Keyword Packs

All the Data You Need to Get Started in any Niche

What is a 'Keyword Pack'?

​The biggest struggle most beginners have is picking a niche.

This is why our done-for-you sites are so popular. We hand-pick great niches, and deliver them to you on a plate.

However, some people would rather have our help picking niches, but learn to build sites themselves.

To that we say... "Here is a Keyword Pack for a researched and validated profitable niche with all the data you need to get started."

We offer keyword packs for the hands-on, learn-by-doing internet marketers.

Our Standard Keyword Packs are ​limited to 10 purchases total. This means 9 others could purchase the same pack as you.

Our Custom Keyword Packs are made exclusively for you in a niche of your choice.​

What's Included with a Keyword Pack?

We strive to give you as much information as possible on a particular niche so that you are fully equipped to get started. We've loaded our keyword packs with:

SECockpit Keyword List

This is usually 200-1,000 keywords, depending on the size of the niche. SECockpit would normally cost you at minimum $40 per month.

Top 100 Best Selling Amazon Products

We include the top 100 best selling Amazon products in the keyword pack niche. This data would usually cost you $197 with Amasuite (or hours of manual research).

8 Hand-Picked Keywords 

We hand-pick the 8 keywords we think are best for starting a site with. These are a mix of buyer-intent keywords and information keywords.

Competitor Research

We also use to research the keyword reports for 3-5 competitor sites in the niche. A Semrush subscription would cost you $69.95 per month.

For just $49 or $79, we're giving you over $200 worth of data and saving you hours of research time.

Keyword Pack in Action

Watch the video below to see inside a keyword pack (real data hidden),

or click the link below the video to download a sample.

We Know Keywords

45000 + Keywords Researched

​See what our customers have to say...

This is truly a time saving purchase. As a first time buyer I never realized how much value is in [a keyword pack]. But now having seen it, this is extraordinary.
HPD Customer

I will definitely suggest HPD anywhere I go over the internet in the future. I will send people to the link where you offer the keyword packs and ready made site. You are a special, professional crowd of super people.

HPD Customer

This [keyword pack] is exactly what I was looking for, so much appreciated.

HPD Customer

Standard Keyword Pack

Hand-picked profitable niches with all the data you need to start creating a site.


Limit 10 purchases per niche

  • SECockpit Keyword List of 200 - 1,000 Keywords
  • 8 Recommended Keywords to Start a Niche Site
  • Top 100 Best Selling Amazon Products in Niche
  • Competitor Research


Custom Keyword Pack

All the great things of the Standard Keyword Pack, but with a niche you choose, made exclusively for you.



  • SECockpit Keyword List of 200 - 1,000 Keywords
  • 8 Recommended Keywords to Start a Niche Site
  • Top 100 Best Selling Amazon Products in Niche
  • Competitor Research


*After you purchase, you will be sent a form to fill out your custom keyword pack niche request.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does it matter if 9 others buy the same pack?

On the surface you might think it does, but consider the following:

  • Most people who buy a keyword pack don't take action (so if you do, that's +1 for you)
  • Having a few other players in the niche really doesn't make it any more competitive. You're not trying to reinvent the wheel.
  • The data we give you is so broad that we could probably sell it to 50 other people and no two sites would end up competing for the exact same keywords.
  • We're using tools that are publicly available, so it's not like us charging you for "exclusive" data would make the niche any less competitive.

All things considered, if you do want a custom pack that would be exclusive to you, we have those available here.

When will I receive my keyword pack?

You will receive the Standard Keyword Packs instantly via email and you will be able to download it as many times as you'd like. So be sure to keep this email.

The Custom Keyword Packs will take 3-4 business days from the time of purchase. 

How do I use this data?

If you haven't already done so, watch the video above. It goes into how to use the data provided, but the main think you need to understand is a basic grasp of how keywords are used to form a niche.

Can you turn this pack into a site for me?

Yes. That's our bread and butter. Fill out a custom request form here.

Just remember that unlike our Ready-Made Sites, custom sites, and custom keyword packs... standard keyword pack niches are not limited to 1 per customer.

Do you have any advice on the strategy?

If you are new to affiliate marketing and need more direction on how to grow a site, this article will help you.

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