A Conversation w/ Rand Fishkin (On Audience Intelligence, Business Ideas & More) [Episode #48]

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We sit down with Rand Fishkin about his new project, SparkToro, his new book, and everything in between. Don't miss this episode because Rand touches on tons of subjects, plus he gives away a few business ideas!

Listen in now!


  • What is SparkToro
  • The Book: Lost & Founder (2017)
  • Lessons learned from Moz that transfer to SparkToro
  • Starting Moz from a Blog
  • What is a Fly Wheel?
  • Rand's Business Idea Giveaway
  • Voice Search


Rand Fishkin @ Sparktoro.com – https://sparktoro.com/
Moz – https://moz.com/
Casey Henry co-founder at Sparktoro – https://twitter.com/caseyhen
Lost and Founder Book by Rand Fishkin – https://www.amazon.com/Lost-Founder-Painfully-Honest-Startup/dp/0735213321
Whiteboard Friday @ Moz.com – https://moz.com/blog/category/whiteboard-friday
The Beginners guide to SEO Blog – https://moz.com/beginners-guide-to-seo


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