Boost your Rankings with PBN Links

in a tested and Private Network

A Link Building Service Designed For You

At the request of our customers, we've created a PBN link service around your needs.

  • Private Network. Our PBN is NOT oversaturated. Rest assured that what you're paying for is a selective network. When it does start to fill up, we'll build more.
  • In-Content Links. The placement of your links within articles is always relevant. We're not just spamming any article. The subject of the article will be a natural transition to your link.
  • Unique Articles. Similar to our article writing services, we're not going to recycle content. The content is written by our in-house team of trained writers. All content is original and relevant.
  • High Quality PBN. We don't put junk in our PBNs. This seems intuitive, but you'd be surprised. Every article is unique and high quality.

How it works:

1. Submit Your Information

We'll send you a form that you can fill out to let us know what keywords and URLs you want to rank for. We'll even help you with anchor text advice.

2. Sit Back & Relax

Read a book. Binge some Netflix. Pour yourself a drink. Our in-house team will be busy producing original, quality, and relevant content and create links back to your site.​

3. Get Links & Rank

Done! That was easy. You now have links to your site and results will follow.

Human Proof Designs Links By The Numbers

600 + Backlinks Built


10 Links

  • High Quality PBN
  • Unique Articles
  • Anchor Text Advice


$299 - Intro Pricing!


15 Links

  • High Quality PBN
  • Unique Articles
  • Anchor Text Advice


$399 - Intro Pricing!