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Leap forward with an aged domain to get your custom site ranking fast!  We filter through thousands of expired domains to find powerful quality domains in great niches for an affiliate site – and then build you a completely turn-key niche site.

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Aged domains are domains used by another site in the past and expired.  
We find and buy these domains with high authority and strong backlink profiles. 
It gives your site the full power of the aged domain backlink profile!

Available Aged Domains

Powerful aged domain combined with HPD custom site

Learn more with our in-depth article on aged domains:
Fast Website Growth With Aged Domains

Powerful Domains

We filter through thousands of domains to find you the highest quality, most powerful domains to help your custom site rank and grow fast. Domains must have high domain authority and quality backlinks profiles related to a niche

Quality Websites

Our sites are designed and built by experts. The content is also written by our in-house trained professionals. These sites are ready to rank and start earning out of the box.

Comprehensive Training

There's no point giving you a tool without teaching you how to use it. We've created a whole video library with hours of training for every site buyer.

On-Going Support

Rest assured we're not going to sell you something and hang you out to dry. If you have any questions, concerns, comments, or need help, we have a full customer support team ready.

Amazing Design

Our graphic design team will develop a unique custom logo and branding for your site - along with premium theme design and professional great looking images.

Mobile and SEO friendly

We’ll provide a cutting-edge responsive design that looks perfect on the screen size of any device — and even optimize your content for the search engines.

#1 In the Industry With the Numbers to Prove It

In business since 2013 – we’ve helped thousands of clients start and grow their online business. 
No one else comes close to the number of successful sites we’ve built.

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Our Site Building Process

1. Niche Selection

Our research team is constantly on the lookout for potential profitable niches. Any promising or interesting niches get explored and analyzed. If we see an upward trend, room for competition, and products to offer – we add it to our list.

2. Keyword Research

Once we determine a niche is profitable… we dive even deeper. Our trained keyword researchers uncover the best keywords to get your articles ranking and converting.

3. Content Creation

Our full staff of professional writers create original and unique content that is both SEO friendly and reader friendly. This content is not only enjoyable to read and informative, but Google loves it.

4. Affiliate Website Design

Each one of our sites has a unique design. We build them all based on tested and proven HPD templates. Then, we add unique images and coloring. You’ll receive the best tools and plug-ins (even the ones that aren’t free).

5. On-Page SEO

We’ll optimize your site pages so you don’t have to. This includes content layout, a responsive design, internal linking, title keywords, title modifiers, H1/ H2 tags, and more

6. Plugging You In

By now the site is ready for you to dive in, insert your affiliate links, start ranking, and start earning!

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Frequently Asked Questions

When you purchase a custom site, our research team will contact you within 48 hours to help choose a niche for your site and based on aged domain profile.  Once selected, we'll start keyword research, writing content, and building the site.

The whole process usually takes less than four weeks. Once the site is built, we’ll transfer it to you and set you up with training to start your online business.

Aside from hosting (Less than $100 a year), the only other expenses are optional.  We do provide one free year of hosting. You can invest your time, or you can choose to outsource some of the work. This depends on your own circumstances.

Once you have the site, the main way to grow it is by adding content and links, so if you’re planning to outsource this, you should have a budget for these as well.​

It can all be done with only time investment though, so those costs are optional. We provide you with training for how to do it yourself for little to no extra cost.

This really depends on how much work you put into the site, the niche itself, and various other factors outside our control.

​Typically, though, our customers start earning their first commissions after 3-6 months, and it increases gradually from then on. With an aged domain, some customers start earning within 30 days.

Think of this is a marathon, a long-term business, rather than a sprint.

​Yes, many of our customers start out as beginners. We provide all the training you need to help you succeed.​

Plus, you’ll get access to our private community where you can ask questions and learn from others.

New domains are put in the “Google Sandbox” – a period of approx. 4 to 6 months where Google does not trust the site and you will get little rankings.  An aged domain avoids the Google sandbox.  An aged domain was also used previously by another site — so you are in effect gaining the backlink profile of that site.  That gives you more authority to your site that could takes years to build.

Yes, we can. We offer training videos which will teach you how to get traffic by yourself, or you can hire us to build links and help you site’s Google rankings increase.

Yes, the great thing about an online business is that you can run it from anywhere in the world.​

Amazon welcomes affiliates from all over and they are working hard to add even more.

Everybody who follows the training, asks us questions, and sticks at it will make some money. Only you can answer whether you can do this.

Not everybody follows through and takes action.

Aged domains have proven to be safe when properly vetted (safe backlink profile, trademark research, etc…).  We only offer quality domains our team has thoroughly reviewed.

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