Letting Things Run On Auto – Dual Site Case Study 11

​It's been a while since I updated the dual site case study, and it's a real shame how little time I've been able to devote to it. Case studies are a full time commitment, and I've experienced in the past how difficult it can be to keep them going.

This post isn't me announcing that I'm giving up the case study, so don't worry.

I AM going to be changing things from here on though. So for the first part of this post I'm going to talk about the changes, and then I'll give an update.

First off, it's hard for me to write a new post every week detailing exactly what I did in the week.

Some weeks I did barely anything.

Instead, I'll be updating whenever there is a significant piece of news to report, or when I have a tip to share.

I will also share some tips exclusively with my subscribers, so if you're not on the list, you'll miss out on some updates. Sign up here.

Learning To Grow On Autopilot

The silver lining for this project is that it can now act as a great case study for those of you without the time to work full time on your sites.

You'll be able to see the more passive methods that I use to get rankings instead of a mass content promotion or outreach strategy.

If you've followed the case study so far, you'll have seen that my expert roundup posts and epic posts haven't had a chance to come to fruition, so I'm going to put them on hold for now.

If you were dedicating yourself full time to a site, outreach would work really well.

As its a dual case study, I've decided to send both sites down a different path, so this post represents a kind of fork in the road.

Here's the direction each site will go in.


For YOGZ I'm going to have one of my writers work on one or two new posts every week, in order to keep the site fresh, get more long tail keyword rankings, and use curated posts for outreach.

A curated post is where you answer a question, or blog about a topic, and list answers that five different websites have given on the topic. You then email them to let them know, and hope that they help share your content and even link to it.

I will also have a different VA (I have a large team now) do blog commenting on relevant sites, with a view to getting guest post opportunities.

So the YOGZ strategy is basically to keep the site fresh, and try to get some value out of outreach.

A lot of the topics on YOGZ are competitive, but with a few quality guest posts, and ongoing posting, we should start to see the rankings increase.

This method is for those who want to do things slow and steady, with a natural outreach and consistent posting schedule.


For DAS, I'm taking a pure link building approach. No, I won't be building a PBN to the site, but I will be hiring a link builder to help.

The tasks will consist of a mixture of submitting articles to high quality guest posting positions(not spammy paid ones), Web 2.0 directories, article syndication, and things like that.

There will also be some link beg requests, similar to what Brian Dean or Neil Patel teach.

As the site is already many months old, this will be a relatively aggressive campaign, but nothing to raise red flags.

The method will revolve around creating content, and distributing that content to other sites. It's as simple as that.

At the end of the day, the only links worth building are ones that require webmaster approval.

This is also the method I will be using first and foremost in my 6-Figure Website Challenge, so you'll be able to learn more about it by following those posts. Here's the most recent one.

Keeping It Fair

In order to keep things fair, I'll try to keep both sites working to a similar budget. If one site spends $200 a month on link building, then it's only fair the other spends $200 on content and outreach.

I will keep track of this and keep you updated.

Admittedly, if one method turns out cheaper than the other, or quicker, I'll definitely let you know, so that those of you who are on a budget or strapped for time can make a decision about which method might be best for them.

Keeping You Updated

It will be really interesting to see how each site does with its method. It should give us a good insight into how any particular method can work, although just because one site performs well (or badly), it doesn't mean that all sites will do the same.

To keep you updated, I'll try to do a monthly update minimum, and will also post whenever anything significant happens, such as first page rankings, or income boosts etc.

2 thoughts on “Letting Things Run On Auto – Dual Site Case Study 11”

  1. A bit late to the post but a really interesting read Bryon.

    It will be good to see more differences between the two sites, one thing you didn’t mention is whether DAS will have any more post building at all? And out of interest are you link building to a sales page, or to an article/post that leads to a point of sale through an internal link?

    In addition to that, with your current experience which one do you think will have the biggest impact first and are there any disadvantages taking either routes?

    Keep up the amazing work.

    1. Hey Graham. So DAS won’t have any new content, not during the linkbuilding and ranking stage. Once things are taking off I will probably add new content to capture new keywords etc. I’m building links for 3 keywords, to 3 URLs, the homepage, the dating tips for women page, and one other page. Having a mixture will help the site’s diversity and will help all pages increase their ranking too.

      I will later add a sales page for the clickbank product I want to promote, and will try to send traffic to that page from all other pages.

      DAS will definitely have the biggest impact first. YOGZ is the slow and steady way to rank, but its success is not even guaranteed, it all comes down to how well the outreach efforts work. Just publishing new content every week is kind of overrated.

      In the long run, if YOGZ does get some momentum, it can be more powerful than DAS as the ranking isn’t necessarily link-based. Normally people would say that outreach trumps link building for risk/safety too, but since the link building I’m doing with DAS is all white-hat, I won’t get penalized there either.

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