How To Make A Post on Reddit Skyrocket for Niche Sites

How to Make a Post on Reddit

I think most of you should know what Reddit is and how many millions of people are on there each day..

But if not, here's a quick introduction:

Reddit is an online community that is structured with a forum and has limitless sub-communities within. Each sub-community is called a ‘Sub-Reddit' and essentially they are just mini forums inside of the greater Reddit site.

Reddit has subcategories that represent almost every niche in the world. I actually don't regret saying that either. There are thousands of subreddits available for people to find other people just like them. From walking dead fans (an American TV show about zombies) to gardening, there's even a thread where people give money to each other because of a “private lottery”. I wouldn't trust that subreddit, but it's been around for a while and Reddit hasn't deleted it.

How To Use Reddit for Gaining 2200 Page Views

Today I want to share with you an experiment with 2,200 page views and possibly indexing my site faster than normal.

What You'll Learn Today

  • How to Angle Your Content for ‘Redditors'
  • The Two Types of Reddit Posts
  • Gaming the Reddit System
  • check Linking Viral Posts to Money Pages

Depending on the goals that you have for your site, this won't be appropriate for every site – but it'll be fun to try. For new sites, this could index your site quicker and boost your social signals.

The goal for one of my sites is to collect email addresses, it's not an Amazon affiliate site – but after the person opts-in, they are greeted with a free + shipping offer. Not the usual Amazon affiliate site, but the lessons learned are still applicable.

Quick Note: This experiment takes quite a bit of work and at this moment there aren't any tools that can help us automate the process. Once you're done reading this post, please head over to our case study on Pinterest. See how we took our Pinterest account from 0 to 1358 visitors in the first month.

I think a lot of people (myself included) that don't know much about Reddit, assume it's ok to start posting without becoming a member of their community. It's not.

If you really want to maximize the traffic from Reddit, look into the most popular subreddits with millions of subscribers.

Chart of the top subreddits

Heading Straight into Traffic

Look at the top posts of the past year and all time. It'll give you a good idea of what the people in this thread like.

Don't worry about whether or not the subjects have anything to do with your site. (We'll get to that next.)

Two places where you can find a directory of subreddits, would be:

You are ideally looking for subreddits that allow you to post a link directly or at the most the ability to add a text post from anywhere. Sometimes there are restrictions on the types of sites you can post in certain subreddits (ex. news sites only for the political subreddit.)

Two subreddits I think that work well are:

The topics are wide enough in those two and have active communities in the millions.

Think Of Your Angle

From looking at the top posts of the past year, you'll get a sense of what a good topic would be in this thread.

Try your best to do some internal linking to your money posts (review posts) within the first 100 words of your text. It'll give you the best opportunity to send some link juice, plus gain some internal clicks along the way.

SEO for Reddit

Think of a way to angle your content towards traffic. If you have to create a new post, so be it. But of course, it'd be better to adapt a current post.

One thing to remember: Reddit is a place for sharing and discussion, like any other forum. Staying on the first page of a forum with millions of readers is a big challenge. If you can provide something compelling in your content that is worth leaving a comment, then you are going to stay on the first page for longer.

If you are having trouble thinking of “comment worthy” content, try taking a look at this post from Jesse Aaron. He gives examples of how big brands have utilized Reddit in super smooth ways, which is unusual because “Redditors” don’t like promotional stuff normally. Pretty slick examples.

Staying On The First Page Longer

Before posting anything, make sure you read the rules of the forum. We don't want to do this tiny bit of work if our post is going to be deleted by a moderator.

From my experience, you probably won't be on the first page of this these giant threads for longer than a day or two. However, you can gain some natural shares out of it which is always a plus.

How to Link on Reddit the Right Way

There are two types of Reddit posts:

Text and Links.

You can link to your site by either posting a link directly or you'll have to write some text out and then link to yourself contextually (aka within the text by hyperlinking.)

Link post on reddit example

When you post a link directly, you'll have the opportunity to add a title. This would be your time to brush up on those copywriting skills and write an attractive title. I haven’t quite seen much data to back it up, but Smart Insights has mentioned that longer titles work better on Reddit. Not sure if I agree, but as long as you give a reason for people to click – then you should be good.

Write something that is meant for the subreddit. Let it show that you've done your research and are ready to contribute.

contextually linking on reddit

The next type of linking is through text. This works best when you are sharing something like a tip. Think of how people answer on the Q&A site but instead you are posting the question or statistic but contributing your views.

To link on Reddit use this format: [Text you want to link] ( should look like this Text you want to link

Ok, now to the fun stuff.

Boost Your Reddit Votes

After you've submitted your link. We want to boost our voting in Google by going to a website called from here we can purchase a drip of votes on any post that is less than 24 hrs old.

Boostupvotes review

I've tried the 25 Upvote package and it worked fine. Depending on your headline, you might already be getting upvotes naturally. But the Upvotes boost helps.

You should start seeing traffic come into your site.

Make sure to watch your post once in a while because what can happen is someone may flag your post as spam, even if you followed the rules. Some people will flag posts they disagree with, instead of down-voting them like they're supposed to.

If you do happen to get your post flagged and you believe you are in your the right, just give the moderators a message.

how to pm on reddit

What Were The Results?

2,200 page views, 1 natural share in another subreddit, and the possibility it may have helped the site get indexed for more keywords.

The next few days I started noticing I was ranking for a lot more keywords in Ahrefs. At this point, the site was around 4 months old and on a new domain, every move always seems big since your site is still beginning.

Although this was a fun experiment, I prefer using Pinterest for content promotion because it's much easier to manage and can run on auto-pilot mostly.

I hope this quick little experiment has started spinning the wheels for you and gotten you excited about using Reddit like this while you can.

Happy experimenting!

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