Human versus AI: Can YOU Tell the Difference?

I have to admit – I only scored a 13 on the test! The folks over at Tidio put together a really cool survey to see if people could distinguish between content human-made or AI-made. It was much more difficult than I imagined it would be. A typical response to the survey was “I am so confused, I feel like I don't know anything anymore. Is this real life?” I would have to agree with this sentiment! Artificial Intelligence, at its core, is the study to replicate or at least simulate human thinking in machines. The goal is to build machines that are intelligent and learn from experience.

You can take the test here. And read more about the analysis and results here.

The test covers AI and human generated content such photos, artwork, music, and text. With a little over 20,000 responses, we can get some insight into just how good artificial intelligence has improved over the years. Here is a summary of things discovered:

Human vs AI statistics

In the writing samples used in the test, nearly 37% incorrectly identified AI content has human generated! However, the analysis of the results shows that artificial intelligence is typically only able to generate very short pieces of text (and music) that are often indistinguishable from that created by humans. A short AI-generated paragraph can look pretty good. But ask it to write an entire article, and things fall apart rapidly! After using AI Writer and Kafkai (popular AI writing tools) to produce 25 articles for me, I can very confidently say you cannot get quality content from a machine. Most of the articles ended up a total mess of incoherent trash. So we have a long way to go before artificial intelligence will provide much assistance to online marketers. And in the end, to build a real business with long-term success, you need to create quality content and a quality product that people love and find useful. AI is not a short-cut (yet!).

AI technology is improving rapidly and could have profound effects to the SEO industry and growing online businesses, but I believe we are years away from any substantial benefit from artificial intelligence. Even at today's pace of technological advancement.

So what did you score? Go take the test and post in the comments! (And I don't feel so bad — only 17% scored a 14 or higher!)

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