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You can fill out our online affiliate application here. Once you're approved, we'll provide you with an affiliate link that is unique to you. You can share this on your website, in your emails, through social media — however you communicate with your audience.


How you promote is up to you. The more places you promote and the greater audiences you reach — the more you earn! You'll find email swipes and more resources on our affiliate resources page.


With our program, you can earn 10% commissions for all our Affiliate Sites (Ready-Made, Aged, and Custom). That's up to $150 per referral. Commissions are paid out 30 days after the month of the sale.

Who is this program for?

Our affiliate program contains all kinds of influencers, bloggers, online marketers, and more. This program was designed to be accessible to anyone with a platform, an audience, and a voice. We'd like to extend a welcome to you and your fans!


Do you blog about internet marketing? Promote our affiliate sites.


Are you an educator who teaches about online marketing? Promote HPD as a great way to get started.

Online Marketing Guru

Help your audience get started with online marketing by promoting HPD affiliate sites.


Review our affiliate sites on YouTube. This is great evergreen content that will keep you earning.

Niche Site Marketers

You don't even need to be in the internet marketing niche. Maybe you are an HPD customer and love your site. Let your friends know!

Affiliate Strategies & Ways to Promote

You can use your affiliate link to promote through the medium of your choice and where ever you have the best connection with your audience. 

Using multiple types of promotions while marketing HPD will help you reach a wide audience to drive traffic to your affiliate link.

Strategies & Ways to Promote

Email Lists

Start building your email list or share information with your existing list.

Split test your landing pages

Offer a bonus

Once someone purchases a site through your affiliate link, ask them to send you proof through email to receive a bonus you provide. A few examples of bonuses you could provide:

  • A free half hour strategy consultation when they receive their site
  • A free website audit
  • A free PDF with your own affiliate marketing strategies
  • eBooks, cheat sheets, to-do checklists, marketing plans, etc.

Social Media

Our affiliate program allows sharing your affiliate links through social media. We know this is how many of you connect with your audience. You can share on Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, or whatever platforms you use.


Blog - Written Reviews

If you have a blog, don't miss the chance to review our products and create evergreen content that will keep sending you commissions.

Webinars or Video Reviews

Success Stories

Share some of our many success stories with your audience. Choose one that resonates with your audience.

Case Studies

Have one of our sites yourself? Share your own progress and experience through a case study.

Get creative and reach a broad audience.

Promote Our Products For Massive Commissions

Eligible Products:

Cookie Length: 30 Days

Our affiliate program rewards a 10% commission for all of our sites. Here's a breakdown of what you can expect to make with each site:

  • Aged sites ($1797 value): Affiliates will receive $179.70
  • Premium sites ($1298 value): Affiliates will receive $129.80
  • Standard sites ($998 value): Affiliates will receive $99.80
  • Basic sites ($798 value): Affiliates will receive $79.80

When you reach $10,000 in sales, your commission rate jumps up to 15%. Those payouts are:

  • Aged sites ($1797 value): Affiliates will receive $269.55
  • Premium sites ($1298 value): Affiliates will receive $194.70
  • Standard sites ($998 value): Affiliates will receive $149.70
  • Basic sites ($798 value): Affiliates will receive $119.70

These payout amounts are estimates. If the customer has a discount code, you will be paid 10% or 15% on the sale price. For example, if  your commission rate is 10% and a customer you refer buys an Aged Site with a 5% discount code, you will get 10% of the sale price ($1,422.15). This works out to be $142.21

Additionally, KGR Keyword Packs are also eligible for commissions. They have a 15% referral rate. The cost is $99. Your referral bonus would be $14.85.

The Human Proof Method Course

Our step-by-step video course is now available through our affiliate program! This product requires you to sign up through another affiliate portal here:

  • The Human Proof Method ($497 value): Affiliates will receive $99.40

Currently, we are not offering commissions on products outside of our Sites, KGR Keyword Packs, and our training course. More eligible products will be added as our affiliate program grows.

Payout Procedure

1. You will receive your commissions within 60 days of the referral.

2. Only “Unpaid” or “Paid” referrals count. Something marked as “pending” or “rejected” means the customer did not complete checkout.

3. The minimum payout amount is $50. If you only have $25 in unpaid commissions, we will hold onto it until you accumulate at least $50. 


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Affiliate Terms & Restricted Promotional Methods

Using any of the restricted promotional methods and/or not following our affiliate guidelines will result in termination from our affiliate program. This will forfeit your right to any outstanding commissions.

See Rules & Restrictions below and our terms HERE.

Restricted Promotions Methods:

1. "Easy Money" - Never promote HumanProofDesigns as a "get rich quick" method of making money. Growing traffic and earning affiliate income can take time. Don't make any promises in your marketing that aren't realistic.

2. Advertising Disclosures - Let your audience know that your links are affiliate links. How you do this is up to you, but honesty and transparency is always the best policy.

3. Cash back Incentives - You are free to offer bonus promotional materials that you create as an incentive, but cash back incentives are never allowed.

4. Spam - The best way to promote HPD is by providing value. If you promote HPD in anyway that could be considered spam, then you will be terminated from the program.

5. Negative words - Do not associate HPD with negative words such as "scam" or similar words in promotional campaigns.

6. Misrepresenting our sites and services Misrepresentation or unrealistic promises are not allowed.

7. Stating Prices - Since we do change prices from time to time and have several services, actual dollar figures may not be used; you can use phrases like "well-priced" for example, but do not state actual prices of services.

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