What Is The Best Niche? You’re Asking The Wrong Questions

If you've ever found yourself wondering “Hey, what is the best niche to start in?”, and believe me we've all wondered this at one time or another, then you were (or still are) focusing on the wrong question.

There's no need to go hunting that perfect niche, the most profitable, or the best one for beginners. It doesn't exist anyway, because each person's success isn't dependent on which niche they choose, but on a whole number of factors.

Let's look more closely at what a niche actually is:

A niche is just a group of people interested in the same thing.

There's nothing complex about that at all.

Now, if you are too broad, you're not looking at a niche though.

A group of people interested in computers isn't a niche.

If I'm interested in something specific, like laptops under $500, I'm not going to find a general computing website very useful to me.

But if you've built a website around laptops, or even better “affordable laptops” and you've got a page dedicated to laptops under $500, then bingo, I'm there.

I'm going to read what you say, and I might even make a purchase based on your recommendations.

This is why we go niche.

The Other Reason We Go Niche

People tend to think the key to going niche is because there is less competition. Well, while this is true, it's not the key.

Less competition means people will find your site, which is very important, but “finding” your site doesn't mean they will “listen to” or “buy from” your site.


The key to going niche is that you can become an expert in a few very specific things.

And that's what earns you money.

People listen to experts.

I'm not going to trust someone's opinion on the best laptop under $500 if they are also trying to sell me a wireless mouse and the latest Apple desktop.

I want to hear the opinion from someone in my niche.

You need to be knowledgeable. You need to become an authority. You can do this in a niche very easily.

What Is The Best Niche Then?

The best niche is not one with the most interest. It's also not one with the biggest product prices, most sales, or highest commission.

Again, nope.

The best niche is the one you enjoy the most.

People will find your writing boring if you find your topic boring.

They'll find it useless if you know nothing about your topic.

…but if you love your topic, and you write about it passionately.

Boy..people will love your site and your content will make bank.

Choosing That Niche

People still often say to me “I'm not interested in anything other than making money online” or “My interests don't have any good products”.

Well, to the latter statement I'd say “look harder, there's always something to help others. If not, create your own.”

To the first statement I'd say: “Then choose something that you WANT to become interested in. Look for something that you think “Hey, I've always wanted to learn more about that” and then immerse yourself in the niche.

I did that with my power tools niche site (case study coming!)

It took me an extra few months before I earned anything (learning comes before earning remember), but I had the passion and the interest to keep at it, which made that a successful niche for me in the end.

Choosing The Best Niche – Some Tasks:

You'll have already done these if you are on my introduction to affiliate marketing course, but if not, here they are:

  1. Write down 3 interests or hobbies that you have.
  2. Think how you could narrow them down into niches. Visit amazon.com and see what categories they have. Type it into Google and see what suggestions come up.
  3. Brainstorm 5-10 questions or problems people might have in that niche that you could write about (Don't focus on products right now though).

If you think you've got something good and you want advice on it, write it in the comments below. I'll give you my advice on it.

5 thoughts on “What Is The Best Niche? You’re Asking The Wrong Questions”

  1. I´m a retiered Chief Engineer (Maritime) 30 years experience. 10 years as service technician (New Holland). Starting up, carefully, affiliate marketing. It´s a difficult choice. What niche ? My website is currently under construction

  2. I am greatly interested in taxation issues digital nomads face and have amassed a fair bit of knowledge on it and – dogs. I have no idea how to get started however.

  3. And advice on croquet as a niche? Most of the sites I see are for pro players, not backyard players; or just lists of croquet sets for sale. Thanks!

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