Ready-Made Aged Site (38,000+ words) – A professionally designed affiliate website that promotes a range of products in the barbequing niche. This niche has over 49,500 searches per month to the main keywords in the USA. The site includes a premium theme, the  Astra and Elementor page builder for WordPress, premium plugins, one year of free hosting, support/training, and highly SEO-optimized content.

Word Count
Avg. Product Price
$ 10
Affiliate and Dropship


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Site URL

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Value of Premium Plugins Included
$ 100
# of Longtail
# of Longtail
Average Keyword Difficulty
1 %
Est. Monthly Earnings with 25k Visitors
$ 1000 +

Researched Niche with very low 21% keyword difficulty and 23100 longtail searches

Key Highlights

  • 38000 SEO Optimized Words

    Premium native English writing. Carefully chosen topics using KGR method and long-tail keywords with low competition. Approx. 60% informational articles and 40% review/product articles.

  • Niche Research

    Main Keyword: Barbeque
    USA Search Volume: 49,500/month
    Longtail Searches: 242 keywords with an average of 23,100 searches/month. Keyword difficulty of 21% (Easy)

  • Affiliate Monetization

    Amazon Affiliate with average product price of $185 and commission rate of 3%


  • Affiliate Success Training Course

    The HPD team covers everything you need to start and grow your affiliate site! You'll learn all about the technical aspects of your site - including WordPress basics, Astra theme, Elementor, RankMath, and other plugins. We'll also cover digital marketing concepts for growing your site - link building, keyword research, and more.

  • Facebook Community

    Join the "Empire Builders" HPD private Facebook group and learn from fellow entrepreneurs growing their online businesses. We are all here to support each other.

  • Support from HPD Team

    You'll be invited to book a 30 minute consultation to discuss your site strategy, and you'll get email support for any questions or help you need.

What's Included

  • 38000 Words of Premium Content

    Quality, native-English articles optimized and keyword researched to help your site rank fast.

  • Keyword Pack

    Our research team will include an Excel spreadsheet with all keyword research for your site. This gives you a jump start to add more content to your site!

  • Beautiful Site Design

    We use Astra and Elementor to create a top-quality design for your site that includes site fonts, colors, logo, images, and other design elements.

  • Professional Logo

    Professionally created logo unique to your site and brand.

  • eBook Included!

    You'll receive a 3,000 word eBook with cover page and graphic design -- great for generating leads and building an e-mail list!

  • Social Media Pack

    Our graphic design team will include social media graphics and banners to quickly setup your social media accounts.

  • Premium Plugins

    Astra and Elementor, WP Rocket, and more! Premium plugins to help manage your WordPress site.

  • On-Page SEO

    Our experienced team knows how to rank a page -- we'll optimize all tags, metadata, H1/H2 header tags, and more.

  • Site Support

    You are just an email or call away from reaching our support team. Get answers to all your questions.

  • Video Training

    We've create an entire video library of hours of training that will help you grow your business.

  • Private Facebook Group

    Get help from other experienced entrepreneurs! Our private Facebook group of other site buyers allows you to ask questions and collaborate with over 1,000 over site owners.

  • One Year FREE Web Hosting

    All sites include premium hosting for one year - free of charge! This includes SSL certificate, fast SSD hosting, cPanel, unlimited email, and more.


Long-tail searches are keyword phrases with three or more words and are usually very specific.  For example, a main keyword might be “best kayaks”.  A long-tail keyword would be “best kayak for teenagers”.  Long-tail keywords are easier to rank for.

It is important to look at competitors and understand how hard it will be to rank a topic or keyword phrase in the search engines.  When you have a new site with low authority, we want to target low competition keywords we can more easily rank for.  We use the SemRush keyword difficulty measure.  Anything below 30% is considered easy to rank.  As your site grows, you can begin targeting more competitive keywords.

Your site includes a 3,000 word downloadable eBook.  You can use this as a free lead magnet to collect visitor emails and stay in contact with them.  It can also be shared via social media to generate traffic.  The training program covers lead magnets and setup.

No, these websites are new and are not producing revenue yet. You will need to grow the site in order to start generating revenue. We will provide the training and community to help you with this. The more you work on your site, the faster the revenue will come.

Typically, sites will begin generating revenues at 6 to 12 months.  Some clients see revenues in the first month, but most take longer.  It can take a year or longer to build up the revenue to more significant levels.  As with any business, some site owners have much faster growth, and some are slower.

Yes, this site and our trainings are designed for beginners to medium level clients. If you’ve already built and sold sites then you’ll know the value we bring in a turnkey solution, but if this is your first time diving into online business, we will help you the best we can with a great website, training and also our success guarantee.

This is a WordPress site, which means that it is very flexible. You can certainly replace logos, move around parts of your webpage, and add videos easily. If you need to do custom coding then there are plenty of WordPress developers available and we also provide technical support so feel free to ask us first.

  • Follow the  training to learn about how to operate the website
  • Create more traffic using SEO, adding more content articles, social media and advertising
  • Keep the site’s ongoing cashflow and reinvest the profits to grow the website 
  1. You will receive an email confirmation of your purchase and log-in information to the WordPress site immediately! (So you get access to your site right away)
  2. You will receive an email to log into the Affiliate Success Training Course
  3. You will receive an email to join our Private Client Facebook group & Public Facebook Group
  4. We cover your hosting for FREE the first year. After the first year of hosting you’ll be asked to pay $99/yr to have the website online. You also have the option of moving the website to your own hosting provider instead of using our in-house hosting.


Availability: In stock

Revenue Estimate

Wondering how much money you can make on your affiliate site?  The below table is an estimate of potential monthly income levels based on traffic.  We have used industry standard metrics to develop an estimate.  The “Avg Click Thru” indicates how many visitors will click one of your affiliate links.  The “Avg Purchase Rate” indicates how many of those that click a link will also make a purchase.  The commission rate and average product price will vary with each niche.

Traffic Avg Click Thru Avg Purchase Rate Commission Rate Avg Price Ad Revenue Revenue Potential (Monthly)

These numbers are average for the industry — you may have better results, or worse.  (Existing site owners: if you do have the traffic indicated, and are not reaching these revenue targets, contact us and we may be able to optimize your site.)

Keep in mind – the commission rate and average product price will vary for each niche.

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