases are safe when done correctly and to a high quality. Don't use poor quality articles or distribution services. We ensure all content is original, experienced writers, and the best distribution network.

  • Link Diversity

    In Google's eyes, you'll have just gained some very trustworthy links! Because press releases are SEO helpful when done right, those brand links can also act as "pillow links" to diversify your backlink profile and protect your site when you're doing more powerful link building.

  • Full Reporting

    Within two weeks after publication, we provide a full report of distribution.

Distribution to OVER 250+ Publications and Social Media


How It Works

Step 1:
Submit Your Info

We'll send you a form to fill out that will give us everything we need to know - like what you want your press release to be about.

Step 2:
Content & Distribution

Our in-house writers will get to work on unique and high quality content for your press release. Then we'll distribute it to our network.

Step 3:

Two weeks after your press release is distributed, we'll send you a full report so you can see where we distributed it.


Press Release

$ 149
  • Approx. 500 words
  • 3 Focus Keywords
  • Premium Distribution 250+ Publications
  • Guaranteed Publication on Google, Bing, Yahoo News
  • Full Reporting

Frequently Asked Questions

We don't write about “adult” or “grey” topics. Part of the reason is that many of these niches are viewed as spam and will not be accepted by many distribution networks.

Specifically, these topics are not allowed: Explosives/Guns/Weapons, Alcohol, Illicit Drugs/Marijuana, Tobacco/Vaping, CBD, Hemp, Cosmetic Procedures, Porn/Sex/Dating, ICOs/Bitcoin/Cryptocurrency, Forex, NON-FDA Medicines/Supplements, Litigation, Online Gambling, Stock Recommendations, Online Gambling, Slander/Libel

Though I can GEO-tag your release for your city and state, I cannot target local media specifically.

While your press release will appear on numerous recognizable sites, we can't guarantee or give you a number for traffic or exposure. All news/distribution sites are not controlled by us so they have editorial control over publishing decisions.

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