Boost your Rankings with PBN Links

in a tested and Private Network

A Link Building Service Designed For You

At the request of our customers, we've created a PBN link service around your needs.

Private Network. Our PBN is NOT oversaturated. Rest assured that what you're paying for is a selective network. When it does start to fill up, we'll build more.

In-Content Links. The placement of your links within articles is always relevant. We're not just spamming any article. The subject of the article will be a natural transition to your link.

Unique Articles. Similar to our article writing services, we're not going to recycle content. The content is written by our in-house team of trained writers. All content is original and relevant.

High Quality PBN. We don't put junk in our PBNs. This seems intuitive, but you'd be surprised. Every article is unique and high quality.

How it works:

1. Submit Your Information

We'll send you a form that you can fill out to let us know what keywords and URLs you want to rank for. We'll even help you with anchor text advice.

2. Sit Back & Relax

Read a book. Binge some Netflix. Pour yourself a drink. Our in-house team will be busy producing original, quality, and relevant content and create links back to your site.

3. Get Links & Rank

Done! That was easy. You now have links to your site and results will follow.

Human Proof Designs Links By The Numbers

600 + Backlinks Built



10 Links

  • High Quality PBN
  • Unique Articles
  • Anchor Text Advice



15 Links

  • High Quality PBN
  • Unique Articles
  • Anchor Text Advice