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You don’t need to be a genius to succeed with online business. I succeed, and I’m not a genius.

This is me. Definitely not a genius.
This is me. Definitely not a genius.

Really all you need is knowledge, hard-work, and some patience.

You don’t need to chase after the next “shiny object” that you see. Something which promises you automated income, a breakthrough system,  secret loophole, or some other “innovative” method.


The only difference between affiliate marketing beginners and experts is that experts have had a bit more practice and training. You don’t need any special skills.

All you need is a website, great content on that website, and visitors who want to see it.

I’ll show you how to get all of those. 

You also need to know how to make money from that website. Of course! That’s why we’re all here today.

Don’t pretend you’re not interested in earning more money. You want it, and you’re allowed to want it. The only thing you’re not allowed to do is think that you can get it easily and quickly. 

It’s simple, but it takes time. We’re talking about a business that lets you be free!

I’ll show you the steps to take to get your affiliate marketing training underway.

– – – Earning Money Online – Affiliate Marketing For Beginners

People make hundreds and thousands of dollars online everyday. I’m not talking about the scammers, the spammers, or the liars. 

I’m talking about affiliate marketers. People who own websites that give useful information, and make money from providing that information.

This is the type of website that we deal with here at HumanProofDesigns. We teach you how to make them, or even make them for you, and you grow them into your money-making businesses.

You could get started out with just one website, and go from there.

You can definitely do it. You probably already have the skills to get started (If you can use email and Word, you’re good to go.)

– – – Affiliate Marketing Training What Is It?- – – 

I’m not so much interested in where you bought it from or what it was, but why you bought it.

Did somebody recommend it to you? Did you search for information or reviews and it was the one that came out on top?

If you made the purchase based on advice from somebody else, then you’ll have a good idea of what affiliate marketing is.

An affiliate marketer becomes an expert on a certain topic, usually one of their passions.

They create a website giving information and recommendations on that topic, and when people make purchases based on that, the affiliate marketer earns a commission.

It’s not even that complicated. I know you could do it too.

Let’s say your hobby is cycling.

You have pretty good knowledge about everything it involves, the best training, the best equipment, how to road race, everything.

So you choose this as the topic of your website.

You write useful articles on the topics I mentioned above and more, and visitors to your site benefit from your advice. Maybe they’ll make a purchase based on something you recommend, like a saddle-bag, a puncture repair kit, maybe even a whole bike.

The company that they buy it from will give you a commission for sending them a customer.

That’s affiliate marketing. It’s really that simple.

Not sure there’s something you could write about? Here’s a list I’ve assembled of niche ideas. This is just scratching the surface.


– – – Here’s A Case Study – – –

I once started a website about shaving with a straight razor.



Real gentlemanly stuff lol.

I figured lots of people might like the idea of straight razor shaving, and there wasn’t a great deal of information out there.

I built a site around the topic, and started adding useful information. Reviews of products, tutorials, videos, that sort of thing.

It was dead easy for me to write about, because it was something I was interested in. Over time, my website grew and more and more people started visiting. A lot of them (not all of them) bought straight razors off Amazon based on my recommendations.

Amazon paid me a commission for every purchase someone made.

Even now, long after I’ve moved on from that site to building other sites, I still get sales from those razor articles today. I wrote them once, but they keep earning for me over and over again.

Check this out. It’s my last 7 days earnings just for that site from Amazon. amazon_ Obviously that screenshot isn’t going to WOW you that much.It’s only a portion of my earnings.

I used it to demonstrate to you how writing articles and building a website can pay off as passive income in the future.

This is why, when I decided I wanted to be free to travel around the world visiting my family, I chose Affiliate Marketing as my new career. 

It worked out rather well 🙂

Think you could do this too? I know you could.

How To Get Started Affiliate Marketing?

The truth is, there are dozens of different ways to get started. You’ll see many people claiming to have the only solution, but that’s mostly marketing hype. I could sit here and list every training platform and tell you which is good and which is bad, but you’d end up having no idea how to really get started.

Instead, I’ll just show you where I got started, because at the very least I know it works..

– – – All Affiliate Marketing Beginners Should Get Started At Wealthy Affiliate – – –

Let’s back up a bit and talk about how I got started.

Remember at the beginning of this post I said I wasn’t a genius? You should have figured out by now that I wasn’t lying. I wish I was, but hey, I’m just a regular guy. 

I was an English teacher in Taiwan, having fun exploring Asia until I could figure out what to do with my life. This was back in 2008 when the global economy was about to go the way it did. I was earning an “OK” wage, but nothing special.

Over time I became torn between two places. I loved living in Taiwan with my girlfriend (Sandra,below), but I missed my parents, brother, and friends back in England. I wanted to have the freedom to travel back and forth between the two countries, but that caused all sorts of problems:

1. Flights were expensive.

2. I couldn’t book more than 4 weeks’ holiday a year (Ok that’s a lot for some).

3. I got paid an hourly rate. Flying home cost me a small fortune, but I wasn’t even earning while I was there!

This was the only trip we managed to make to England in the 5 year period before I quit my job
This was the only trip we managed to make to England before I quit my job

Things really reached rock bottom in February 2012 when I earned about $500 USD for the whole month. Chinese New Year meant I went 11 days without earnings and the school I worked at was struggling so I didn’t have many classes. It doesn’t matter what the finer details were, but it was too much for me!

By now my brother was living in China, which meant I needed even more time and flight money.

After 4 years as a teacher, I was earning less than when I first started. What??

I couldn’t really get another job, because in Taiwan if you’re a foreigner, you’re basically limited to teaching or working for some big company that I wasn’t qualified to work for.

Now I know some of you will have much bigger financial and life problems that I had. I’m not trying to paint a sorry picture of myself. The fact is everyone has their own reasons for wanting something more, and this is my story. Everyone can do this with the right motivation.

I can’t remember exactly when, but I decided to turn online looking for earnings. Various scams and attempts to “get rich quick” came and went. I tried a bit of MLM (failed), tried to earn money with spread betting (failed), tried this and that (failed this and was terrible at that), before I eventually found Wealthy Affiliate.


This place changed my life. No exaggeration, it really did. I went from “I want to make money online” to “Wow! I’m making money online” all because of this place.

– – – What Is It? – – –

If you’ve ever wished there was a training platform that allows you to learn online business from scratch, without having to take a gamble and pay a lot of money up front, and without being exposed to scam after scam, after wallet emptying scam, that platform is Wealthy Affiliate.

The ‘online business community’ is actually a lot more than a community. You can build websites and follow step-by-step training along the way. Once you’ve got started, you can continue your training to the next level and really start building your very own business.

– – – What Does It Come With? – – –

When you join Wealthy Affiliate (you can get started for free), you can create your own websites, follow a training course to understand how to grow those websites, and meet and make friends with thousands of others doing the same thing.

I’ve been a member since August 2012 and I’ve made so many good friends there. Every day I log in, see how everyone is doing, and follow some training or add my own. It’s a great community, with as many givers as takers.

If you really want to build your online business, here’s what you’ll need:

  • Training
  • Tools (websites, research tools etc)
  • A Community (no-one succeeds alone)
  • Support (24/7 if possible)

Wealthy Affiliate has all of these things are more. Live chat, discussions, personal blogs, video training, web hosting. It’s all there.

Check out the free membership today

I love seeing newcomers celebrate some of their successes with the rest of the community:


To help show off the community to you, I’ve made this video showcase, check it out below, or get your free membership now and see for yourself.


– – – Getting Started At WA – – –

So I just want to recap everything we’ve covered today.

– There are thousands of companies out there that want to pay people to help them promote their products. Those people are affiliate marketers.

– If you’ve got a passion and a website, you’re halfway there. Give useful information and answers to questions on your site, and you too can get paid as an affiliate marketer.

– Wealthy Affiliate is the number one community for teaching you all of this, and you can get started for free. They’ll even let you build TWO websites for free, and help you choose your website topic.

– Later, you can take advantage of the premium membership to take your business to an even higher level (for now, let’s just focus on getting you started free).

– – – Wait! Before You Go! – – –

Wealthy Affiliate is an excellent resource and there’s a lot of guidance there, but despite this, I still see newcomers making the same mistakes and asking the same questions over and over again.

Since I’ve already helped you out and shown you the place to go to learn, I want to make sure you can get the most out of it.

Let me guide you through your first week in WA.

I’ve created a 7-day email course to do just that. If you sign up using the form below you can get your free WA membership and you’ll also receive Day 1 of my course in your inbox right away.

Wealthy Affiliate changed my life, now let’s get your life changed too.

– – – FAQ – – –

What Happens After I Sign Up?

You’ll be redirected to a welcome page which will give you some more information about how Wealthy Affiliate works, and then directed to the “Getting Started” training which will, as you can guess, get you started.

Do I Ever Have To Pay?

Your free starter membership lasts forever, but you can choose to upgrade to Premium membership at any time. Premium membership gives you unlimited websites, unlimited training, and the live video training too.

There’s no obligation or pressure to join premium and a lot of people stay free forever.

Can You Help Me Choose A Niche?

Sure I can! The community can too. As you work your way through the training, you’ll find some great tips for choosing your site category.

You can also fire me an email at and discuss more.

How Long Will It Take Me To Succeed?

Now that one I can’t say for sure. Some people do it in a matter of two months, some people do it in six. It really dpends what your definition of success is, and how well you can follow the training.

One thing I can guarantee is that if you don’t get too hung up on whether or not you’ll succeed, and just get on with it, then you will definitely succeed. Stick to it, and it will come.

  • Richard Low

    Do I need to buy ‘leads’ to get people to view my website ? OR WA will teach us how to get “leads” to my website with WA . . .
    Thank you very much

  • Dave Starr


    This review is very helpful. But I have sort of a pre-sale question, or perhaps a strategy issue that I’d like to get your thoughts on. I’ve been doing affiliate marketing for years, but I know I could learn and improve with the training and community on WA.

    But I’m very much into keywords and site ranking for terms, and I was under the impression that the keyword tool one gets as a WA paid member is Jaaxy. But apparently this is not so?

    Becuase I’m relly in love with some of the features I have recently seen in Jaaxy, but I don’t want to be in the posiiton of joining WA and then also having to pay a monthly fee for Jaaxy?

    Your thoughts?

    • WA and Jaaxy are separate. There is a tool in WA that helps but it’s not as easy to use and doesn’t have all the same functions as Jaaxy.

      • Dave Starr


        OK, got it. Very helpful comment and, as always I notice you’re very quick on the response. I appreciate it.all the best..

  • Saksham

    WA are showing that they don’t have free account membership for my country.. Thats pretty sad:((

    • Yes there was a high level of fraud in some countries so the free membership isn’t available in those ones. This doesn’t affect your ability to succeed though, as you can still join as a premium member and try the first month for $19. If you can’t invest $19, you’re probably not going to succeed anyway 🙂

  • Titus Astariko Ambuka

    Thanks to God I just landed here, I have found someone recommending WA.Actually, am already a free member there, but was just wondering on how to get started.Now i will head back and start over again to see how i will fair on.I am still wallowing here and there, wondering exactly on what I can comfortably do online and be happy with it.Scam Xposer is what has drive me here, since i came across one of Dom’s posts explaining how the guy himself is promoting scam.I have been a victim of scams, one after another, and almost lost hope in this online stuff.
    Am glad Dom, hope i will re-structure myself once again and find my way.

  • Monika Galon

    Hey Dom, I’ve just joined Wealthy Affiliate and I’m so excited. Really amazing platform. Thanks a lot!