Testimonials And Successes

Before you make a purchase, or maybe even afterwards, you can get some inspiration from some of the other Humans on this page. 

I'd like to also point out though, that while you can use others as proof of concept, proof that Amazon sites work, and proof that the HPD community is alive and kicking, don't rely on others' results as a guarantee of results you will also achieve.

Each site and each individual is different, which could mean you do better, or could mean you do worse. It's important to be aware of this!

​Tales From The FB Group

The following screenshots are from members of our customer Facebook Group, in a discussion about successes so far. Do people succeed with HPD sites?

Some kind of record? This customer got his first sale in under a month.

This customer didn't work on his site as much as he should, but things are still going well.

Zach has built a large portfolio and we are a large part of that process.

One customer makes a great point that success with Amazon sites doesn't rely exclusively on HPD ourselves. The concept has been proven again and again, and we're here to give you a head start. Success is down to your own ability to keep working though.

The Experience Is Important

As well as actually succeeding with your site, a lot of customers have complimented us on the experience they've had dealing with us.

​It's Not Always Rosey

People will experience difficulties along the way, and will have a lot of frustrations. What's important to us is that the community we've built is there to help you when you get stuck. Zach shares a great story here

What Does The Industry Say About Us?

For someone looking to build new sites from scratch, it can be helpful to have a model to follow. Dominic and the team at Human Proof Designs provide quality sites, built from scratch, to help you get started in building profitable sites.

Having an expert help you get started on your journey can turbo-charge the learning process and get you closer to profit than starting from scratch yourself.

Justin Cooke EmpireFlippers.com
Entrepreneur Magazine

Wells doesn’t just talk the talk. He walks the walk, constantly creating new niche sites to add to his portfolio and turning his experiences into case studies for his readers.

Given his record, it's very easy to imagine Dom landing a spot alongside the likes of Pat Flynn and other top infopreneurs within the next couple of years!

Gael Breton AuthorityHacker.com
Stuart Walker NicheHacks.com

Dom offers the best done for you niche site service I've seen. Most D4U niche sites are generic, bad content, poorly researched, badly designed and sold to the masses...they will never make you any money,

But not Dom's...

He creates sites that actually have a GOOD chance of making you profit. The content is far beyond the generic stuff you find elsewhere, the keyword research is well done and stands a chance of bringing you traffic, and the products he picks convert.

If you're new, unsure how to get started, short on time or simply want a head start, then choose Dom's service and you won't be disappointed.

Of course like everything, work is required. If you're simply going to hit the BUY button, do nothing, then complain it never worked please save everyone the hassle and don't bother.

But for those who are ready to take action and just need a head start and a point in the right direction, you will struggle to find a better D4U service than Dom's at HumanProofDesigns.

What Can You Take Away From All This?​

We're not guaranteeing that you will make money with us, and you should be wary of anybody who does make promises like this. What we ARE promising though, is that we will get you started the right way, and will be there for you as your journey continues.

We have a growing community of customers, all coming together to help one another out, and on top of that, top names in the industry are giving us praise.

What this means is that you can rest assured we are here to work with you, and give you a great shot at success. We'll even steer you in the right direction.

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