Turnkey Affiliate Websites For Sale That You Can Buy Today

Turnkey niche affiliate websites will always be popular. We all like the idea of getting a head start, and that's part of why HumanProofDesigns was founded; to offer people a start in the right direction.

A turnkey wordpress website gives you the ability to literally jump into owning a website immediately, and get started promoting that website. You needn't worry about building it, choosing the keywords, doing all that nasty niche research. The benefits are clear.

In this article, we're going to look at the pros and cons of buying turnkey websites, and discuss where you can find the best ones, as well as showcasing what we offer further down the page.

Alright before you rush into a purchase, you need to understand a thing or two:

1. There is no such thing as an “autopilot” website. There's either a website that is being worked on, or one that has been abandoned.

2. The Internet can open up exciting and wonderful opportunities that can give you a fantastic amount of freedom. However, an online business still needs work. It's not an easy road, but it is still the best chance most people have.

If you understand the above points, then you are ready to start looking for some turnkey websites to get yourself started.

Why Turnkey Affiliate Websites?

I've seen a lot of newcomers come and go. For the most part, the “going” was because they barely got started. It's tough starting a website from scratch, learning how to create posts, menus, articles, and learning how to get your sites seen. It's bad enough if you can't even figure out how to add images.

And even before you start with all the construction, you've got to do the research. Is this niche too competitive? Is it profitable? Do you know enough about it? Will it work?

Most likely, you'll quit before you've even started.

A ready made website gives you a head start. Essentially, the website is already created, and all you have to do is take it over and keep building it. There's a lot more to it than that as well. Check out our niche site builder to learn more about everything OUR sites come with.

An Example Turnkey WordPress Website

Imagine if you wanted to start a fitness site. Here's what you'd need to do if you started from scratch:

  1. Narrow down the “fitness” category into a smaller subcategory, or “niche” (You can't go too broad, or you will have too much competition).
  2. Research that niche and start finding viable keywords (Don't know what they are?).
  3. Decide on a website name, buy the domain name
  4. Choose hosting and start building the site out
  5. Build the basic pages, menus, design, layouts, theme, templates
  6. Find some images
  7. Panic!
  8. Keep tweaking
  9. Grow the site

Essentially, by buying a ready-made niche site, all you would have to worry about is number 9.

OK..so you would still need to choose your site from a list, but it would be a lot easier.

Do you think you might be more likely to succeed if those first steps were done for you?

Where To Find Turnkey Websites For Sale

There are many places out there offering done-for-you websites, and they are certainly a mixed bag. The most popular destination is Flippa.com, and if you read this review, you'll see why I don't recommend it.

This is my one issue with the average turnkey vendor. They just produce junk!

A lot of turnkey sites claim that you'll get traffic on autopilot, income overnight, and make other outrageous claims.

Obviously this is not exclusive for all turnkey websites, but for the most part, they are sellers looking to make a quick and easy dollar by building and selling something over and over again.

Cloned “Cookie-cutter” sites don't rank in search engines, don't convert sales very well, and are not worth a dime. Additionally, they are often sold for $100-200 yet “Guarantee” you earnings in the thousands.

Why so cheap then?

Here's what I'm talking about:

turnkey websites for sale

You'll see sites like this time and time again for sale. The only thing “100%” about these sites is that someone with “No Experience” will also have “No idea” what they are doing.

“100% Fully Destined To Fail” doesn't have the same ring to it though I guess.

So Are There Any Turnkey Websites Worth Buying?

Yes, of course. This is where the fun begins.

In order for a site to be worth buying, I'd say it needs to meet the following criteria:

  1. No automation claims. Unique content only.
  2. No guarantees of income.
  3. It needs to have a solid explanation of how they work.
  4. It needs to come with training. (Then it will really be “No Exp. Necessary”)
  5. It needs to explain to you clearly how it works.
  6. It needs to have been well thought out. By this I mean, it needs to be a “niche” site in a category that people are interested in.
  7. YOU need to be willing to grow the site. Don't buy it based on claims of income or automation, buy it because you want to own it.

Number 7 is probably the most important thing.

I guess I've done a pretty good job of explaining to you which sorts of sites to avoid, and I hope that has also helped explain to you what sort of sites to go towards.

How To Grow A Turnkey Site

I don't want to linger too much on where to buy a turnkey site, but would prefer to move on to talk about what you actually do to succeed with one.

I recently wrote this article on your first six months with a niche site, and I'll summarize it here. Essentially what you need to do is work on the following:

  • Adding more content
  • Building quality backlinks
  • Growing your social network presence.

That's pretty much it, although reading the article above will let you see into the finer points.

It could take you 6-12 months to really succeed with one, which is why I wanted to stress that nothing is instant or automatic overnight. A truly quality turnkey site gets you started, it doesn't do everything for you (Unless you're willing to pay a hefty premium for an established site).

Why Us?

Choose HumanProofDesigns

  1. We choose a category that people would want to write about
  2. We narrow it down and research keywords and article ideas
  3. We build the site out and make it look professional
  4. We add the first few pages or some example content for you
  5. We register the site on our own hosting, so it can sit there waiting for you
  6. We install our own training into the back end of the site, for you to follow along
  7. After purchase, we install the site for you on your own hosting
  8. We show you how to get started with it, and where to find the training
  9. We offer continued support and troubleshooting.
  10. We watch and help you succeed.

The reason our sites are superior to the junk sites we talked about before, is because they don't claim to do anything for you or guarantee you success without work.

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