What We’ve Been Working On The Past 5 Months…

The Human Proof Method Announcement


How much closer to success would you be if my entire team and I taught you everything we know about internet marketing?

Would it be beneficial to you if we spent months creating video training and reference guides covering everything you need to learn?

As a beginner you would get the entire journey laid out in front of you. More experienced marketers could dive in and fill the gaps in their knowledge.

I hope so… because that's exactly what we just spent months doing…

Since November 2017, HPD has been moving in a slightly different direction.

We've long been established as one of the leaders in our industry, and we pioneered the way turnkey affiliate sites are created, marketed, and sold today. This is great because when HPD was created, it was done so as a result of endless scammers selling useless business-in-a-box junk on places like Flippa.

We knew we could offer something better, and we did.

Since then, many others have entered the space offering similar services to us, which is always nice from a flattery perspective. It also shows that our mission to improve the industry has gone beyond just what we're able to do.

However, our work is only scratching the surface of what can be done.

Back in 2016, I wrote that the most important ingredient on the path to success was having the knowledge necessary to drive down that path.

I said that it doesn't matter whether you build your own website, buy one from us, or buy one from somewhere else.

What matters is knowing what to do with that website once you've got it.

It doesn't matter if your first car is a Ferrari, or like me, you get a second hand Peugeot.

What matters is learning how to drive in the first place. Otherwise your car just gathers dust.

At HPD, we've always tried to make sure the sites we sell are much closer to Ferrari standards than second hand bangers, but the hidden benefit of our service has always been our training.

It's frustrating when people compare services and are attracted to different bells and whistles, when what matters most, is how they help you get the result you want.

This emphasis on training you to use your website is why people rave about us in Facebook Groups, it's why they come back to us for repeat purchases time and time again, and it's ultimately why they succeed, and learn to make money online.

But back in November last year, we decided we wanted our training to become the priority. The flagship offer. The thing we create that will allow more of our audience members, you dear reader, to succeed than ever before.

And since the start of this year, we've been busy recording, and rerecording our core training videos.

We've touched up and updated the existing videos, and added a bunch more new ones.

We're sharing things we've not covered before and I've called upon different team members to create modules for you as well.

We're not going to rely on just my ability to teach anymore, but the whole company.

We'll share a lot more details over the next few days about the course itself, but I just wanted to end today's announcement with this:

Many of the things you need to learn in order to make money online, you can learn for free by reading dozens of blog posts. That doesn't mean you're foolish if you pay for a course though.

What makes a good teacher, and a good course, is the ability to present that information in a way that is structured for you to learn and the ability to create an environment and community for you to learn in.

We're not going to start sending you emails telling you that our training is magic, and contains secrets nobody else knows.

Instead, we're going to tell you what you need to learn, why it will help, and show you dozens of examples of people succeeding with those techniques.

HPDs mission for 2018 and beyond is to help more people than ever, beginners and veterans alike, succeed in affiliate marketing.

This is the most important step, and we're looking forward to taking the rest of those steps with you all.

We're going to be doing a bonus during the first 48 hours of the course release, click here to be notified of the bonuses and for more information leading up to the launch next week.

Stay tuned!


Bryon + The HPD Team

2 thoughts on “What We’ve Been Working On The Past 5 Months…”

  1. I am looking forward to breaking into the modules tonight. Break out the note books its time to start taking copious notes! Thanks!

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