AmaSuite Review – Why It’ll Help You Build Better Systems

Amasuite was founded by Chris Guthrie (of EasyAzon) and Dave Guidon. 

Together, the duo have been around the block as this is the 5th version of Amasuite so far. These guys witnessed the evolution their own tools use case from strictly for affiliates to adapting to meet the needs of sellers too.

Today, I want to introduce you to the latest version of this multipart tool and we'll really see how useful it is.

Here's a high-level summary of our thoughts on it:

Before we get started, one thing that you'll need to know is that Amasuite is a desktop application for both Mac and Windows. Each application is separately designed so they don't necessarily speak to each other (except for one, the “Ali Inspector” app.)

Now that we've got that covered, let's look at what's going on with each app.

What's Included in Amasuite?

The Top Product Analyzer (TPA)

The TPA lets you analyze the best selling products in any category on Amazon. The app has category tree that is especially helpful.

In most of the Amasuite apps, you'll get some initial data at first and then have to press the “More Data” button to extract the full info about those specific products.

The whole point of the TPA is to give you a wide look at what's performing well in Amazon's millions of products so you can choose from the cream of the crop and then narrow in on the opportunities.

For affiliates, this means you can analyze entire categories very quickly and go straight to the products that are performing well and more likely to convert.

You just don't want to be sending your readers to something that's not going to ultimately help them.


  • Easy to use
  • Multiple lists: Best sellers, most wished for, movers and shakers, etc.
  • Category tree with every amazon category, including a quick search function
  • Customizable filters
  • Fresh proxies
  • Custom data highlights


  • Slow at times
  • Clunky

The Search Analyzer (SA)

This product allows you to keep track of what a shopper sees when searching on Amazon.

I still don't think this is a replacement for looking at the page yourself, just like manual keyword research for Google.

The one thing that's awesome about this software is that you can see the deeper data for each product very quickly. Everything just loads into an easy to read table.


  • Zero into specific categories for any keyword search
  • See products beyond the top 100
  • Search for products by ASIN


  • Unstable
  • Clunky
  • No sales revenue estimates

The Keyword Generator (KG)

This tool basically gives you the search suggestions provided from Amazon and a bunch of other ecommerce sites.

For sellers, the usefulness makes sense as you can use this tool to add keywords into your product title and description.

As an affiliate, I don't see that being as relevant since trying to please Google, not Amazon. What I do like about it though is how it can give you lots of niches that you wouldn't have realized existed.

The tool essentially takes a keyword and then attaches every letter on the keyboard. For example, “dog a, dog b, dog c” and then it records the search suggestions for you.


  • ​Useful for discovering new niches
  • Holistic view of keyword data across multiple ecommerce sites
  • Google trend data


  • Can take a long time to gather data because it's looking into multiple sites

The Review Analyzer (RA)

I'd have to admit that this is my favorite tool in the bunch. It's one of the most innovative parts of Amasuite and is useful for both affiliates and sellers.

What the tool does is scrape all of the reviews from a specific product and give you simple analytics for them. Sort of like a word cloud but better.

Once all the reviews are gathered, you can analyze all the words in the “word analyzer” tab and get some stats on the most popular keywords used in all the reviews.

Then you can see what words correlated highly with poor reviews.

As a seller, this helps tremendously with your product development. For affiliates, this is ridiculously useful for creating quick pros and cons for your reviews.

Often times affiliates are challenged by not having physical access to the product but still want to produce content for SEO purposes. The Review Analyzer uses a unique technique to create truthful reviews based on third-party reviews.


  • Find pros and cons quickly of any product
  • Easy to dive into the full review
  • Search function makes it easy to see how people feel about a certain feature


  • Only utilizes Amazon

The Ali Inspector (AI)

Chris and Dave threw this one in as a bonus for Amasuite. It's essentially the Top Product Analyzer, Keyword Generator and Search Analyzer in a mini tool for Ali Express.

As a seller, this allows you to find some dropshipping or manufacturers via Ali Express.

For affiliates, it's not very useful except for the fact that Ali Express has an affiliate program so you can join it as an additional revenue stream.

But then again, mostly anything that's on Ali Express is likely on Amazon in some form or another so you're better off sending people to Amazon anyways because of their conversion rates.


  • 3-in-1 tool
  • Good for finding niches using the
  • Keyword Generator
  • Great data for shipping rates


  • Not much use for Amazon affiliates

Affiliate Training

Amasuite also comes with a 9 module course to prep affiliates to become familiar with SEO affiliate marketing.

Unfortunately, this training is older than the sellers training.

Chris started out as an Amazon affiliate selling his first site for 6 figures before dipping into the software realm and finding success in the physical products space.

For us, as affiliates, this training is definitely not as up-to-date or complete as ours.

Sorry but it's true!

The content will give you the basics but Amazon themselves have changed their commissions structure and Google has changed numerous times.

We can't help but toot our horn because we're very very proud of the work we've put into the Human Proof Method course.

I can honestly say you'd be better off looking into our course here.


  • Fundamentals of the niche site model


  • ​Some of the tools recommended don't exist anymore
  • Tactics are out-of-date and better courses exist like our own.


The Amasuite FB group has about 10,000+ in it and that's pretty big in comparison to other FBA groups I'm in!

Chris is in there often and you can tag him as well.

The Final Verdict

We've been using Amasuite all the way since it was a pure affiliate tool. 

My favorite part is the Review Analyzer and that alone is worth the price to us.

The time you save creating pros and cons lists with the tool will help you scale a lot faster.

If you want to really add solid systems into your publishing businessAmasuite will help you get there.

There are certainly weak points, but all products have that. We use it enough to justify a recommendation and if you guys have any questions then let us know in the comments.

8 thoughts on “AmaSuite Review – Why It’ll Help You Build Better Systems”

  1. Tony Ridgeway

    Thanks for the in-depth review on this one Bryon. I have heard some good things about AmaSuite before, but I think I will have to have a look at it as well now. It’s always good to get training from other viewpoints so long as it’s legit training.

    1. Amasuite is a good combination of doing things the right way, and solid, clear training explaining it. There’s also no “noise” or distraction in the training, unlike some other communities.

  2. Hi Bryon, I’d be interested in your comparative assessment of Amasuite 4, Longtail Pro and KeywordTapp Pro. I’m unsure at present which would be better to opt for, as they all appear to provide similar functionality. Any thoughts or recommendations?

    1. Hey Dean,

      Amasuite and LTP are pretty different, so it’s hard to compare them precisely. I actually use them both in conjunction.

      Amasuite uses Amazon API info to tell you what products are the best sellers, what products do well, which ones have good ratings, etc etc. It also lets you find lots of different products to promote. The keyword tool within Amasuite tells you what people search for (within the Amazon search bar), but doesn’t give a volume. You can guess what is popular though because people search for it.

      LTP on the other hand, uses Google API info to tell you average monthly search volumes within Google. It then uses Moz and some other API info to analyze the strength of the websites currently on page 1 for those positions. This is why I find Amasuite and LTP are great to use together, as they both complete two halves of the info picture.

      I’ve not used KeywordTapp Pro so can’t really talk about that, but it looks like it would be similar to LTP.

      1. Hey Bryon, thanks for your quick response and comparison summary. I think I’ll have a closer look at LTP and Amasuite at this point as, although KeywordTapp Pro looks promising, it’s a bit pricey for me at present and more of an unknown.


  3. Hi Bryon,
    I have been reading on your site and I find this product interesting.
    Would you recommend this product for a Newbie over Wealth Affiliate

    1. It’s difficult to compare the two. Amasuite is perfect for researching Amazon sites and gives you some good instructions to get started as well, but WA is more general and gives better support.

  4. I agree with you.
    I actually do not think that amasuite software is the bad one from all the others around the web for both affiliate and sellers.

    And now a person who purchases gets even bonuses related to succeeding while using the software itsself,I should say this product is handy if you can efford to TAKE ACTION.

    Thank you Bryon.

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