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Struggling to Find the Right Online Business Opportunity?

Our Investment Services Team can help you find just the right opportunity.  We have partners throughout the industry, as well as a database of private sellers, who we work with to source, vet, and assist you in making an acquisition.  

How Does It Work

Search Criteria

We'll work with you to define the types of opportunities that you are interested in. A detail profile will be developed so we find and present to you online businesses you would have interest in purchasing.

Deep Search

Utilizing our network of private sellers and industry partners, we'll scour every source we can to find you good opportunities. An opportunity may be found right away, or it may take weeks or months to find the right business.

Vetting & Selection

We'll vet every opportunity to make sure it meets our criteria for a quality online business, and present to you each opportunity along with our analysis.

Due Diligence

Once we've found the right business for you, and you make an initial offer, we'll perform all due diligence to make sure traffic, revenues, risks, and other data is thoroughly analyzed.

Acquire & Run!

We'll help you with all necessary contracts between buyer/seller and our engineering team will assist with the transfer of all assets. And we can offer HPD services post-acquisition to help you grow your new online business!

Our Partners

Getting Starting - Application

The HPD SiteFinder service is for those looking to invest $25,000 or more.  There is a required $625 deposit fee, and we charge 2.5% of the purchase price upon successful acquisition of a business.  Fill out the form below to get started.  Our investment director will review your request and if we can help you, a link to pay deposit and paperwork will be sent to you.

  • Please describe your experience with online businesses. We work with experienced and new investors, but we want to understand your level of experience.
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