Best of Internet Marketing for September 2017

Every month I sit down and look through hundreds of articles, listen to tens of podcasts, and talk to many different people in the online marketing space.

It's amazing the stuff you'll pick up by simply being fully immersed into this industry. Which is why I'm always excited to share with you the best content around.

This last months collection wasn't huge. We find a lot, but maybe only 2% of that content actually makes it in front of your eyes. You may think that it sucks to have a filter on all of this content and you'd rather do it yourself…

but let me tell you this…

There's a ton of crap out there.

It's honestly a waste of time to read everything online because you'll spend more time absorbing information rather than applying it. And action is the only way to get results.

This month, I've put together 4 pieces of content worth bookmarking and implementing. I'm not here to give you everything – just the essentials.

So here's what we have in store for you:

  • To do's and don'ts of internet law
  • Developing an infographic from start to finish
  • Kicking off a new site by developing a product and email list
  • Focusing on content that converts but also ranks well

Now, let's get started with the first piece!

Chris Lee @rankxl

Getting Your Blog Started with the Email + Product Model

Why We Chose This.

Couldn't agree more with this blog post. The hidden opportunity is utilizing Amazon affiliate content along with a Clickbank promotion. SEO does take time, but this model that Chris is talking about is perfect for that wait time in the Google Sandbox. Although Chris refers to creating your own product… Being an affiliate will help you get started even quicker. Especially if you don't have any particular niche knowledge.

If you want quick returns on your content, being a superstar in your niches Facebook groups will allow you to reach people without relying on Google.

Amanda Athuraliya @amyathuraliya

Building an Infographic Step by Step

Why We Chose This.

This is a fantastic overview on what you need to consider when creating your first infographic. It blends in the research necessary as well as the design know-how to see an infographic from start to finish. Definitely worth checking out if you're looking to spice up your link building.

Richard Chapo @richardachapo

What You Should Realize About Internet Law

Why We Chose This.

A great podcast episode put together by the Authority Hacker guys. It was interesting hearing the legalities of what is being enforced in the online world. This is largely from a US perspective but I would say most online businesses probably deal with the US in some form or fashion.

Why the heck would you start an online business if you didn't want global reach, right?

Well, listen in and take some notes because this episode could save your @$$ one day.

Matt Diggity @mattdiggityseo

Taking Your Content Seriously with Conversion Rate Testing

Why We Chose This.

Naturally, as a writer myself – I LOVE reading about copywriting. Something we haven't talked much about on HPD but hopefully, we have something planned for you soon on it. This is a fantastic article on how to write for the sake of entertainment, curiosity and knowledge.

Matt runs a pretty cool test in this post on different introductory paragraphs and it's effectiveness on engagement and revenue. I highly suggest reading this one.

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