Internet Marketing Case Study And Experiment Roundup

Thursdays are fast becoming my favorite days, as I get to publish results of the various experiments I've been carrying out.

This week though, I've not got any results available. Everything is still being tested or gathering data etc.

Instead, I've got a list of experiments published by others. There are a lot of other people cranking numbers out there and putting out some seriously good posts.

Providing you with this list every month is going to really help with your (and my) IM education.

I've had a lot of success this year, increasing my monthly income by 500% at the last count. The majority of that success has come down to reading other IM sites and implementing some of the things I've learned.

If I had more time, I'd be implementing new things every day, such is the wealth of information out there! You will be able to benefit as well. The more you read, the more you grow.

As this is the first post like this that I've done, I'll include everything I've read recently up to the end of October. After that, it'll be a monthly digest. November is already shaping up to be a great month for case studies as well!

SEO and Traffic

The following posts are case studies or experiments concerning the art of getting traffic and building an audience:

Neil Patel: Do comments increase traffic?

Neil and some audience members took number crunching to a new level and tested how much comments can contribute to keywords you rank for and how well they rank.

Brian Dean: The backlinking strategy that works in 2014

As a guest post on Smartpassiveincome, Brian shows us exactly how his skyscraper strategy and use of “wow” posts can get insane links from high quality domains.

Gael Breton: Driving 1,000 visitors in 30 minutes

This is actually a video on the free authority hacker Seo course. It's the 8th video, which can be found here, but I recommend you start from the beginning.

Email Opt-Ins

Stuart Walker & Matthew Woodward: Stuart embarrasses Matt on his own blog

Matthew has been trying to improve his blog opt-in rate of late, and Stuart offered to lend a hand by systematically pointing out all the flaws in Matt's marketing efforts.

Me! How to increase opt-ins by 200%

I've made a couple of posts recently about my efforts to improve my opt-ins as well. On one site I increased optins from 0.5 to over three percent.

Brian Dean: Increasing op-tins

Another appearance by Brian, this one is his guide to getting more opt-ins, and how to offer lead magnets.

There are a lot of posts about lead magnets out there, Brian's is a great read.

David Arrington: 23 Data backed list building tactics

I've already linked you to three great list building articles, but this one is well worth including. Data backed strategies are the best kind of strategies, and David's done a great job of putting this post together.

Email Marketing

Ian Pribyl: Using email marketing to skyrocket conversions

Ian wrote this guest post for me a few weeks back about how he used email marketing to massively increase conversions, and get the most out of his traffic.

Launching/Getting Started

Hayden Miyamoto: Launching a $2k/month business in 10 hours.

Hayden wrote his stellar guide on how he launched nohatdigital off the back of a nichepursuits podcast, and how he built that business in 10 hours.

James Johnson (via Stuart Walker)

As well as writing guest posts, Stuart hosts them too. This one by James Johnson is a great guide to starting a niche site for $100.

Me! Money making websites made easy

I put together a 10,000 word guide on starting a niche site from scratch, including keyword research, site build-out, and content strategy.

Pay Per Click/Advertising

Glen Alsopp: Facebook ads

Viperchill always has fantastic case studies, but Glen's Facebook post here was quite something special. If you've heard that Facebook ads don't work, you need to read this.

Empire Flippers: Facebook ads/Retargeting

Justin and the Empire Flippers team put together a great post a few months ago talking about their experiences with paid advertising. It's a great insight into PPC outside of the usual channels, and you'll learn a ton.


Jon Haver made a couple of good posts a year ago about hiring a VA. I only read it recently, and recommend it to anyone who wants to outsource, but has no idea how to get started.


Mark Thompson made this very interest guest post for me a while ago, but it's actually still one of my more popular posts. Learn from an expert how to run your own eBay store.


Matthew Allen: “Retail Arbitrage”

Matt, like me, was inspired by Pat Flynn's podcast on buying and selling on Amazon a few months ago. Unlike me, he actually took action on it and had some success. Great post about it here.

Increasing Conversions

Me again! TablePress All The Way

I made this post a few weeks ago about how using TablePress on some of my more popular posts resulted in an increase in sales on both sites that I tried it on.

NoHatDigital: Tripling conversions with Pat Flynn

The guys at NoHatDigital are working with Pat Flynn on his famous SecurityGuardTraining site, with a plan to triple the income. You can follow along as well. Here's the first post:

Jay Neill: Ultimate list of keywords that convert

Jay from has put together this great list of keywords that convert. 


These are posts that I couldn't fit into a particular category (or encompassed more than one).

Tung Tran: Ranking #1 in 38 days

Tung has posted a few case studies on cloudliving, and I particularly like this one on getting a site earning $93 in 38 days.

Spencer Haws: Authority site project

Much like I'm currently doing a niche site project, Spencer is doing another one for authority sites. He's always been great at site case studies, so this one is sure to be fantastic as well.

Got Your Own Case Study?

If you've got your own case study or experiment that you think should be added to this list (or you've seen one you want to recommend), then drop me a note in the comments below.

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  1. Hi Bryon,

    Great article love that you’ve done all the hard work for me. I’ve already read some of this content and it’s great.

    1. Yeh these posts are great and I’ve learned so much from them. I’m really looking forward to putting this post out every month and forcing myself to find the best of the best.

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