How A Website Can Help You Quit Your Job


Welcome to my site. This is my full time job, but it wasn't always.

I had a normal run-of-the-mill job, probably something similar to what you do. Luckily, I managed to replace that job (and more) with an online income.

How did I do that? I can tell you I didn't just get lucky or buy into some awesome automated system.

I did get lied to abut that kind of thing on the way though, but fortunately I didn't give up when I encountered those scams. I just got better at dodging them.

I wasn't fortunate enough to just start a hobby blog and watch it explode with visitors either. I'm not talented enough to write something that can go viral, and before I know it, I'm on a magical adventure to financial freedom.

Nope. Websites aren't magic.

I created my first website with the sole goal of replacing my day job. Plain and simple.

That website failed (Hey, I barely knew how to throw pages together and make a menu), so I made another one.

That one failed too, but I had a little success with it, I got some search engine rankings, a few people clicking some of my products links and so on. I was starting to get this.

My third website was the first one that earned me money. It earned me about $100 in its third month. I was amazed.

If you could build a website that could earn you an extra $100, or even $1000 would you bother?

Ultimately, I kept going, and that website earned me a lot more money. It still does. I pay somebody to do a lot of the writing for me on that site now (one of the perks of having my own business), but it still makes a nice monthly profit.

How does $500-1000 a month in exchange for a few hours work sound? That's the sort of thing you could achieve with ease as well.

Anyway, I've gone off topic slightly. Let's back up.

How can a website help YOU quit your job, like it helped me?

That's what I'm going to explain over the rest of this article.

Close down Facebook for a little while, make a coffee/tea/beverage-of-choice and join me while I guide you through it.

First up, let me tell you a bit more about what I'm NOT going to do here.

I'm not going to sell you a promise, guarantee, or system that will make you money.

I'm not going to show you photoshopped images of me standing in front of mansions or cars that I don't own.

In a nutshell, I'm not going to lie to you. There are plenty of liars out there in the “make money online” industry. I already told you I'm not talented enough to compete with them. LOL.

So onto the honesty part.


Think of a website as an asset.

An asset that will ultimately put money in your pocket.

Now, assets take time to grow, they might even start out life as liabilities – afterall, you need to invest time and a small amount of cash into them.

Give them more time, more work, and more love though, and they will grow and prosper.

This is where the fun comes in. This is where you should start reading a bit more intently.

Here's what you can do (it's the model I use, but it's not the ONLY accepted model out there).

1.) You choose a subject that you have passion about. It doesn't even have to be a passion, but there has to be enough interest in it on your behalf that it has potential to grow into a passion.

2.) You narrow it down some more. choose one small “niche” within that subject. Something that speaks to a specific group of people. Ideally, those people will have a need, desire, or question that you can answer.

3.) You build a website (bear with me on this, I know what you're thinking) dedicated to that niche. You add useful content that provides the answers people are looking for. You provide value to your niche.

4.) You offer services, product recommendations, reviews, or maybe you just stick adverts up on your site. People click the adverts or buy the products you recommend, and you get paid.

5.) You add more content, more reviews, resulting in more clicks and more purchases, and hey presto, more income.

This is a pretty simple concept to understand, and there's a reason it's the most popular method for earning money online. Not everybody does it though, and of those who do, a lot of them will fail.

It's a model that earns me, and thousands of other website owners out there, hundreds of dollars per month to even tens of thousands of dollars per month.

The best thing though?

All of this can be done in your spare time.

It's really suitable for those of you who have a full time job already.

If you can dedicate say, 1-2 hours a day, 5 days a week to work on a website, then after a few months you should have a business set up and running.

Add another few months on, and you will be earning a stable (and very nice) income.

Still a few months later, you might well be planning your exit from your “real” job. It all depends on you.

Think long-game.

So how about me? What do I do now?

As I told you, somebody else does most of the writing for my other website now, which gives me more time to work on this site here, HumanProofDesigns.

Here at HPD, as you might have guessed already, I teach others how to do what I do.

I go a few steps further than that though, and actually give you the tools to get started.

You might be reading right now thinking:

  • I don't know how to build a website
  • I don't know how to get a website to appear in Google
  • Nobody will read what I have to say
  • How do I make a website look attractive?
  • HELP!
  • I don't have time to learn!

Fair points. I was like that when I started. Fortunately I did have time to learn.

I've made it so much simpler for you.

I've built your first website for you.

It's already online.

It's already got a few pages added to it, and some menus.

I bought some images for it so that you don't need to “steal” any from Google image search.

Oh, I also researched the niche and found some article titles and topics for you to write about (or pay someone to write about ;))

Basically, everything you need to do to get started has been done for you already.

Oh yeah I forgot. I also included training manuals, tutorials, and guides on how to take the site forward from here.


You've just got to buy it from me, and follow the clear instructions. A few months later, we'll take a look at that full-time job of yours.

Each site I sell has over $150 worth of extras included into it, and probably $500 worth of time saved.

Check out the sites here.

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