Zero to $6,591.36 | Ben’s Story with a 16 Month Old Affiliate Site

Ben's Amazon Affiliate Success Story

Hey HPD Fam!

I'm super excited to share with you another success story from one our great customers. Ben's been working hard for over 16 months on his HPD site and it's now pulling in around $700~ per month.

One of my biggest takeaways from this interview is that he started without ANY experience.

Yes, he knew about affiliate marketing but as far as growing a site and monetizing it - he wasn't there yet. I'm glad to see we've been a crucial first step in helping out with this business.

PS. Full disclosure... Ben isn't his real name, he's asked to remain extremely anonymous and we'd like to respect his wishes 100%. If you're another success story and would like to share your story while remaining anonymous, please reach out. We'll respect your wishes too. Myself, and the rest of the HPD community love hearing these stories, so keep them coming!

How much experience did you have with affiliate marketing prior to starting with an HPD site?

I didn’t have any experience before that. I’ve read some articles about affiliate marketing, making money online, HYIPs (High Yield Investment Programs) and so on. Wanted to try it by myself and see how it goes.

What attracted you to HPD in the first place?

I was a member of Wealthy Affiliate. I read there about the successful member who is living the dream of working 100% remotely from the beach – it was Dom. I learned more about him, what he is doing, how he achieved that and I wanted to have it too. I have visited HPDs website, found that the guys are doing ready-made sites and I took a week to think about it. The decision was “why not?” – I can always sell it later on if I don’t earn a single penny.

What attracted you to the niche you started with?

HPD team helped me. I didn’t like niches that were posted on the website at that time, so I asked for a custom made with a question – what they can suggest to me based on my hobbies. For the first idea, I wasn’t that sure, so I asked for a second one. When I got it, and I spent an hour on Google to find more information – I loved it as it has a huge potential to grow in the future and to create my products.

After receiving your site, what did you do first? How did you decide this?

When I was waiting for a website, I bought an online course regarding affiliate marketing and how to grow a website. So I went step by step with the brand new site and the class.

First – keyword research to find ideas for new articles on a website.

Second – competitors and what keywords they are ranking for and trying to outrank them in the long run.

Three – find good writers (first I hired HPD team, then I saw great agency, but their prices almost doubled in few months, so I had to find someone as I wasn’t able to afford them) via Upwork/Facebook.

Four – outreach with comments, articles like “Top XXX blogs,” guest posting.

What did you struggle with the most at first? How did you resolve this?

In the beginning, everything was a struggle as all of that was new to me. The most significant fear was with reaching out to other bloggers. “What they are going to think of me,” “what if my content is not good enough,” etc. I had one article that I wanted to post on some small website, like 10 000 visitors per month. I got a reply from the owner that my article is not good enough for his readers. I sent the same pitch to one of the biggest websites in my niche, around 2-3 million visitors per month. Guess what? They published it with no corrections, and it got 1.5k shares in 36 hours. Don’t be afraid to reach out to big fishes, as in most cases, the small ones have a colossal ego that is going to hit you to think that you are not good enough.

What are your thoughts on the support you got from HPD? Technical support, Facebook Community, etc.? How important do you think these things are to any affiliate marketer, whether they use HPD or not? (In other words, do you think it’s important to have a community to help you, etc.).

Support from HPD is top notch. They helped me fix every single issue on the website. I got all my articles on time. Never had problems to contact Brad or Dom with any questions. Regarding the community – I’m not active on HPD social media, but I was using a lot the forum of the course that I bought. I created a topic with my progress with monthly updates to keep me motivated. Do I think it is important to have it? Yes. Why? Because (in my case) when I’ve seen guys who started at the same time as me but have better results – it was frustrating positively to make me work even harder.

Can you tell us some details about your current stats? Monthly traffic, monthly sales, and income, monthly expenses, total income, how long has your site been going, anything else to include.

The website was created in July 2016. First small traffic showed up in the middle of September. In October I earned my first 2$.

Right now monthly traffic is around 11 500 visitors with 13 000 sessions. Average income in the last six months ~730$.

Ben's Affiliate Site Earnings for 2017

Ben's Amazon affiliate earnings from Jan-Nov 2017. Earning over $6,500 so far.

How do you plan to increase these numbers?

I have ordered HPD monthly articles. I have a social manager who is posting on my social media on a daily basis. I have an epic piece of content ~ 7500 words, need to do the outreach to get some quality links to the website.

More content = More viewers/readers = More Links = Higher rankings and the circle continues.

What’s the number one thing that you think most people will struggle with when following in your footsteps?

That you are not going to see results overnight. I have seen my first two dollars after 3, 5 month working around 20-25 hours per week on a website, content, SEO, link building, etc. It can be depressing that you put so much time and there is nothing there day by day, but when it hits, you are there!

What kind of strategy have you employed to get your site ranking and to earn? What kind of things will you do in the future? 

Proper keyword research and valuable content to readers was a key here as for my most successful article that brings most of my money and visitors - I didn’t build a single link to it, and for the last ten months it’s always on TOP 3 in Google. What am I going to do? Still, the same thing as it works so, for now, I don’t need to change it.

What else would you like to add about your experience?

I’m “in the business” for just more than a year, so I don’t have much to say. Just stay motivated as long as possible. You are going to see the results in the long run.

Good luck!


  1. Thanks Kelvin for your article. It is inspiring to know results will come if you work hard. Sometimes its hard to think that way when day after day seems like so long for nothing in return in the early stages of this internet marketing gig.

  2. I’m reads your article. I inspired.

  3. Hi Kelvin, how many articles do you have on the site?

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