Keyword Advantage Review – A Real Advantage?

I've just got done checking out the keyword research tool “Keyword Advantage” and over the course of this review I'll be showing you why I don't think it actually gives you the winning advantage that it claims to. Certainly not when there are better options out there.

One thing that I disliked right from the start was the fact that the tool is really part of a greater sales funnel. While this is just a Keyword Advantage review, I will also go into more details about the bigger picture and the up-sells that you'll be exposed to.

What Is Keyword Advantage?

Wouldn't it be great if you could research keywords with an edge over your competitors? How many times have you tried to find a profitable, low-competition niche, only to give up or enter the wrong niche? Every now and then, a new method or tool will come around which claims to give YOU that edge.

Keyword Advantage is the keyword tool from Adam Short, initially for members of the Niche Profit Classroom. It's now been released to the general public as its own product. What Adam claims is that it will do just what I mentioned, give you an “advantage” over your competitors by allowing you to easily analyze niches to enter.

It's a platform built on top of the Google Adwords Keyword Planner (one of the best sources for keyword data out there), with additional features and research metrics. On the surface it looks like a pretty good tool, but based on how Adam used it in his example video, I'm not convinced that it would be the best tool for you.

I found it limited, slightly outdated, and it would make you miss out on too many opportunities.

What I Liked

Before I talk about why I don't recommend it, I want to highlight what I DO like about it.

First off, I liked the simplicity of the tool, how easy it is to use, and most importantly, the honesty of the product creator Adam. He's not giving you any hype or BS about how you will be able to dominate niches, just a simple plan for finding low competition ones.

Of course, he does hit you with a deep sales funnel after you make a purchase, but that doesn't take anything away from his honesty about how the tool works.

The tool comes with simple instructions, a straightforward strategy for research, and runs well. I didn't experience any bugs or errors. It also integrates with Google Adwords easily.

Overall, it's well built. I just feel it focuses on the wrong metrics. When it comes to keyword research, it's all about the metrics.

What I Didn't Like

I almost feel like the tool is over-simplified. I definitely prefer something to be easy, but up to a certain point. When it comes to analyzing competition, KW Advantage only focuses on PageRank, which is a bit short-sighted. Firstly, PageRank is a pretty outdated method and Google doesn't pay too much attention to it these days, secondly, there are much better metrics, such as the Domain and Page Authority metrics developed by Moz.

I also didn't like the reliance on averages for conducting initial research. The way the tool works is like this:

1.) You put in a couple of “seed” keywords for your niche, in the example Adam uses, it's Betta fish.

2.) You then choose the three most relevant keywords with the biggest monthly searches (such as “Betta fish care”), and look at the average PageRank of the sites currently ranking for those keywords.

3.) If you find that the average PR is below a certain threshold, and the average monthly searches is above a certain amount, the niche is a go. You would then start doing similar PR research and averaging for individual keywords to target for your site.

While I think this strategy will help you find some low competition niches, I also think you will miss out on so many opportunities. I also think that PR can be misleading.

I also didn't like the fact that this tool was aimed at complete beginners. “Did you know you could get free traffic from Google?”.

Why PR Is A Misleading Metric

Let's say you are checking out a particularly competitive niche such as dating or relationships. This is a huge niche with sites that have been around for a long time, and mostly likely have high PageRanks. Based on Keyword Advantage's criteria, you'd not touch this niche.

The problem is, there are still plenty of ways of tackling the dating niche, and plenty of low competition keywords to build a site around. If you applied this strategy to every niche, you'd be ruling out plenty of niches that had other entry points.

On top of that, because Google doesn't put as much stock into PageRank as before, you might find some niches where the average PageRank is low, and think “Great! This niche is the one for me!” only to discover that the page one competition is still impossible to overthrow.

It's just the wrong way to approach researching your competition. In my review of another keyword tool here, you'll see a much better way of doing it.

Why Using Averages Is Misleading

When I look at the competition for a keyword, I don't look at averages, I look at exact results. Let's say there's a keyword where some positions are very high PR, but other positions are easily beatable. The resulting “average” would be a relatively high PR, which might lead you to the conclusion that the keyword is too competitive.

On the flip side, another keyword might “average” out to a lower level of competition, but you find it impossible to reach a good position. It's very much possible to meet this problem with this kind of research.

What if you could analyze all 10 results individually and see EXACTLY how competitive a keyword is? Learn how to do that here.

Alright, Now How About These Up-sells?

Essentially Keyword Advantage is the first part of a larger sales funnel with the intention of getting you to subscribe to Niche Profit Classroom. Once subscribed to NPC, you are hit with an upsell to buy some ready made sites. After that, you get hit with a link building upsell, and so on.

Be wary of the Keyword Advantage sales funnel

It's fairly standard to start a funnel like this with a lower-end product “tripwire” to get you from being a prospect to a customer.

This doesn't necessarily mean that Keyword Advantage is a bad product, but it does show that the key intent is to get more money from you later on, rather than deliver supreme value with the tool.

What Do I Recommend Instead?

I've hinted at it already by linking to my Long-Tail Pro review. In my opinion, LTP is definitely the best keyword research tool out there. It's more expensive than Keyword Advantage, but it will help you nail a LOT more niches and make a lot more money down the road. Isn't that the end goal after all?

You can check out Long-Tail Pro here, and even get started with a free trial.

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