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BOOST Your Business With Quality Links

Zero Footprints. Great Metrics. Powerful Link Profiles.

#1 Most Effective and Safest PBN Links in the Industry

We've made a Huge Investment in our Network since 2017. And our clients are benefiting.

Diverse PBN Website Builds

Each PBN site in our network is carefully crafted and reviewed from every angle. Unique content, quality themes, diverse plugins, unique designs, and optimizations applied to each site make our sites secure and ready to pass link juice to your sites.

Zero Footprints

We utilize over 100 different web hosting companies and ensure every PBN site is unique in every way. Our sites blend in with the regular crowd. A lot of time is spent maintaining each site and overall quality of the network.

Quality Articles

Every article is written by experienced in-house writers and include keyword targeting and professionally selected images.


We've built a streamlined system where you simply tell us which pages you want to build links to and we'll handle the rest. In fact, we can even help you choose the pages and anchor text too!

What Is a Private Blog Network (PBN)?

PBN sites are a network of websites created for the purpose of linking out to other sites and designed to increase your search engine rankings.  When done in a safe and quality manner, these links can increase your domain authority and traffic.  PBN links are considered an advanced strategy and are not without risk.  Low quality PBN networks could be detected by Google and result in a penalty.  That makes is very important you use a reliable and trusted service provider.

Why Choose Us?

  • Strongest Reputation in the Industry

  • Proven Results - our clients see increased rankings and traffic

  • All links are permanent

  • Concierge Service – we take care of the entire process monthly.

How It Works

Create Link Plan

We'll craft a specific plan for your site and determine what URLs to target based on your current rankings. You can provide guidance or approve our recommendations.

Step 1

Write Articles

We'll create high-quality articles and select professional images to be published with the article.

Step 2

Create Links

We'll select appropriate PBN sites for your link, and publish the article with links back to your site using the anchor text selected for each link.

Step 3


We'll notify you when links have been placed.  We do not reveal the PBN site URLS where your article was published.  This protects our PBN network.  Finally, monitor your site for increased rankings and traffic.

Step 4

Pricing Plans

No contract. Month-to-Month Auto-Renews.

5 PBN Links

$ 249
  • High Quality PBN
  • Unique Articles
  • Link Building Management
  • Anchor Text Advice
  • Target URL Advice
  • Monthly Report

10 PBN Links

$ 499
  • High Quality PBN
  • Unique Articles
  • Link Building Management
  • Anchor Text Advice
  • Target URL Advice
  • Monthly Report

15 PBN Links

$ 675
  • High Quality PBN
  • Unique Articles
  • Link Building Management
  • Anchor Text Advice
  • Target URL Advice
  • Monthly Report

Custom Order

One-time Order.  Does Not Auto-Renew.

PBN Links


Total 1 .

Frequently Asked Questions

The more URLs and keywords that you focus on, the less effective it will be. But in order for the link building to be natural, we link to several URLs. It will take longer to have an effect, but there is less risk involved since it is more natural.

We'll work with you individually to create a plan.

Generally results take about 5-6 weeks from an order date. As with most things, results could be seen before or after that 5-6 week mark.

We are not able to provide a full report with the URLs of the articles in our PBN. The reason for this is to protect the quality and privacy of our PBN. It's part of what makes our network different and we work hard not to expose it.

However, we do provide you with some information including:

  • Targeted URLs
  • Targeted Anchor text
  • Semrush export of all your current site rankings (So you can compare month to month)

No, they are all in-house managed by us.

Links will usually last indefinitely and are permanent.  We do guarantee all links will last at least 12 months.

Of course! You can be involved as you want to be. If you have a keyword or URL you would like targeted then you can let us know at any time.

As we prepare your links, we'll always keep you in the loop with what keywords and URLs we plan on using.

We don't write about “adult” or “grey” topics, and some niches may be denied to protect our network.

Generally each site is higher than 10 DA/PA/TF/CF and most are above 20. However, we have hundreds of sites so it's not easy to give an average.

What we focus on is finding domains that:

  • Have no spam
  • Have real, quality links
  • Have age

We don't like to pick sites just based on metrics, as these can be manipulated.

Also, we limit each site to low outbound links to keep the link juice more concentrated and powerful.

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