Niche Site Research

Finding a profitable niche is challenging.
​You can spend hours upon hours trying to come up with niche ideas, only to find that everything seems saturated, impossible to rank for, or not popular enough.  Our expert research will quickly narrow down the choices and work with you to find a great niche that has high potential for profitability and low competition.


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Having a hard time deciding on a profitable niche to focus on?  We can help!  Our research team has helped hundreds of entrepreneurs get started with a niche site.  We take a very methodical approach to finding profitable niches that have low  competition.  There are dozens of factors we look at.  

We have the experience. We know how to choose niches and keywords that will rank, how to structure a site, how to rank, how to write content that converts.  We know what Google wants. We're in the trenches doing this stuff everyday. When there's a change in the industry we are reacting in real-time.

We have designed our niche site architecture so that you can expand into other sub-niches and grow into an Authority Site. 

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Keyword Research

Our research team looks at many statistics -- monthly search volumes, average SERP positions, long-tail searches, KGR analysis, and more!

Competitor Research

We look at competitors in your niche to determine how competitive the niche is and what angle or topics we can target to reduce competition, as well as an analysis of keyword gaps where we can easily rank.


Finally, we use a formula to determine likely average monthly profitability of the niche. We'll estimate traffic based available visitors for the given keywords in niche, average conversion rates, and commissions or margins you'll get for the selected products.

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