Custom Websites vs Templates – Which Is For You?

We offer both custom website and template sites, also known as “ready-made”. When it comes to making your choice, how do you know which one is for you?

There are some clear pros and cons to both, in terms of delivery time, price, and preferences, but there are also some more intangible advantages to both, so I'll discuss them in today's article.

Before we go on, I have a task for you:

Think about what you need from your site, and whether or not you've already chosen a niche/topic.

Also, I'd like to point out here that Human Proof Designs only deals with niche marketing, so if you're looking to make a site for a local business or real “offline” business, then you should probably look elsewhere.

So if you want to build a business online, such as through eCommerce or affiliate marketing, then welcome.

A Custom Website vs Template Websites – Brief Introduction

So let's say you already know what you want to build your site around. You have a passion, and want to turn that into your online business. That's excellent! It's just saved you a few weeks' worth of research. You can head straight over to the ready-made sites and see if we've currently got one on offer in your chosen niche.

The advantage of doing this is that you can see the site before you buy it, see exactly how we've researched the subject and built the site, and really decide if you want it to be yours.

Of course, you can still choose to have a custom site built, and if you don't see a site there that represents your niche (our sites tend to come and go as we build more), then a custom site is the best option.

But what about when you've not chosen your niche yet? What's the best thing to do?

In this case, you would probably not want to pay the extra for a custom site, since you don't even know what topic you want to go with. Instead, head over to the ready-made sites section, and see what you like.

Many of our customers ended up buying a site because they were just browsing that section, and ended up falling in love with one or two of our sites. That's the real beauty of having it ready-made. We've done all the research and decision making for you, all you need to do is just pick your site, and go!

Custom Sites


  • Exactly how you want them to look.
  • Come with training.
  • Great value for money.
  • Can fit any niche.
  • Unique.


  • Take longer to finish.
  • You need to be decisive.
  • You need to know your niche.

Ready-Made Sites


  • Already built, just add your details.
  • Come with training.
  • Choose whichever one you like.
  • Pre-researched and vetted niches.
  • Unique.


  • Might not find one you like.
  • Can't ask for customization.

What Next?

If you're still not sure what you want, or want to learn more about our sites, I recommend you either drop a comment below (I respond to every one) with your question, or learn more about our niche site builder and go from there.

There are some incredible advantages to having your site built for you by professionals, and I think you'll find that our prices are more than affordable.

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