JungleScout Review – Why It’s A Must Have For Amazon Affiliate Research

JungleScout Sales Data

When you think of JungleScout, you probably think about it being one of the best suite of tools for Amazon Sellers, and you'd be right.

What a lot of people don't realize though, and something I only discovered myself a few months ago, is that JungleScout has some great applications for Amazon AFFILIATES as well. Granted, you might not need to sign up for the entire suite, but the Chrome Extension is a must have.

Over the course of this review, I'll show you how I used JungleScout to turn a failing niche site into a site making daily commissions, and how I am incorporating it into my niche research process for every site I create.

There are two ways you can utilize JungleScout in your niche research. The first is during the actual niche selection stage, to help you validate the potential of an Amazon niche, and the second is once you already have your site up and running, and want to find more products to promote. In other words, it's useful for everyone.​

Before I go into this in more detail though, let's take a look at what JS actually is.​

Jungle Scout's Chrome Extension – What It Does

When it comes to product research on Amazon, there is a lot of guess-work involved with figuring out if a product actually sells well or not. Even when it has the “best seller” label, you still don't know if that means it sells thousands or just hundreds, since it could be the best seller in a poor category.

The only way to really get any insight is to look at its Best Seller Rank in the broader category, and try to determine the sales volume from there.

That's a lot of guess work.

Jungle Scout basically makes this infinitely more simple, and also has access to a large enough amount of data that they can fairly accurately predict the amount of monthly sales any given product gets.

All you have to do is navigate to a page on Amazon (it could be a listing, a search page, or any page) and hit the JungleScout button on your browser. You will then see something like this:

As you can see, JungleScout, which I've given a nice red border to in this screenshot, is showing all the estimated sales and sales revenue for the products listed on the page. In this case, frying pans.

So what? You may be asking. It all looks nice, but how does it actually help you?

For this, let me give you a few case studies from my own use.

​JungleScout Chrome Extension Review – How It Changed My Keyword Research

A couple of years ago I built an Amazon affiliate website in the luxury watches niche. I rank quite well for some Rolex-related terms, and get a few hundred visitors a month to those pages.

Unfortunately, in the whole 2 years, I've never received a single commission for a Rolex from Amazon.

The site earns me commissions from other pages, but the Rolex one always left me scratching my head.

I know we are not talking about a huge search volume, and when a Rolex costs five or six figures, there aren't going to be a lot of people buying them, but I figured there must be SOME people buying them, so why was I not getting any commissions?

Was my article badly written? Did I need to review the watch in more details? Did I need to point people to better discounts? Trying to figure it out was frustrating.

JungleScout gave me a pretty good answer:

I've eliminated number 1, 4 and 8 from this screenshot because they aren't Rolexes, and I've circled the “Est. Sales” column. This is how many sales these watches get on the entire Amazon platform. Fewer than 5!

No wonder I wasn't getting any commissions. Nobody was buying these watches.​

How JS turned that site around.

What I did next was to go through all the watch best-sellers and find out their sales volume. When I found ​some watches with decent sales volume and a commission worth chasing, I did normal keyword research to see if I could rank my site for them.

I was able to rank for a few different brands, and now this site brings in a few hundred dollars extra in commissions ​every month.

Without JungleScout, not only would I miss out on those commissions, but I'd also be driving myself insane trying to get Rolex sales that don't exist.​

The same thing happened with one of my customers. He was ranking highly for some products that are sold on Amazon, but not getting many sales. I checked on JungleScout and confirmed my suspicions, people weren't buying those products much on Amazon. Only a dozen or so a month.

So I directed him to start writing about other products in his niche that ARE selling well, and when he started ranking for those, commissions start pouring in. His site made an almost instant uptick in monthly income.

That's 2-0 to JungleScout.​Get JungleScout

Using JungleScout With Niche Selection

So when it comes to actually choosing your niche, and this can apply to Amazon sellers as well as affiliates, JungleScout can help you to avoid mistakes before they even happen.

Think about everything else we do when choosing a niche.

We check the keywords, we check the competition, we make sure the products sell for a reasonable price, we make sure there is enough width in a niche to make it worth our time.

So why don't we check that the products we're promoting actually sell well?​ I'm sure some people do, but not to the extent that JungleScout allows you to.

On top of that, you can use JS to identify the specific brands of product​s that sell well. This gives you a great source of review posts to write, and will help in your early content creation.

Much like how AmaSuite provides you the list of the best-sellers in a niche, JungleScout can hone that data in and tell you sales volume. Use them both together, and you've got some powerful tools.​

The best thing is that because JS is a one-time fee, you don't need to ask yourself how many times you'll use it. Only one or two uses is enough to get your fee back in my opinion, and after that, it's just a matter of clicking that button and mining the data over and over again.


For most affiliates, the $97 “Lite” version of the Chrome Extension is going to be enough. You don't really need the FBA fees and calculator data, unless you're planning to become a seller in the future.

Honestly, getting hold of a tool this good for just $97 is actually an awesome price. I know for a fact it has earned me close to 10x that amount already, and I've only used it for a short time.​​


I've given you a few examples of how JungleScout aids in product research, and niche validation. I even shared with you some case studies of my own usage. It should be pretty clear to you by this point how you can use it in your own affiliate marketing efforts, and if you get creative, you can use it for non-Amazon sites too.

Afterall, it's a research tool first and foremost. ​

Using JungleScout, you can get ideas on which products to review, which product TYPES to review, and even how to scale your niche. In my opinion, that makes it a great tool that is massively underutilized and under-talked about in the affiliate marketing scene.​ Hopefully, this will change as more and more people realize the potential.

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  1. Excellent post Bryon! Very helpful for Amazon affiliates! Thanks for putting this together. It makes me better realize monthly sales on Amazon is probably as important or possibly even more important than google search volume for amazon associates.

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