Recommended Tools & Software

The right set of tools can make you much more productive and effective at growing your business!

Tools We Recommend

These are all tools we use and can recommend!

Site Speed – highly recommended — will boost performance of almost any site and is fairly easy to use. Site speed is important and a Google ranking factor.

Page Builder for WordPress – makes it much easier to create rich, nice looking pages for your website.  Easy to learn, and has many integrations as well as an eco-system of additional plugins and widgets available.

Display ads for your website — you will typically earn 25%+ or more revenue than just using Google Adsense.  Can be a little tricky setting up, but worth the extra income.

Forms for your website — recommended for your lead magnets and other data collection on your website.  Full-featured and many integrations.

Free account for under 2,000 email addresses.  Easy to configure and setup, and includes email funnels / sequences.  If you don't have an email marketing strategy today, you need to ASAP.

Domain registrations — some of the cheapest in the industry. Easy to use.
SPECIAL HPD OFFER: Get .com domains for just $8.88 – innovative idea to create marketing partnerships with other companies.  You can share advertising audience data to make your paid ad campaigns way more profitable!

We use it every day!  Must have tool for serious online entrepreneurs.  So many features.  Every SEO tool we can think of. Good reporting.
SPECIAL HPD OFFER: Get 7 Day Free Trial.

Surfer SEO – we use this tool for content research.  Don't waste your time on content that won't rank.  Use this tool to help you write the best ranking articles for your site.

Good quality image database — all for free!  Use images throughout your site and blog articles.

Word Counter – need to a quick way to count the number of words on an entire website or page?  Enter the URL and it will crawl the site and count all words.

The BEST eCommerce plugin available.  Does everything you'd expect and alot more.  We use it to run all dropship sites and even the HPD site.

Highest quality database of images and videos available.  It is expensive, but very much worth it.  We use it extensively at HPD.

Amazon affiliates will find this tool saves a ton of time building your pages and articles – bring in Amazon product data quick and easy for reviews and comparison articles.  Insert your affiliate tracking link easily.

Good source of stock video footage.  Video can be a powerful tool and increase engagement on your site.

Overall, one of the best WordPress themes.  It provides a good balance between ease of use, features, and fast performance.  We use it for every site we build.  You'll like it.

Cloudflare caches your website content on servers around the world to speed delivery of content to your users.  Implement it runs transparently behind the scenes.  Recommended for all sites.

Awesome SEO tool with accurate data — we use it everyday!  In truth, we can't live without SEMRush and Ahrefs.  Both have strengths and weaknesses, but we find we goto Ahrefs more often for quick lookup of site stats and keyword data.

Want your site or tool listed here?  Make it an indispensable tool we can't live without, and eventually you'll be listed here.

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