5 Best Amazon Affiliate WordPress themes

For those of you who want to build your own Amazon affiliate site, but aren't sure where to get started with the design, then picking your theme is a good thing to consider first.

For the technically illiterate, a “theme” is a pre-made template for a website. Themes exist so that those of us without technical chops can easily create websites. Amazon affiliate themes are therefore “plug-and-play” templates for you to use in creating your Amazon affiliate website. While there are many different themes available on WordPress, it can be a real struggle deciding which one to use. Not only that, once you've decided on the design you like, it can be an even bigger struggle setting it up to be optimized for an Amazon site. Most themes are designed for general use, trying to be everything to everyone.

This is why most people choose an “Amazon” orientated theme, it takes away a lot of that struggle. And without that struggle, there’s one less roadblock standing in the way of you getting started making money online.

Our Top Choices for Amazon Affiliate WordPress Themes

If so, your first step will be to pick one! This can be a challenge, as there’s no shortage of Amazon Affiliate themes. To help you navigate through the available choices, what follows are five of the best. These themes are all for WordPress. Like any “Best of” list, our list is not necessarily the end-all, be-all last word. But it should be a great starting point for you if you’re looking to go forward with an “Amazon affiliate” WordPress theme. In that case, we’d advise you to read this post and then explore the themes recommended here. Get started and you can then revise your theme later, as needed.

Having said all that, let’s get into the themes…

#1 – AuthorityAzon

AuthorityAzon is our top pick when it comes to Amazon Affiliate themes in WordPress. We’re fans of this theme (and we recently became the owners) for several reasons. First, it was created BY Amazon affiliates. It's not a theme that has been adapted.

Additionally, it's just easy to use. Like really really easy. So easy to use that we actually have a hard time putting it in words. Use the theme and you’ll see what we mean. It’s just… easy!

Now, as for more concrete reasons, we can start with the fact that AuthorityAzon enables you to build your site in just a few clicks. Just like plugins such as EasyAzon, AuthorityAzon allows you to use shortcodes and buttons to add products to your site easily. The most cumbersome part of running an Amazon site is adding products, so it's important to have this taken care of.

Whatever site you create will be designed for converting traffic. That’s another key distinction of the AuthorityAzon theme. This isn’t just a theme that gives you an Amazon Affiliate site. AuthorityAzon wants to help you actually make money off the site.

Many users report an increased click-through-rate when switching to this theme.

Just one of the glowing testimonials AA has.
Just one of the glowing testimonials AA has.

Look, for example, at how the theme allows you to easily post conversion-producing reviews. Plus, your site is tailored toward SEO, which is the go-to traffic source for most Amazon affiliates.

Another of AuthorityAzon’s strengths is its customer service. This is something we appreciate after having slogged through bad customer service elsewhere, and one of the main reasons we were excited to work with the team.

Finally, AuthorityAzon is one of the best looking themes out there, which is just as important as all the other factors.

#2 – UltimateAzon

After reading our glowing review above of AuthorityAzon, you might be tempted to stop there. That would be a mistake, though, as you’d be missing out on other great themes. One of those themes is UltimateAzon.

Created by internet entrepreneur Dave Nicosia, UltimateAzon is aimed at both large authority sites and small niche sites too. It caters to these two segments using an extensive options panel. This panel contains over 70 possible style customizations. Using the customizations, you can ensure success regardless of your site’s size.

UltimateAzon also enables you to effortlessly build sliders and tables. These elements (sliders and tables) matter because they’re where you’ll “house” affiliate products on your site. With just the click of a mouse, you can have these elements up and running.

An additional area where UltimateAzon shines is in localization of Amazon links. With localization, UltimateAzon allows you to earn commissions from all of your traffic. Even when this traffic originates internationally, you’ll still get commissions from it. You won’t have to worry about losing a commission, solely because the buyer was located overseas.

Depending on your affiliate site, localization may not be a major issue for you. Yet the fact that UltimateAzon has even thought this far ahead further proves just how capable they are.     

#3 – Compare

Feeling adventurous? Then Compare may be the theme for you.

Compare is an Amazon Affiliate theme which facilitates product comparisons. Using this theme, you can arrange your products in a way that will make it easy for visitors to compare them.

This theme is for the adventurous because of all the features offered. Compare has numerous widgets, shortcodes, and other highly technical aspects built in. Beginners can still use the theme. But the preponderance of advanced features makes Compare more suited for advanced users. For that reason, we’d advise putting it further down on your list, especially if you’re just getting started with an Amazon Affiliate site.      

#4 – OptimizePress

Then there’s OptimizePress. OptimizePress comes in fourth on our list because it’s not explicitly designed for Amazon affiliates. We happen to think that it’s a great theme to build your affiliate site with. Yet OptimizePress isn’t niched to affiliates like UltimateAzon or AuthorityAzon. The name kind of gives this away. As does the focus of OptimizePress. Visit their site and you’ll see that the theme can be used for landing pages, authority blogs, sales pages, and more. Nice, just a bit too broad for us to give much attention to here.

#5 – Affiliate Board

Last but not least is Affiliate Board. Unlike the previous two themes we’ve discussed (#3 and #4), Affiliate Board is designed specifically with affiliates in mind. Its focus is on affiliates period, whether that means Amazon or some other affiliate program. For that reason, we can’t put it alongside other more Amazon-specific themes.

Also, one of Affiliate Board’s main selling points is that it allows you to track performance. This is great for those who are well on their way in the Affiliate game. Beginners, though, may not have much performance to track. A beginner’s concerns are likely to be more about getting set up. In light of that, we feel that Affiliate Board, while still great, belongs at the end of our list.

Additional Mentions:


Since we build most of our sites using the WPZoom builder and their extensive list of themes, it wouldn't be right to have this post without mentioning them.

WPZoom not only bring out a new theme every month, but their support team is very fast, effective. I can't remember how many times they've logged into our sites to help us fix something.

Out of all their themes, check out Diamond and Delirium.

View WPZoom themes.


If you're looking for a more conversion driven theme, then check out some of the options Thrive has. We love Thrive for their content builder and other plugins, but when it comes to themes, one of them stands out the most. We recommend FocusBlog for most affiliate sites. Also, check out our in-depth Thrive themes review here.


What do you think of our list here? Was it helpful? Or are you shaking your head in disbelief that we didn’t mention __X_ theme? Let us know in the comments.

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  1. You should remove UltimateAzon from this list. The guy no longer supports it and it has a ton of bugs/errors. I have to switch themes now (or I may just a plugin). Thanks for the info!

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