Best of Internet Marketing for Dec 2017 – Hello 2018!

Best of Internet Marketing December 2018

With another year wrapped up, it's time we focus on what's to come for 2018. I wasn't expecting much for great content in December but I have to say these were some of the best for the year. When you work in the SEO industry, it's hard to come across new tactics. However, this month showed me wrong. Plenty of new tactics and tools to learn about!

 Here's what we've got in store for you:

  • How to naturalize your links profile
  • Intercepting the buying decision process with a new type of keyword
  • Improving click-through-rate starts at the keyword research level
  • Not turning a blind-eye to nofollow links, even if there isn't much "juice"

I hope these content pieces help educate your further in the art and science that is SEO...

Why We Chose This:

This is a major part of our latest off-page SEO guide and Matt takes it another step deeper and explains what he knows best - backlinks!

When I first started learning about SEO, pillow links seemed extremely crucial to the whole scenario and Matt's taken this mischievous subject and boiled down it's most important parts. Not sure how to diversify your link profile? This should help.

Why We Chose This:

This is a new concept to me or at least branded in a way that I haven't heard yet.

It's based on targeting keywords like "BRAND alternative" or "alternative to BRAND". This is one of those articles where you start reading and it instantly ignites the neuron's in your brain and next thing you know, you've got your favourite keyword tool open.

Why We Chose This:

More than your typical CTR article, Neil brings tons of diverse ideas for you to think about and put into action.

Beyond links and on-page SEO, increasing your CTR should be at top of mind. Your SEO foundation should start with choosing keywords that have many clicks compared to search volume, this is a feature found in Ahrefs but you should aim for these whenever possible. Neil doesn't quite mention that in this article, but the premise is certainly there and it's a shortcut to your overall keyword research.

Why We Chose This:

Giles has put together a great guide to take you from start to finish for competitor analysis. Although we do most of this work for our customers, I wanted to add this guide here because it's very well laid out and gives you plenty of free/low priced tools to check out. Learn to investigate competitor traffic, link profiles, and social media strength - all in one article.

Why We Chose This:

With around 20% of links to most websites being no-follow, you'd think there was at least some merit in a no-follow link.

As I've mentioned before, 1 link is better than no link (for the most part.) Regardless of whether or not it's a 'follow.' This experiment shows Adam creating a no-follow sitewide link on a relevant site's sidebar that inevitably raised his site's rankings for a poor performing keyword. Although it's only one test, I think it's worth giving a shot for the new year. Only thing you need is some PBNs at your disposal!


  1. Peter Nyiri

    I have been experimenting with this “alternatives” keyword.

    I did a Google search on everything that I could find on a subject, rounded up photos, videos, I signed up for all the affiliate programs and created a mega post of several thousand words.

    Unfortunately it is a very low search volume thing, but it brings in traffic for several search terms. Here is the post so that you can check out what I mean:

    I get keywords like “Thrive Themes vs ClickFunnels”, “10 minute funnels vs ClickFunnels”, “ClickFunnels competitors”.

    I also noticed that it is easy to rank for terms like “ alternatives” with my expired domain site. You can rank for search terms including a domain name of your niche.

    • That’s awesome. Generally people looking for these alternative terms are closer to purchasing or are already customers looking to switch away.

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