Dropshipping Addon

Do you have an affiliate or blog site with traffic?  Grow your profit and monetize your site with quality products your audience will love!  We'll help you source products from a supplier, add a Shop to your store, implement WooCommerce, connect with a payment processor, and build 20 product pages complete with images and 200 word professionally written marketing descriptions for each product!  This is a turn-key service for existing sites who want to add another source of revenue.


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Skyrocket Your Sales! Add a New Revenue Source

The easiest way to add a dropship business to your existing affiliate or blog site

We help you source complimentary products to your existing niche site – usually with product margins of 30% or more!  We'll help you bring in more profit utilizing your existing site traffic.

What's Included

  • Product Sourcing

    Our product procurement specialist will identify suppliers for relevant products in your niche. We typically look for products housed in USA warehouses for fast delivery.

  • 20 Product Pages

    We build great looking product pages designed to convert sales! Images, layout, and design included.

  • 200 Word Marketing Descriptions

    Our writing team will create compelling marketing descriptions for each product. 200 words for each product.

  • Woocommerce Setup

    We install and setup Woocommerce and configure all options to get you selling quickly - including payment processor setup with Stripe or PayPal.

  • Site Integration

    We'll update your navigation and site theme to integrate the new Woocommerce store nicely into your site. Refund policy, shipping, and other relevant pages will be added.

  • Training

    Finally, we'll provide you with training on fulfilling orders, offering coupons and discounts, and other aspects of running your store.

Example Site

Affiliate / Dropship Hybrid Site Example

With this site, it was started as an affiliate site with informational content and buying guides in the outdoor kitchen niche.  Affiliate links are typically to outdoor BBQ grills.

A dropship store (see the “Shop” link) was added selling complementary products — BBQ sauces and rubs.  These products are sourced from a USA supplier and typically sale for 50% margin.  A great way to capture additional sales at high margins!

Build a direct relationship with your customer

With the affiliate model, you don't know who your customer is and have no direct relationship with them.  By adding a dropship store, you'll start to know who your customers are, you can retarget and market to them via email and other channels.  Build repeat business and a brand.


Dropshipping Addon

20 Products Included
$ 899
  • Product / Supplier Sourcing
  • 20 Product Pages (images & design included)
  • 200 Word Marketing Text Written for each Product
  • WooCommerce Setup
  • Integration with your existing site
  • Training

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes!  Depending on your niche, we'll locate suppliers local to your region.  We have worked with dozens of suppliers.  We make sure they are reliable and offer quality products.  If you source from Aliexpress, we typically require suppliers to have USA warehouses for fast shipping.

Your site needs to be built on WordPress.  We can work with most any theme or page builder. 

No – with the dropship model, your supplier will ship the product directly to your customer.  So you don't need to invest in inventory.  There are no upfront costs to get started other than building your store and promoting it!

We typically deliver your dropship site addon within 3 to 4 weeks.  This can sometimes be quicker or take longer depending on supplier sourcing.

Unlike the affiliate model, you will be responsible for handling customer inquiries and placing orders with your supplier.  This usually just takes a few minutes per order.  When you start receiving a larger volume of orders, this is something you can easily outsource to an assistant.  We can refer you to partners who can help with this.

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