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Attract Buyers & Grow Your Email List

eBooks make for great lead magnets. Once the eBook is created, it won't cost you anything to give away the eBook as many times as you would like to capture email addresses and grow your list. All while providing value up front and becoming a trusted source.

It's about more than growing your email list though. An eBook helps you achieve two main objectives:

  1. Attracting the right kind of people 
  2. Positioning those people to eventually make a purchase

Before you convert a lead into a customer, you have to provide value first. That's exactly what an eBook does.

Our eBooks are written about a topic related to your niche. Not just any topic... one that will help your readers, provide value, and build trust.

The topics we choose address solving common problems within the niche. If we can't find a specific problem to address we choose a topic that is interesting to your site visitors so that it's something they want to actually read.

If you have a specific topic in mind then we're happy to write about that as well.

We also link articles from your site inside the eBook so that when people read it, they end back up on your site reading more informational articles or even a money page.

View a Sample of our eBooks Here:

Quality Content and Valuable Information

We hold our writers to a high quality standard. You can be assured that any kind of content you order from us will be originally written every single time.

Not only that, but our content is edited by native English speakers. Unlike many other content writing services, you won't need to make adjustments when you receive it.

Our writers have been trained to write about niche topics while making it both valuable and interesting. You can expect:

  • Convincing, straightforward content that is written in a positive tone
  • Well-researched, accurate, and engaging eBook
  • 8 Relevant professional photos
  • 100% Original
  • Correct grammar and no spelling mistakes
  • Revisions until you are satisfied

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Introducing eBooks from Human Proof Designs
Here's How It Works:

Submit Your Information

We'll send you a form to fill out to help us get started. This will include things like:

  • General topic you want covered (or if you want us to decide)
  • Your site URL you want included at the bottom of each page
  • Author Name (and bio if you want that included)

Kick Back & Relax

The turnaround time for our eBooks is generally between 12-14 business days. During that time you can enjoy the outdoors, binge on your current favorite TV show, or brush up on affiliate marketing information on our blog.

Receive Your eBook & Collect Leads

Once you have your eBook you're ready to start collecting emails, leads, and building a huge amount of trust with your readers.

The more you're able to interact with customers by providing value with an eBook and through emails, the more likely they are to eventually convert into a buyer.

Human Proof Designs eBooks:

Niche Specific eBook

    • 3000 Words
    • Original, High Quality Content, Native English Editor
    • 8 Relevant Professional Stock Photos
    • Ghostwritten

TOPIC: Interesting niche related problem (or you choose!)

TURNAROUND TIME: 12 - 14 business days


Frequently Asked Questions

Can you help choose the topic?

Yes, we can! We usually choose a topic that either solves a problem within the niche that you provide OR a topic that would interesting to a reader of your niche site.

However, if you have a topic in mind we're more than happy to work with you on that. Just keep in mind the topics that we don't write about which you can find in the next FAQ.

Are there any topics not allowed?

We don't write about "adult" or "grey" topics. Part of the reason is that many of these niches are viewed as spam. If you need more clarification or have any questions about a niche, reach out to us.

Also consider how much technical knowledge of a subject is required to write a proper article. Our writers are professional writers who do a great job summarizing their research; they are not doctors, lawyers, IT professionals, etc so technical topics that require years of experience in a certain field will be out of reach for us.

How long does it take?

It usually takes us between 12 - 14 business days to complete your eBook. The article is written by the writer, edited by a native English speaker, then handed off to our graphic designer who puts the eBook into a format that is professional, trustworthy and easy to navigate. 

Do the eBook include images?

Yes. It will include 8 photos that are professional and relevant to the topic.

What will the eBook look like?

The eBook will consist of 3000 words that will be broken up into chapters. If you have specific topics and a certain way that you would like it broken up, then we can accommodate that.

The book will contain a cover page, table of contents, and images.

Here is a sample eBook.

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