How Hiring a V.A. Is The Key To Finally Repurposing Your Content

Hey HPD family!

We're pleased today to bring you a new post from our dear friend Jess Ostroff.

Beyond running a team of 14+, she's carved some time to help us figure out a better way of repurposing content.

It's important for us to remember that we don't need to always produce more content but we can reuse it in different ways.

This time, with the help of a virtual assistant, which is what she knows all about.

Take it away Jess!

How much content have you created in the past year?

Visualize it.

How many hours of hard work did you put into all that content?

And how much of it is now sitting on your site, gathering dust, buried deeper and deeper as time marches on?

As you likely know, repurposing content can do extraordinary things for your traffic, authority, and engagement.

But if digging out old posts sounds like too big a project for your overworked brain, I’ve got good news:

You can easily and effectively repurpose your content with a little help from a virtual assistant.

Tasks like prowling analytics for top-performing posts, curating, and reformatting are perfect assignments to hand off to VA.

Here are six repurposing strategies to get you started:

1. Bring Back the Hits

Don’t let your most beloved content die a long, slow death on your blog archives.

Ask your assistant to comb through engagement data, identify your most successful pieces of content, and build a “greatest hits” list.

Republish selections from this list the next time you need a sure-fire hit (or you need to fill a hole in your editorial calendar).

Before republishing, your assistant can review these posts and refresh them as needed to keep them as relevant as possible.

While the majority of the copy should remain the same, you may need to update any tools you recommend, research you cite, or wording that dates the piece.

With these updates, your content is now ready for its second life.

Editors note:

Currently, HPD uses MeetEdgar to bring back its old hits and show them off to our new audience members,  but we never republish old content back onto our blog rolls as new posts. 

If done improperly, duplicate content issues could pop up with that. Instead, we'll update the post so we can keep any SEO equity with that post specifically. Plus, possibly adding to that SEO equity if we add more content to the post.

2. Republish on Community Content Platforms

Give your old content the gift of a wider audience.

Choose pieces that have the greatest potential for broad appeal on community content platforms like Medium or LinkedIn, and hand them off to your assistant to republish.

Your VA can take care of proofing, formatting, monitoring metrics, and flagging any responses or comments that present opportunities to engage.

Optimization tactics can vary widely depending on the site, so your assistant may want to research each platform’s best practices before publishing.

Generally, you’ll want to prioritize clarity and relevance to the widest possible audience.

A VA can serve as an excellent second set of eyes during this tweaking process.

Meanwhile, you’ll benefit from the tremendous visibility these platforms provide.

That visibility could be substantially more than the reach of your blog or website, particularly if a frenzy of engagement gets your post trending on LinkedIn or into Medium’s Top Stories page.

Editors note:

We don't like to leave things up to chance normally, so instead of asking the VA to research best practices before publishing, we'll try to do that for them so we can give them structured instructions.

This also depends on how reliable and intuitive your VA is… But even then, we still try to be as clear as possible about what's needed to help get the task accomplished.

Yes, VA's are supposed to reduce your time spent on these activities but if you set up your system right the first time then you'll ultimately spend less time reviewing and correcting their work later on.

3. Give Your Content a Social Media Makeover

Your old content could almost certainly use some freshening up in the design department.

Social media image sizes change constantly, and the graphics that helped earn your post all those retweets back in 2017 may not get the job done today.

Your assistant can help review the social images attached to your content and update as necessary using the latest specs.

Your design overhaul doesn’t have to be limited to social images, either.

Design treatments for pull quotes or eye-catching data visualizations are another great way to re-up your content’s relevance and shareability.

Point your assistant in the direction of the many budget-friendly design tools that have cropped up to help marketers create quality visual content, or enlist their help in contracting a designer to build custom visuals.

4. Compile Your Work into One, Irresistible Super-Resource

If you’ve ever published a post series, or if you find yourself crafting content around the same topic repeatedly, consider gathering them all into a single, high-value download.

Or do the reverse: Separate your lengthiest resource into several smaller posts.

Written a book lately? A chapter or two might make for a great guest post.

Remember that this not only pertains to written content, but other formats as well, particularly video.

That 30-minute vlog you did might work great as a 15-second Instagram video.

Look to your assistant for help with curating, organization, formatting, editing, and publishing. You may even consider gating this download to use as a lead magnet or gift for your most loyal email subscribers.

Editors note:

Not only can you bundle up your content, but you can unbundle it as well. Tools like can help you take content from bigger pieces like podcasts or videos and then cut them into tiny bits for Twitter, Instagram or even Facebook.

Which takes us to Jess' next point!

5. Transform Your Best Content into Audio

Not everyone consumes their content the same way.

Some would sooner watch a five-minute video than read 800 words.

Others can’t be bothered with anything that isn’t video.

A growing number prefer their content in podcast format, as the latest research on podcasts’ explosive popularity reveals.

With an assistant’s help, repurposing your content into audio may be simpler than you think.

If you create video content, your VA can easily separate the audio, make edits using any of the excellent audio tools out there for beginning podcasters, and submit that audio to hosting sites like Libsyn and Stitcher.

You can transform your written content into audio, as well.

With your VA’s help, you can gather a few pieces of basic equipment, transform that content into a script, record yourself reading your own work, and release the finished product as a podcast episode.

Your VA can also help you find voiceover talent to record your writing for you.

6. Promote Your Content in Your Newsletter

Don’t forget about the most loyal segment of your audience: your email subscribers.

These are the folks most eager to devour your content, the ones engaging with the most enthusiasm.

The newsletter you send to these subscribers is an ideal channel for revisiting old content.

Editors note:

Your most engaged audience members might not be on your email list 100% of the time, so don't be afraid to build up your ad retargeting list and promote via those channels too.

It won't cost a lot and it'll help your brand awareness. People won't click on ads generally unless they're genuinely curious about what you're sending their way – even content.

Remember that list of greatest hits your assistant made?

Ask your VA to slide a link or two into each newsletter. It’ll keep your best work top-of-mind for your most devoted followers and bolster the value of your mailing list.

Your greatest content should keep working for you.

With a helping hand, it can. Whether that’s on social, in your newsletter, on a community content platform, or via a pair of headphones.

You don’t (and, most likely, shouldn’t) do all that hard work yourself—delegate some of that repurposing work to your assistant, and help your content do more.

Jess Ostroff is the CEO & Director of Calm over at Don't Panic Management. Jess firmly believes that finding the right virtual assistant will save your sanity and also grow your business.

Beyond managing her business day-to-day, she's also the author of The Panic Proof Book, a musician, & an amateur chef in training.

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