How I Completely Fluked A $1,000 Sale – And How You Can Learn From It (Part One)

It was almost a year ago today that I was on my way to abandoning my 3rd site. Little did I know that a few months later, in May 2013, that site would result in $1,000 USD being directly deposited into my paypal account. $1,000 in one fell swoop. Imagine that.

At the time I thought I had finally cracked it, I was a genius! I was an Internet Marketing master!…really though, I was just very lucky, and it was a complete fluke.

Now, I bet you'd love for me to say “Here's how you could do it too…”, but it wouldn't make for a very realistic fluke if there was a system or formula to it.

Still, there are plenty of things you can learn and take away from the whole experience; things that might just set you up for a 4-figure fluke of your own. As the winners always say after they get a lucky break:

“You have to make your own luck”.

Let's go back to the beginning, those first few sites I built.

It was a few months earlier, back in September 2012 that I discovered I'veTriedThat, an online scam review site that quite literally changed my life. I was looking for a review on something that I knew must have been a scam, and was proven correct.

I'veTriedThat's owner, Steve, introduced me to an online community, a kind of “Internet Marketing University” for people like me, who wanted to learn how to make money online, in a safe, scam-free, environment. There's a whole other article on this site dedicated to that, so check out my review of the community and pop-back here.

I learned how to build websites there, how to make money from those websites, and even understand how all this Internet Marketing stuff works.

Fast forward a few months (January 2013), and things are a bit more frustrating. I was building out my third website and was getting frustrated. I was earning money, but not as much as I'd hoped. Essentially I was on about $50 USD a month for my efforts.

Not exactly thrilling stuff.

I knew that if I could find the right niche, or just build the right site, I'd be fine…but that was where things got tricky. How on earth do you know you're in the right niche until it's successful? You don't really, you just have to keep at it and MAKE it successful (something I didn't know at the time).

Like I said earlier, little did I know that this site, which at the time wasn't really getting any traffic or rankings in the search engines, would earn me $1,000 a few months later.

I started to turn my attentions elsewhere, to a new site (actually two new sites)….but luckily something happened in the next week which would save that site, and set my adventure into full-swing.

Tomorrow I'll go into full details on what happened next, but for now I want you to think about the flukes, successes and luck you may have had in your own Internet Marketing career if you have one, or in your life in general otherwise.

It could be anything, a chance conversation you had that tied-in with your goals, an introduction that resulted in a job offer, a missed bus that meant you stumbled across something that changed your life. Anything.

Do you agree with the sentiments that you need to create your own luck? Do things happen fully by chance, or is there some sort of skill required to set yourself up for it in the first place?

If you build it, will they come?

Come back tomorrow, or subscribe to my mailing letter to find out.

3 thoughts on “How I Completely Fluked A $1,000 Sale – And How You Can Learn From It (Part One)”

  1. John Cyscon III

    i do not believe in any luck, good or bad. however im a very fortunate person, my friends call me “lucky,” but i believe its because im consistently in the place at the time. its not always the right place, and its not always good endings. but as often as i try and put myself out there, i only need to succeed some of the times to be viewed as lucky.

    im done stalking for the day. time to get back to work.

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