Refund Policy

The following is the refund policy for our sites, articles, and any other services as they are added.

Please note: If you wish to have a refund, the best thing to do is get in touch via the contact page or by replying to one of our emails to you.

To make things easier, include your Paypal transaction ID so we can track your order more easily.

Please avoid filing a dispute in Paypal, because the new Paypal refund system makes it more complicated to actually process a refund (there is a process to go through) and we can refund you faster by just manually returning the funds from within our order system. It also avoids our account being put into poor standing with Paypal.

Done For You Site Refunds

We have updated our refund policy on November 4 2016. Any sites bought before Nov 4 can follow the policy below in italics. Any sites bought after this date need to follow the new policy, outlined here:

New Policy

We only give refunds for purchases for the following reasons:

1.) The site was late and you no longer wish to wait.

2.) There was a gross error on the site.

In both these cases we will also offer something as an apology, such as extra links, extra articles, or a partial refund. If you wish to continue with your site but feel that you deserve some compensation due to point 1 or 2 above, then we’ll be happy to offer one of the above mentioned extras.

Any other situation will not result in a refund.


If you wish to swap your site for another one, you still can if it is before site delivery; the cost is $75. This is to account for the extra work we put in, plus to limit the number of people swapping. Trust us, you’ll have more success if you pick a niche and stick to it. NOTE: Swaps do not apply if you’ve requested we build you a site for a niche you’ve provided us (i.e. Custom Niche purchase). This ONLY applies for our Done for you site offerings, available for purchase here and here.


Previously we would state that if you wished to “give up” on your site and return it within 60 days, you could. We also allowed people to swap their sites for other sites for free.

The problem with this was that the following situations were emerging too frequently:

1.) Somebody would buy a site, get all the research and training, then immediately ask for a refund.

2.) Somebody would buy a site, dip their toe in the waters and see if they wanted to work hard on it, then change their mind and ask for a refund.

3.) Somebody would buy a site then constantly ask for a swap to a different site that was more shiny.

4.) Somebody would buy a site, do no work on it, then ask for a refund.

We’re not in the business of letting people test out our sites and affiliate marketing for free, and we don’t rent sites, so this is no longer part of our refund policy. We thought everyone would be cool, but our bad.

Below is the old refund policy. Any site bought before Nov 4 2016 can still follow this policy.


We stand by our estimated turnaround time of 4 weeks (5 if you order a custom site). However, if we experience delays and you wish to have a refund because of this, we will refund you 100%. This is our fault, so we’ll take responsibility.

There is also an option to have an “apology gift” instead of a refund, such as free links, or articles. It depends on whether you wish to cancel the order or continue with it.

Quality Issues

If there are quality issues with the site delivered to you, we will replace or correct any issues for free. Bear in mind that sometimes quality is subjective, so if the article is fine but you wanted it to be better, this doesn’t constitute a quality issue.

An issue is something like an incorrect fact, typos, duplicate content, or terribly written passages.

For design purposes, we don’t offer a refund for you not liking the site design. This is a highly subjective area and we’re not charging you $10,000 to build a bespoke website.

We can swap the theme or change the logo only.

Change Of Mind

If you change your mind and wish to cancel the project, this is acceptable, but depending when you change your mind, there will be a fee involved.

A lot of administration and man hours go into even processing an order and getting it started.

 – First Four Weeks Of Order

If you cancel an order in the first four weeks, you can have a 90% refund. This is just to cover admin and small costs involved our end.

 – After Four Weeks

If you cancel after four weeks or wish to return the site because you’ve changed your mind/given up, we will buy the site back off you for 75% of the original cost.

*Note* This four week period doesn’t include us being late. If more than four weeks have passed and we’ve still not delivered the site, we’ll refund you 100%, as stated above.

 – When Extra Is Done To The Site

If you have done extra to the site since getting it from us, such as adding content, building links, or otherwise improving the site, we will assess this on a case by case basis and give you a fair price based on how much it would cost us to do the same.

Article Refunds

Article quality can in most cases, be fixed by us free of charge. If you find issues with duplicate content, factual incorrectness, or sloppy writing (including typos), we will replace the articles or re-write them for you. You have one week after receiving your articles to bring to light any issues.

We do not issue refunds for articles. The articles you pay for cost $19.9 per article or cheaper. Bear this in mind when assessing the quality. If you were expecting the best article on the internet for this price, we can’t give you a refund or re-write it simply because your expectations didn’t match our quality.

We guarantee your article will be unique, written AND proofread, and that we will fix any errors, but quality is subjective and you have to understand this.



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