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Ready-Made eCommerce Store (20 products and 4,000+ words) – A professionally designed website that promotes power tools in the very popular home improvement niche. This sub-niche has over 46,100 searches per month to the main keywords in the USA. The site includes a premium Astra theme, the Elementor page builder for WordPress, premium plugins, one year of free hosting, support/training, and highly SEO-optimized content.

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High-quality Dropship/eCommerce site promoting a range of power tools — an expertly selected niche.  This professionally developed site is ready for a new owner to focus on growth and includes everything you need to get started right away — and you'll get immediate access upon purchase!

This website will come with professional video training by the HumanProofDesigns.com team and we will walk you through what’s necessary to manage your site once you get it. This training is specifically geared towards new site buyers and requires no prior internet marketing or WordPress skills.

Key Highlights: 

  • Products: (STANDARD site) 20 product pages
  • Content: 4,000 words of SEO optimized blog content
  • 200 word product marketing descriptions
  • Main Keywords: Power Drill, Electric Saw, Electric Screwdriver 
  • Main Keyword Search Volume: 46,100/month
  • Longtail Searches: 21,020 /month
  • Average Product Price: $75
  • Average Markup / Profit Margin: 45%
  • Estimated Monthly Earnings (with 25k visitors): $25,310+

What’s Included with the Website: 

  • Premium domain name
  • Tracking/Shipping Page for Customers
  • Privacy Page, Contact Form, About, Returns Page, more…
  • Email Signup – integrated with Mailchimp
  • Woocommerce setup and payment processor integration
  • SEO-Optimized PREMIUM Native-English content
  • Premium logo
  • Premium WordPress plugins including Elementor and Astra Theme
  • Premium images
  • Secure HTTPS setup
  • 1 year of free hosting ($99/year after the first year)
  • Social Media Page Covers (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest)

After Sales Support & Bonuses 

  • Detailed 6 month growth plan for your website
  • Tech support
  • Email support from our full-time staff
  • Lifetime access to our Site Buyers Training
  • Lifetime access to our Facebook Group (1,000+ clients & website investors)
  • Our Exclusive Success Guarantee & Add-On Training

Does this Website Generate Revenue?
No, these websites are new and are not producing revenue yet. You will need to grow the site in order to start generating revenue. We will provide the training and community to help you with this. The more you work on your site, the faster the revenue will come.

I’m a Newbie, Will I Be Able to Run This Site?
Yes, this site and our trainings are designed for beginners to medium level clients. If you’ve already built and sold sites then you’ll know the value we bring in a turnkey solution, but if this is your first time diving into online business, we will help you the best we can with a great website, training and also our success guarantee.

Is This Site Customizable? Can I Change the Logo or Images?
This is a WordPress site, which means that it is very flexible. You can certainly replace logos, move around parts of your webpage, and add videos easily. If you need to do custom coding then there are plenty of WordPress developers available and we also provide technical support so feel free to ask us first.

What Work Is Required After I Buy The Site?

  • Follow the Site Buyers training to learn about how to operate the website
  • Follow the Success Guarantee training next
  • Create more traffic using SEO, social media and advertising
  • Keep the site’s ongoing cashflow and reinvest the profits to grow the website 

What Happens After I Purchase the Site? 

  1. You will receive an email confirmation of your purchase and log-in information to the WordPress site immediately!
  2. You will receive an email to log into the Site Buyers Video Training
  3. You will receive an email to join our Private Client Facebook group & Public Facebook Group
  4. We cover your hosting for FREE the first year. After the first year of hosting you’ll be asked to pay $99/yr to have the website online. You also have the option of moving the website to your own hosting provider instead of using our in-house hosting.

Purchase from us and enjoy these final benefits:

  • A well-built site in a growing niche
  • A dependable community
  • Professional training for your website
  • Our Success Guarantee!

We Look Forward To Serving You

What's Included

  • 20 Hand-Selected Top Quality Products

    Our product procurement team will find quality suppliers and products for your store.

  • 200 Word Product Pages (conversion focused)

    Our writing team will write compelling marketing copy for each product page.

  • 4,000 Words of Premium Blog Content

    Quality, native-English articles optimized and keyword researched to help your site rank fast.

  • Keyword Pack

    Our research team will include an Excel spreadsheet with all keyword research for your site. This gives you a jump start to add more content to your site!

  • Unique Site Design

    We use Astra and Elementor to create a top-quality design for your site that includes site fonts, colors, logo, images, and other design elements.

  • Logo

    Professionally created logo unique to your site and brand.

  • Social Media Pack

    Our graphic design team will include social media graphics and banners to quickly setup your social media accounts.

  • Tracking/Shipping Page

    Customers can lookup tracking details for any order.

  • Privacy Page, Contact Form, Return Page, more...

    We'll create all the pages your site needs -- privacy page, contact form, About, and Return policy.

  • Premium Plugins

    Woocommerce, Elementor, Astra, and more! Premium plugins to help manage your WordPress site.

  • On-Page SEO

    Our experienced team knows how to rank a page -- we'll optimize all tags, metadata, H1/H2 header tags, and more.

  • Site Support

    You are just an email or call away from reaching our support team. Get answers to all your questions.

  • Video Training

    We've create an entire video library of hours of training that will help you grow your business.

  • Private Facebook Group

    Get help from other experienced entrepreneurs! Our private Facebook group of other site buyers allows you to ask questions and collaborate with over 1,000 over site owners.

  • One Year FREE Web Hosting

    All sites include premium hosting for one year - free of charge!

Success Guarantee

Online business doesn’t have to be risky!

If you aren’t satisfied after one year of operating your website, Human Proof Designs will purchase the site back from you at 75% of the purchase price or we will place your website for sale on our own website, where we’ve been selling sites successfully since 2013.

In order to qualify for the Success Guarantee, you will need to purchase the extra training that Human Proof Designs provides (this is called “The Human Proof Method” and goes beyond the Site Buyer Training that you will receive for free).  You can purchase this additional training on the check-out page!

The Success Guarantee and add-on training is $249/year and comes with Affiliate Marketing Training, Dropshipping Training, Local Lead Generation Training, SEO, email marketing and MUCH MORE!

We believe that the combination of our top-tier training and the safety net provided by the guarantee is the best way to approach a new venture.  See our complete policy for details

Revenue Estimate

Wondering how much money you can make on your Dropship/eCommerce site?  The below table is an estimate of potential monthly income levels based on traffic.  We have used industry standard metrics to develop an estimate.  The average price and margin will vary based on your niche and product selection.  Keep in mind you must also reduce monthly profit by any expenses you have (such as advertising).

Traffic Conversion Avg Price Avg Margin Profit Potential (Monthly)
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