Keyword Packs – Get Started With Your Niche

All the data you could need to get started in any niche.

After three years in business, it's clear to me that the biggest struggle most beginners have is picking their niche.

This is why our done-for-you sites are so popular. We hand-pick great niches, and deliver them to you on a plate.

However, we've also realized two other things to go along with this...

1.) Some people would rather have our help picking niches, but learn to build sites themselves.

2.) Other people "hog" niches. They buy a site or niche, and take action on it a long time later. This essentially stops others from entering the niche.

As a result, we've decided to re-introduce our keyword packs, only this time, we will not limit each pack to one per person.

We've put the price down to $49 per pack, and limited each pack to 10 purchases. This is enough to let multiple people enter the niche and take action on it, but not enough to saturate a niche.

Oh, we also increased what we offer with packs too.

Human Proof Keyword Packs - What You Get

We want to make sure you get as much information on a niche as possible. We really want to over-deliver on these packs.

  1. SECockpit Keyword List. This is usually 200-1,000 keywords, depending on the size of the niche. SECockpit would normally cost you at minimum $40 per month.
  2. We hand-pick the 8 keywords we think are the best for starting a site with. These are a mix of buyer-intent keywords, and information keywords.
  3. We include the top 100 best selling Amazon products in that niche. This data would usually cost you $197 with Amasuite (or hours of manual research).
  4. We also use to research the keyword reports for 3-5 competitor sites in the niche. A Semrush subscription would cost you $69.95 per month.

So for just $49, we're giving you over $200 worth of data, and saving you hours of research time. 

​Does It Matter If 9 Others Buy The Same Pack?

On the surface, you might think that it does, but consider the following:

  • ​Most people who buy a keyword pack don't take action (so if you do, that's +1 for you).
  • Having a few other players in the niche really doesn't make it any more competitive. You're not trying to reinvent the wheel.
  • The data we give you is so broad that we could probably sell it to 50 other people and no two sites would end up competing for the exact same keywords.
  • Additionally, we're using tools that are publically available, so it's not like us charging you more for "exclusive" data would make the niche any less competitive.
  • If you DO want a custom pack though, one which will be exclusive to you, order using the button at the bottom of this page.

Want To See A Sample?

Watch the video below to see inside a demo keyword pack (real data hidden), or click the link below the video to download a sample.

How To Use This Data

Can You Turn This Pack Into A Site For Me?

Do You Have Any Advice On The Strategy?

Need A Custom Pack?

For those of you who want us to research a pack in a niche of your choice, we can also do custom packs.

These will cost $79 because they are exclusive to you alone. To request one, make a payment via the link below, and you will be emailed a link to the form you need to fill out with instructions.

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