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Press Releases are a method of link building and high quality white hat SEO. They are nofollow links, but great first links to a new site because Google expects to see these built first.

​What You Will Get

You will get a professionally written press release that we will seed through multiple high quality ‘brand’ distribution channels. The addition of multiple ‘brand links’ often helps sites get out of the sandbox faster. Your Press Release will be distributed through Google, Bing, and Yahoo News (among others).

​Link Safety

Press Releases are safe if done correctly and to a high quality. People often run into trouble by choosing the wrong anchor text or by using poor quality articles/distribution services. We ensure our press releases our safe by creating original content, using a premium distribution service, and helping you with anchor text.

Link Diversity

In Google's eyes, you'll have just gained some very trustworthy links! Because press releases are safe when done right, those brand links can also act as "pillow links" to diversify your backlink profile and protect your site when you're doing more powerful link building that isn't as safe.

How It Works:

Step 1:

Submit Your Info

We'll send you a form to fill out that will give us everything we need to know - like what you want your press release to be about.

Step 2:

Content & Distribution

Our in-house writers will get to work on unique and high quality content for your press release. Then we'll distribute it to our network.

Step 3:


Two weeks after your press release is distributed, we'll send you a full report so you can see where we distributed it. 


  • Press Release Order Placed
  • Press Release Written, Edited, and Completed by in-house writers in 3-4 business days
  • Press Release Distributed 2-3 business days after completion (or on specified date)
  • Report sent to you 2 weeks after the Press Release is distributed so you can verify where the Press Release was sent

Press Release

  • Quality & Original Content
  • Premium Distribution Service
  • Guaranteed Publication on Google, Bing, and Yahoo News
  • Full Report

Frequently Asked Questions

I have a non-HPD site. Can I still use the HPD Press Release service?

Yes! Unlike some of our other services, this service can be applied to any reputable site. It does not need to be built by us.

What guaranteed publications are included?

We guarantee that your Press Release will be featured on Google, Bing, and Yahoo News. These aren't the only places, but these are three reputable sources that we guarantee.

Are there any topics or niches not allowed?

We don't write about "adult" or "grey" topics. Part of the reason is that many of these niches are viewed as spam and will not be accepted by many distribution networks.

Additionally, due to increase spam postings on Google News, nutritional supplements and medical alternatives related product reviews are not allowed anymore.

If you need more clarification or have a questions about a specific niche, reach out to us HERE!

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